Wars and rumors of wars on the TLM and Summorum Pontificum”?

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by BrianK, May 26, 2021.

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    Our FSSP pastor was very somber during the homily today. He said there have been ongoing talks at all levels low and high up about whether the Ecclesia Dei orders will be allowed to continue or not...and no one knows. It seems like a 50/50 toss-up at this point. He said to pray and do penance this Lent as if it may be our last Lent as an FSSP community. :cry:
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    This is very, very difficult. If it were some evil Government or organisation doing these things, something like the Communist Party of China for instance it would be so very much easier. But it is our very own Spiritual Father, Our Holy Father the Pope doing this and this makes it a thousand times worse. A father abusing and eliminating his own children. A terrible affliction.

    I feel most especially for the Priests, the young Seminarians and nuns. They offer their all to the Church and it is being spat right back in their faces.

    I think also of the rows of young people and young families in Church at Mass, eager, loving, full of Faith and hope and now to be turned away.

    But God does not allow great evil to triumph forever. He only permits these grave afflictions so that something better may come forth. We do not have to know what good this is or how God's feet go, we only have to trust and rest in His loving arms to carry us where He will.

    I can say this at my time of life, for, looking back I can see that many of the things that happened in my life that seemed most terrible brought forth the most good, though I could not see this at the time.

    I was a very, very proud and arrogant young man and my heart had to be broken before it could be filled.

    Dear God, Father, we Trust in you, lead us where you will.

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    My guess would be that it will be through loving humble obedience that victory will be obtained at the Hand of the Good God.
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    Loving humble obedience=the Blessed Mother
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    Our Blessed Lady and the saints remind me of Moses at the parting of the Red Sea, when the Chosen People were led into Freedom by the Miraculous parting of the waters.

    So we have only to ask when faced with a very difficult confused situation, what would Our Blessed Mother do? What would Padre Pio do? What would St Francis do? What would St Therese of Liseaux do? What would St Catherine of Sienna do? Then follow safely in their steps.

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  7. Ananchal

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    I have a special affection for Bishop Fulton Sheen. If this picture is a true picture of what the good Bishop wrote - then it possible, I love him even more !
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    There is a suffering here in this world as governments and certain Church authorities attempt to impose a new paradigm on those under their authority. We as Catholics in the midst of shifting sands must look to the giants of our Faith (above, Padraig names a few) to discover how to respond. In our left hand is the banner of justice, which causes us to jump into the fray in whatever manner seems right, so that freedoms ensuring our natural rights be not lost; this especially so out of concern for our loved ones and natural citizens. The truckers in Ottawa are a marvelous example of such sacrifice and courage. Obviously, the struggle against abortion is a prime example. The saints, on their part, established institutions like orphanages and hospitals; Thomas More gave his life to uphold the integrity of his conscience rather than submit to Henry's usurpation of Papal authority in England.

    In all I do, I want to follow the example of St. Therese. What has been lost in our nation, and to an extent in the Church, is fearlessness in the face of death, of a longing to be with our Holy God, to see our Savior face-to-face. This is the banner in our right hand, the Banner of Love. In it's place our government has offered a false security: injections and handouts in the face of potential death by a virus. Bishops have bought into this in a way that appalls me, because they to a large extent helped instill fear into the flock that yet keeps some from the sacraments; fear of death rather than Fear of the Lord.

    Certainly, Therese trembled in her pain-filled struggle with tuberculosis and the Dark Night that cast a shadow over her last year of life. But her faith, which was not founded on sensibilities, but on her trust in, and longing for Jesus, always prevailed. Hers must be my attitude in this upside-down world. She writes in her second-to-last-letter to Maurice, the seminarian:

    "O my dear little brother, how happy I am to die! Yes I am happy, not to be delivered from the sufferings of here below (quite the opposite, suffering joined to love is the only thing that seems to me desirable in this valley of tears). I am happy to die because I feel that it's God's Will, and because I shall be much more useful than I am now to souls who are dear to me..."

    Freemasons and the Elites of this world cling to the power and prestige satan offered to Christ because they have allowed themselves to be duped, to seek only what is passing. So in the midst of our difficulties, in the betrayal wrought by some shepherds, let us follow the Little Flower's example- may the peace that passes all understanding guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!
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    You show a knowledge of the enemies, Terry. The first step to protecting yourself from them.

    Many poor Catholics do not know their left hand from their right, poor people.
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  10. padraig

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    It is instructive how hated he was by many of his peers in the Church..and I mean truly deeply hated. He said one time that no one would ever have any idea how much he suffered.
  11. padraig

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    I thought maybe with Fulton Sheen towards the end that some of the Spring had gone out of his step, the twinkle in his eye. Yes, he went through loads of pain. He was a naturally joyful man, but later I think he had his own personal Calvary.
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  12. Byron

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    He was surrounded by wolves. Maybe his sadness was the realization that he couldn’t stop them.
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    I suppose if you view all the modern Catholic saints (who happened to be priests or Religious from around the 19th century onwards) I think you can see that their principle enemies were not secular but from within the Church herself and often from a very high level indeed.

    In this saints like Fulton Sheen are prophetic in the lives they lived and what they preached. They could see the trajectory in which the world and the Church was headed and often said so.

    More than that if we view how they died and lived it is clear that they often offered themselves up as Victim Souls for what was underway in the Church and what they saw was coming right at us down the line.
    As to the elimination of the Old Rite. Many people may say that it does not concern them as they prefer the 1960's Mass anyway. But I think Old Masses, the Traditionalists are just the thin end of the wedge. The wolves get to kill and eat these poor people because they are a very easy target. But once the wolves have eaten them all up it will be time for them to gooble the rest of us all up.

    We already know what the wolves have coming down the pipeline right at us. Women priests, married priests, homosexual priests. The bottom line will be a Mass that is no longer a Mass and a Catholic Church that is no longer the Catholic Church.


  14. Michael Pio

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    Obedience is owed to the Holy Father. Pope Pius V made it clear with Quo Primum that the Traditional Latin Mass cannot be abrogated. This was reiterated by the Holy Father, Pope em. Benedict, through Summorum Pontificum.
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  15. Michael Pio

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    I think this is a decisive quote from Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerich.
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    I was struck by a very grim thought last night. What if we are seeing in real time the abolishing of the Holy Sacrifice. The suppression/attempted extinction of the traditional Mass may well be setting up that abomination of desolation in the Holy place.

    I had this on my mind when I fell asleep so not surprising I dreamed I was invited to a prayer meeting at church. But when I got there it was not a Catholic Church. Everyone there just seemed off and strange. A woman came running up to me with a book in hand exclaiming how wonderful and life changing it was. She showed it to me. I believe it was the Enneagram. I gave it back with a stern warning. I said are you Catholic? She said oh NO as if that was a dirty word. I slipped out and went my way searching for a Catholic Church. I couldn't find one. More than once during the night I awoke to find I was repeating "Precious Blood of Jesus save us and save the whole world." Strange disturbing night.
  17. padraig

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    Well at least when and if it happens, if we are Faithful in prayer we will know it. At least that is something. We will know it and know to avoid it.

    But I am sure that there will still be Faithful priests and Bishops somewhere...though it may be hard to find ones that are not in prison.
  18. AED

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    :unsure::( I expect you are right.
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    I've read that some are worried that, with the suppression of the TLM, we may quickly run out of priests who KNOW HOW to offer the TLM. As I understand it, the TLM has many more gestures and more specific gestures than the NO Mass. Without someone who knows not just the Latin but the gestures, a new priest cannot be trained to properly offer the TLM. (This also applies to all the sacraments.)

    So I'm wondering if anyone is putting together video courses on offering the TLM, with close-ups of how to position your hands, etc. I doubt the videos could be publicly posted without some blowback (hate speech, possibly?), but they could be put onto USB flash drives to be easily copied and passed around as needed. (In the old Soviet Union, this would be called "samizdat" and is how underground literature and Beatles songs would be passed around.)

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