They've come for Fr. Altman...

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by sparrow, May 24, 2021.

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    Good question Xynn
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    Good question!
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    That is the hard question.
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    Listening right now. It is an absolute necessity to listen to this. Especially the warning against Quietism toward the end of the talk. Searing. Citing 2 Timothy. Please listen to this everyone.
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    AED, I think it’s a very timely video. I did not know about the church’s condemnation about Quietism before! There is a lot of that going around these days!
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    Something to remember is that Jesus was obedient to both His Father (and His Laws) and to religious authorities til the sorrowful end. In fact, the new Sacrifice of the Church based on Jesus as cornerstone could only be founded on the ritual led by the high priest who was, according to the Father's Law, the one who chose the victim and the scape goat.

    "You know nothing. Neither do you consider that it is expedient to you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not".

    Jesus fled to Ephraim after the Sanhedrin edict on His life, but only because His time had not come. When the time came, He went to Jerusalem as every good Israelite had to do despite the hatred directed at Him because that was the Mission given to Him by the Father.

    Could be that martyrdom through obedience is the sign of true martyrdom and necessary for the renewal of the Church.
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    Yes, it could very well be.
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  8. Mary Crowder

    Mary Crowder Archangels public nature of the Eucharist also shapes how the church governs participation in it. Canon law states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion” (No. 915). The laws around the Eucharist are for the good of the faithful and exist to preserve the authenticity and mystery of the encounter that we have with the risen Christ. They exist because the church loves every person and desires every person to attain his or her created purpose of union with God. Church law and love are not mutually exclusive. This is my Dilemma with Father Altman, How could his Bishop tell him not to preach on abortion, homosexually, etc... for the good of his parishioners? It seems to me Father Altman has Canon law in his side!
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    I totally agree with you Padraig.... OBEDIENCE is the operative word here,

    Its not a matter of whether Fr Altman should speak the truth or not in order to "keep the peace" (he should always proclaim the truth no matter what the consequences) but rather how does he react to his bishop's action to dismiss him.

    His attitude is far from obedient.

    From what Ive read ....hes going to "fight"!!
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    I know a very orthodox Catholic priest who wears a cassock, is authorized to offer the TLM, and when he was confronted with the hatred generated by the Jan.6th US Capitol incident, left his political comments in the dust, and switched entirely to having Eucharistic processions and other devotions. It is possible to be a holy priest and be obedient at the level of being apolitical. Don't get me wrong, he is pro-life and has some rallies on the side of the main road. But he is now off of twitter. It is not considered bad form to have articles published in Diocesan Catholic newspapers where voters are able to see where the candidates stand on important issues. Priests can also say, vote pro-life, vote against the current tide of worldiness and evil. A true Catholic will know how to vote.
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    All 12% of us? :(
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  12. I know of a seasoned, outspoken pro-life priest who spoke out against how the Democratic Party is against life via its platform and how Joe Biden shouldn’t present himself for Holy Communion. But in all his directness over the years, he never got cocky in words or tone, but, boy oh boy, is he ever fearless! I really believe his Bishop respects this about him and continues to allow him to speak out without public rebuke.

    Unfortunately, with what is going on currently surrounding Father A., the focus is more on the fight and on one’s rights to proclaim something than on the very message itself, in my opinion.
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    In Marino Restrepo's talk in one of his most recent podcasts(which i cannot seem to find even though I have searched:()he talks about the Marxists in Colombia and how they are trying to take over the government. He says they are evil and even satanic since they use black magic to gain power--but he goes on to say that fighting them with worldly weapons cannot win. He repeats Jesus's words " My Kingdom is not of this world" and reminds us we are pilgrims passing through. Our kingdom is not of this world. Our weapons are Eucharistic adoration and public processions and the public recitation of the Rosary in Rosary crusades. I wish I could find the link.
    I understand Fr Altman's anger and frustration. I get it. He is a man of action but its hard to know if he was imprudent. Perhaps. (Listening to Fr Murray on World Over)
    I don't know what to think really. Our good priests need prayer!!! Much prayer. (So do our bad priests)
    I just got done reading a powerful novel called Postcards from the Volcano about Germany between the wars and the rise of Hitler. In some ways it is like looking into a mirror. It is a novel of ideas--Catholic to the core but very subtly Catholic til toward the end. Young people in the novel are atheists even pagans some of them. Jewish or protestant or lapsed Catholics--they believe God and religion are obsolete and even destructive. Lots of Nietzche flying around. It is so timely. I think it is ftom Ignatius press. I downloaded it quite awhile ago.
    Point of my post--i think the priest you reference is taking the right approach.
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    Thank you for your great post. This holy priest was on twitter and a couple of years ago he mentioned the need for women's modesty at Mass. He was so reviled in such a horrible mocking manner that he left twitter. As the evils have progressed over the past two years, he has found ways to celebrate the TLM almost exclusively in his parish. He will have a procession at the drop of a hat.(y):)
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    I think what I have seen is Priests staying away from "controversial" subjects as if requested on per the hierarchy...don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are cowing from their position, there is a pro-life section of literature per it seems every church I have entered. No need for name-dropping, I know of another Priest who has made it into the news from time to time.

    So, may have the latest on the good Father:

    STILL FIGHTING! Fr. James Altman says he won’t quit or be sent away to ‘re-education camp’ | News | LifeSite (

    Fr. James Altman, the Wisconsin priest who challenged his bishop after being asked last week to resign, said today that he is still awaiting a response from diocesan authorities.

    Fr. Altman has withstood months of criticism, attacks, and threats from both secular media and La Crosse Bishop William P. Callahan for his viral video message last fall “You can’t be a Catholic and a Democrat” and his fearless criticism of U.S. bishops for needlessly shutting churches and denying the faithful sacraments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Rumble videos at link.

    So, I'm glad for Fr. Altman.
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    I watched the video "Why is Evil Winning" when it was first posted on another thread. Imho it is very good but I'm glad that AED reminded me to research what Quietism is because I immediately thought of monks when they mentioned Quietism in the video and then I was a bit confused. I found the following on which I thought might be helpful to many others here. There is also this link for information about it

    I don't believe that I have remained quiet (and that is not what is meant by Quietism) but at the same time I have been cautious about what I say to others in regard to what has been occurring in the Church for fear that I may not be fully interpreting some things correctly. I suppose that I approach things as more of a news correspondent, one from the past who would simply state the facts on what has occurred. The synod of 2019 comes to mind immediately and if that doesn't get Catholics worried about what is going on then I just don't know what would. With my close friends, I have also discussed the abuse crisis in the Church and what McCarrick was really doing. I don't remember this topic being discussed in the video and I do believe that it has been the cause for many Catholics to have walked away from the Church.

    When I feel more comfortable that I won't get completely knocked down by "my audience" or when someone gives me an "open door" then I speak about the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother. At a minimum, I suggest to people (Catholics and non-Catholics) that they pray.+

    The other thing I wanted to say about the video and that is I do think that many people in the world were "clad in sackcloth and sat upon ashes"* for a long time during the COVID-19 pandemic whether it was intentional or not. I also think that many of us can always do more but I don't like to assume anything about the sufferings of others and how they may be repenting etc.

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    Interesting and well expressed post Carol. Your input here has been missed.:)
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    "The declared enemies of God and His Church, heretics and schismatics, must be criticized as much as possible, as long as truth is not denied. It is a work of charity to shout: "Here is the wolf!" when it enters the flock or anywhere else."
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    This video is from Father Goring and it is related to the battle that we are in. He mentions a book written by Ralph Martin called "The Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward" and I'm wondering if anyone here has read this book and what your thoughts are on it. Thank you in advance. +

    PS - Unfortunately, I can't see the image that Sparrow posted but I'm not sure why. Sorry.
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    I could see the image on my laptop when I posted it but cannot see it on my cell now.. it was a quote from St Francis DeSales I believe.. but I’d have to see it to quote it!
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