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    This is soooo good.
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    Jason, the above IMG does not appear for little, ole, me.o_O

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Me neither.
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    I do owe our ancestors an apology.

    Until recently I thought they suffered from immense ignorance for lack of basic education for most, etc. That today's Americans are savvy, with a win-win mentality.


    Forgive my arrogance, ancestors.

    What a harsh lesson, which I should have known: Human nature is human nature.
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    Considering that most could neither read not write and yet knew and understood more than most today who can do both but choose to do neither is an interesting and ironic state we find ourselves in. It's not all our own fault however, most people just don't recognize that what they think of as freedom is simply a different sort of bondage. The best slave is one who thinks himself free.
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    Could be more true now than at any other time in history!:cry:

    Lord have Mercy through your Warnings!
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