Trump Selects Amy Coney Barrett to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat on the Supreme Court

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  1. HERE SHE COMES! Judge Amy Coney Barrett Seen Leaving Her House with Her Seven Kids and Husband! — Announcement at 5 PM ET


    On Saturday afternoon video was taken of Amy Coney Barrett leaving home with her husband and seven children.


    The comments make a big deal out of her driving the car! ha!
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  2. DesertStar7

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    "Illegal adoptions"...from the same people who say "There's no such thing as an illegal human" about illegal immigrants. :rolleyes:

    Of course whatever they do / say is OKAY.
  3. garabandal

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    This poor lady and her family are going to face the smears of the leftist mob.
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  4. Dolours

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    Would the Democrats really have the stomach for bringing Haiti into the debate, considering Clinton's record there?

    I think that Diane Frankenstein has put them in an awkward position. Trump knows it and so do they. They lost a lot of Catholic votes in some swing states at the last election, so they have to be careful not to overplay their anti-Catholic bigotry this time round. Their best hope is to stir up anti-Catholic bigotry among Trump's Evangelical base.
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  5. Donna259

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    If she can handle 7 kids, one who is special needs and 2 adopted....she can handle the Supreme Court
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  6. I hope and pray she does well, but after watching Kennedy vote in favor of same-sex marriage and Roberts (no need to mention his record) leaves me with a sort of skeptical attitude, time will tell. Let’s see who’s arm gets twisted the most to the nefarious Left. I hope for the best but I can foresee a worst case scenario where Roberts and Gorsuch side with Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor.

    Gorsuch has already proven that he can’t be trusted and Roberts needs no introduction.
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  7. Muzhik

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    I think the whole Haitian adoption thing is a scam by the left. Note that no one has presented any EVIDENCE of something fishy. Just the, "Well, has anyone checked this out? You know, she could just be one of those rich baby thieves," line. Not actually accusing her of anything, just, "you know she MIGHT be guilty."

    The one question I want her to answer under oath is this: What product does she use on her hair? After 7 kids she still looks like someone I went to grad school with. No gray at all.
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  8. Dolours

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    I had some reservations about her being part of the Notre Dame faculty but the Democrats wouldn't be so opposed to her if she didn't have some Catholic faith in her. President Trump said that the late Justice Scalia said her professor praised her as the best student he ever had. Of course, a good student doesn't of itself make her a good Catholic but she seems to be a cut ab9ve the "I'm Caholic but" types currently infesting Catholic academia and public life.

    She will need our prayers when the onslaught from the dem9nic Democrats begins. God help her.
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  9. Dolours

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    Yes, they are more likely to focus on that charismatic group. There's a clip on youtube of Raymond Arroyo's World Over programme where his guest was a friend of hers from Notre Dame. The friend said that the group is not a cult and that they run the best school in the area where people of all religions and none send their children. She doesn't seem to have been very active in the group - not surprising for a woman with seven children and a fulltime job outside the home.
  10. Mario

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    Though a number of MOG members find aspects of the Charismatic Movement questionable at best, most commonly those involved in the Renewal claim some type of conversion experience and a deeper commitment to Christ and the Church. Though Geralyn and I haven't been actively involved for almost 30 years, none of our friends from that period would ever consider Biden someone for whom they would vote.

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
  11. Dolours

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    If the group was questionable the Democrats wouldn't be attacking her for belonging to it.
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  12. HeavenlyHosts

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    Diane Frankenstein :D:ROFLMAO::LOL::p
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  13. Booklady

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    Chairman Graham Announces Hearing Dates for Judge Barrett’s Supreme Court Nomination, September 26,2020

    WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) this evening announced that the hearing to consider the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States will begin October 12, 2020.

    The hearing will last three to four days, using the format the committee has followed for recent Supreme Court nominees. Opening statements by Judiciary Committee members and the nominee will occur on Monday, October 12. The questioning of Judge Barrett will begin on Tuesday, October 13. Testimony by those who know Judge Barrett the best and legal experts is expected to follow.

    Well, this is quick, prayers for Judge Barrett...

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  14. Booklady

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    The Barret Family, let's pray for this beautiful family particularly after October 12th
  15. Dolours

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    Well she is hard to love.

    The guy in this video has a Good take on the delay in holding RBG's funeral. I know it's not a laughing matter but the OTT mourning is comical. It's a fairly short video. I posted it on the RBG thread but you might have missed it:

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  16. Muzhik

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    They've been holding services for her and all, but her actual internment will take place after the Jewish High Holy Days, which I BELIEVE end on Yom Kippur, or after Monday Sept. 28, so probably next Tuesday.
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  17. I didn’t want to say it before, but I’ll say it now, I was a little disappointed that Trump did not pick Lagoa, I read somewhere that she is considered to be “a Cuban Clarence Thomas” I know that Barrett has all the credentials, I can’t find her exact quote, but she once said something along the lines of leaving Roe v Wade the way it is and only being in disagreement with late-term abortion.
    Speaking of charismatics, you don’t want to know what my uncle once said about the movement, when one night he unwittingly entered into a charismatic healing mass. I will just say that he walked out on it.

    During Pentecost, all the different tongues that were heard were understood. Didn’t Saint Paul once say something about speaking in tongues is one thing, but you have to be able to understand it? If it can’t be understood, how do we know it comes from the right spirit?
  18. Mario

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    Lagoa would probably have made just as good a Supreme Court Justice. It would not surprise me, however, that Trump, who is fiesty (to say the least) and loves to verbally brawl, considered what Barrett went through a few years back when grilled by the Senate. I bet that resonated with him.

    There is a distinction, I believe, between singing or speaking in tongues as a form of prayer or worship, and speaking out in tongues in a prayer meeting, awaiting an interpretation. The later results in a prophecy.

    A story. Back in 1979, I was considering pursuing the priesthood; a priest in Binghamton, NY, who oversaw a retreat center, invited me down for a year of discernment. One time, Fr. Jim was paying over people in the chapel (I was on his prayer team). Father prayed over one gentleman and finished with a 30-second period of tongues. The gentleman looked rather surprised and said, "Gee Father, I didn't realize you knew Polish!" Ends up that Father Jim, had recited the Our Father in a language he knew not. The incident opened the gentleman's heart to the workings of God.

    Speak Lord, your servant is listening.
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  19. Muzhik

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    I think Trump is holding Lagoa in his back pocket for the next SCOTUS vacancy. Steven Breyer is 82 years old and has served 26 years. It would make sense for him to retire, but he was appointed by Bill Clinton, so he's not going to voluntarily leave while Trump is in office. The next-longest serving justice is Clarence Thomas, who is 72 and has served almost 29 years. He was appointed by George H. W. Bush. If (G_D willing) Trump wins another term in office, he might be persuaded to step down, esp. if he knows his replacement will be a double-minority (a woman of color) who appears to be conservative.

    Keep in mind that Obama BEGGED RBG to retire 5 years ago so Obama could be assured of a liberal justice replacing her. She declined, because she wanted to wait around until Hilary decided on her replacement. Thomas, keeping that in mind, might be more willing to retire rather than die while still pulling the plow (although he'll probably wait until 2022 so that everyone knows it was HIS decision, not a political one.)
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  20. Barrett has said that she didn't think that Roe could be overturned all at once in its entirety, but such parts of it like late term abortions and other extremes within it could be.

    You have to have the right cases come before the court that whittle it down which could involve the advance of science where there can no longer be a denial of the human identity, or stage of viability even earlier on than currently, etc. That kind of proof could wipe out the whole thing. Or somehow have a law established for citizenship that places the child in the womb under protection of its rights under the Constitution. Something will come about once more people pray and repent.
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