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    I have heard of Henrietta Lacks. Informative post, Andree. We have been an unsuspecting public.
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  2. andree

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    Yes unsuspecting is the right word HH.

    I was just re-reading some passages of that book and came across this exchange between the author of the book and relatives of Henrietta Lacks. Check out what they say about Hopkins, the hospital that took the cells from Lacks without her consent or knowledge.

    “First I heard about it was, she had that cancer,” he said, repeating the story he’d told dozens of reporters over the years, almost verbatim. “Hopkins called me, said come up there cause she died. They asked me to let them have Henrietta and I told them no. I said, ‘I don’t know what you did, but you killed her. Don’t keep cuttin on her.’ But after a time my cousin said it wouldn’t hurt none, so I said okay.”

    Day clenched his three remaining teeth. “I didn’t sign no papers,” he said. “I just told them they could do a topsy Nothin else. Them doctors never said nuthin about keepin her alive in no tubes or growin no cells. All they told me was they wanted to do a topsy see if they could help my children. And I’ve always just knowed this much: they is the doctor, and you got to go by what they say. I don’t know as much as they do. And them doctors said if I gave em my old lady, they could use her to study that cancer and maybe help my children, my grandchildren.”

    “Yeah!” Sonny yelled. “They said it would help his kids in case they come down with cancer. He had five kids, what was he going to do?”

    “They knew them cells was already growin when I come down there after she died,” Day said, shaking his head. “But they didn’t tell me nuthin bout that. They just asked if they could cut her up see about that cancer.”

    “Well what do you expect from Hopkins?” Bobbette yelled from the kitchen, where she sat watching a soap opera. “I wouldn’t even go there to get my toenails cut.”

    “Mmm hmm,” Day yelled back, thumping his silver cane on the floor like an exclamation point.

    “Back then they did things,” Sonny said. “Especially to black folks. John Hopkins was known for experimentin on black folks. They’d snatch em off the street…”

    “That’s right!” Bobbette said, appearing in the kitchen door with her coffee. “Everybody knows that.”

    “They just snatch em off the street,” Sonny said.

    “Snatchin people!” Bobbette yelled, her voice growing louder.

    “Experimentin on them!” Sonny yelled.

    “You’d be surprised how many people disappeared in East Baltimore when I was a girl,” Bobbette said, shaking her head. “I’m telling you, I lived here in the fifties when they got Henrietta, and we weren’t allowed to go anywhere near Hopkins. When it got dark and we were young, we had to be on the steps, or Hopkins might get us.”
    Eveyone remember Event 101? This was a pandemic preparedness event jointly run by Hopkins Centre, the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

    The book is a good read and probably quite relevant to the stuff going on today. Maybe that's why it's available for free.
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    These vaccines are not mandatory (yet).

    Will be interesting to see what happens to those who refuse to take it -

    A poll indicates support for taking the vaccine - in Ireland (71%), UK (81%), Germany (65%) France (44%).

    The irony is that you will still have to socially distance and wear masks even with the vaccine since they do not know if it stops you spreading the disease.
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    This what gets me. This makes it all seem much more off & peculiar. At most, 2 weeks after, masks should come off!! It would also be easy to tell who has had a vaccine ;)

    How do manufacturers? know 2 weeks after getting a flu shot, you have full immunity? So with this, why would they not go with the same criteria? Does the same hold for the shingles shot (shingrix)?
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    I think most of the bishops caved into human respect. It's just not respectable to question "experts". I feel the same way about theistic evolution. It's just not fashionable to question evolution. 'See... we're not uneducated "fundamentalists"... we're respectful people.' It doesn't matter that there has not been a syllogism to prove it. It doesn't matter that it is totally possible for even experts to believe something based on human authority or respect. It's taken as something proven by scientists (all I have ever heard was lots of circumstantial evidence), and if you question it you're an embarrassment to the faith.

    I believe if God so chooses He can walk on water. But often it seems to me priests treated it as rustic and unsophisticated to believe God could create a woman from a rib if he so pleases. 'God is no magician, it's all poetry!'

    These people can write a persuasive essay on Eucharistic miracles and the power of God, but don't think closing down mass is a problem.
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  7. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    The common cold is a virus, and scientists tried a number of years ago to find a solution to the common cold without success.

    Why in the name of all that is holy does anyone think scientists will find a solution to Covid virus. They will be producing vaccines till the end of time without succeeding in finding a cure for this latest virus ( because it mutates). We just all need to get over it. Get on with life, and if and when God is ready, He will end it.

    He will end it, when we turn back to Him, repent of our sins and transgressions; and become the people He intended us to be. Simple as that. IMHO

    I do not intend to recommend indifference here, sensible precautions are necessary as with any cold, flu or contagious disease.
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    :eek: Horrifying story. Thank you for enlightening me, I never knew about Henrietta Lacks. :(
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    Yes, Andree. I do remember that Johns Hopkins was involved in Event 101. I am a Marylander and always had respect for Hopkins until recently.
    I did read this excerpt that you posted several years ago in the Washington Post. Hideous. Thank you for posting that.
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  11. Joan J

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    Yea, just try selling that notion to most non Christians!:rolleyes: I suspected we'd all be :ROFLMAO: all the way to the next town.
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    There are 2 forms of the shingles shot. 1 was developed without aborted fetal cells and one used the aborted cells.

    I believe ( but check yourself) that the one actually called shingrix is the ethical one. But often people call either one shingrix because this is the name they know.

    Charlotte Lozier Institute has all the information online.
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  13. Joan J

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    Oh, that I have verified. Shingrix is the ethical one. I'll probably see about getting that in February or March.
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    I think you speak truth here Julia. Its hard to think that timing of it--right on the mark of pachamama--had nothing to do with this. God permits it to shake us awake.
  15. Fede

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    I am so, so very, very, sorry I don't mean to depress people. But very sadly the new strain of the Virus coming out of South Africa does not seem amenable to current vaccines.

    Which means the current vaccines are useless if this is true. They will only maybe work for this winter for while...

    This virus appears very , very adaptive. It is far, far more infectious than the current Chinese strain.

    mmm... much to pray about..

    ...recall the South African strain is far, far more virulent and will replace the first one in about say..3 to six months globally.

    I suggest the current vaccines are useless in that they will become obsolete in short order.

    Catholic Prophecy speaks of these wiping out entire Nations , this seems to be true.

    Thank God I am off work. Must pray.
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    So I wrote an email to the Assistant to the Archbishop of Vancouver, expressing my concerns regarding the issue of fetal cell lines having been used to develop the vaccines. I told him that I felt it would be very helpful to all Catholics of the Archdiocese if a statement directly from the Archbishop could be issued so that Catholics could make an informed decision. I received a reply thanking me and saying that the Archbishop read my email. He asked his Assistant to forward me a couple of statements that were made from other Bishops and the Holy See, all saying it is morally permisssble for Catholics to receive the vaccine.
  18. Joan J

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    That is one reason I would be more open to receiving Novavax or Medicago if I somehow i am not able to wait for the one from Kentucky. NOT being mRNA, both being protein or plant based, those two are otherwise as equally ethical as Pfizer and Moderna.

    Perhaps my deciding factor will be travel requirements. I know I'll have family pressure.
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  19. Joan J

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    Is that the same strain as in the UK?
  20. Fede

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    Is Novavax plant based?
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