They've come for Fr. Altman...

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    I agree. And the presence of a rainbow does not necessarily mean God is showing His favor. As I recall, there was a double rainbow in Ireland on the day gay marriage was legalized, which the LGBT community was sure meant God was blessing it.
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    The Bishop has therefore given Fr Altman some latitude.

    That is why Father Altman still speaks highly of his Bishop.

    It seems the Bishop has come under pressure from others to deal with Fr Altman.

    The liberals and apostates in the church have a great deal of clout and hate orthodoxy.
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    Yep, it should give people pause, but of course the judgemental holier than thou types are harping at him nonetheless. I thought Father Heilman's response he posted yesterday to those doing so was spot on:


    DETRACTION = a lessening of reputation or esteem especially by envious, malicious, or petty criticism.

    We wonder why few voices are choosing to speak up in this era of "normalizing evil," which is at historic proportions. One has to expect outrage from the usual suspects: Those who are passionate about the radical secular dogma of the worldly. They are especially emboldened today, and have gained easy access with their indoctrination of the masses. Mostly because few want to face the brutal assault coming from those will not allow any other narrative other than the dogma of this radical secular religion. Even major corporations are fearfully doing their bidding.

    But, it tears at my heart to see members of our own Catholic family deploy this detraction to those who stick their neck out.

    I'm not perfect ... nobody is. But, to deploy petty criticism - fault finding - from "our own" is especially disheartening. Literally, my heart is "aching" as I watch this within our Catholic family.

    And, again, we wonder why the cult of radical secularism is almost laughing at us, on their way to "normalizing" every sort of evil which betrays God.

    Please, everyone, pray, pray, pray!!" - Father Heilman
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    "These wounds i received in the house of my friends "
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    That is the truth. I like Father Heilman's exhortation to "pray, pray, pray!" We have to "do" and be His hands and feet, but we also need to be praying for Father Altman, praying for his Bishop Callahan, praying for all the bishops, priests, our Pope. Praying for each other. The devil is having a field day dividing people into camps, yes we need to remain in the camp of Truth, but for those in "the other camp" on whatever issue, we have to Love them. Desmond Birch posted a very edifying statement yesterday on this:

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
    There is a tension building amongst the bishops of the USA. It is the call they hear to correct and deny communion to Catholic political sheep who openly oppose the Sanctity of Life.
    [If you aren’t aware of this internal pressure amongst the bishops - that doesn’t mean it isn’t there – it exists.]
    Given the understanding that a picture is worth ten thousand words, I chose some appropriate photos for this post; 1) of a logjam in a river, and 2) a sputtering fuse attached to a stick of dynamite. I have Fb friends from over 20 countries around the world. For most, the photo of the sputtering fuse should be self-explanatory. The logjam photo may well be different in that regard.
    People who have never been in ‘timber’ country may well not understand the photo or the term. Ergo, a brief instruction: In many heavily forested countries, they harvest the tree trunks to make lumber. They cut the trees down, and in many cases, dump them into rivers for transport to logging mills which then cut the logs into lumber. On their way downstream, it is not unusual for the logs to jam up at some point in the river. The most common way to break up a ‘logjam’ is to plant sticks of dynamite inside the jam, blow it up, and release the logs to flow again downstream to the mill.
    1) Of bishops who wish to refuse communion to ‘Catholic’ politicians who support causes which attack the sanctity of life [abortion, assisted suicide, etc. – but haven’t done it yet.]
    2) Of Catholic Christians who claim to be pro-life – yet do not love their anti-life enemies. Example: Do they forgive, pray for, and love pro-abort politicians – like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others of their ilk.
    Recently a number of bishops have publicly stood for the right to life – and publicly condemned any and all ‘Catholic’ politicians who support anti ‘Sanctity of Life’ legislation and policies. They have stated very publicly that such politicians may not morally attempt to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, Communion.
    Two of the most prominent and vocal in the U.S. are Archbishop Salvatore
    Cordileone of San Francisco, CA, and Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, AZ. there are a number of others who are preparing to join them in this action. When that happens, the episcopal logjam on this issue will break and there will be a FLOOD of others.
    So what’s the problem? Why all the commotion of this post?
    It is because few people either realized or now remember what happened the last time the USCCB [U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops] took a major stand on the ‘Life Issues’. When was that? It was in the year 2000. The U.S. Bishops came out and publicly issued a written document telling U.S. Catholics that, the ‘Life Issues’ were the premier issues on which they must decide who to vote for in elections.
    When that happened, I remarked online that this would end the proverbial ‘honeymoon’ between the U.S. Bishops and the Democrat Party in the USA. It was never a formal public relationship. The U.S. bishops individually (yet openly too) favored the domestic policies of the left-leaning Democrat Party. They so chose this favoritism primarily over the Domestic/Social issues of the day [public assistance for the poor, etc.]
    So when in 2000 the U.S. bishops publicly undercut that approach – I knew the Leftists would react virulently. Now I will give you some key evidence which should convince you of what I’ve said.
    I will now share with you something which only a handful of people still know: In 1987 a good friend of mine, a Catholic who was a favorite at the USCCB, he went to that body with evidence that boys were being flown back and forth between two U.S. Dioceses. I shouldn’t need to spell out the purpose of the trips. He showed evidence to some key bishops and their aids. Many of them seemed horror stricken – but none would publicly do anything about it. Many of them – according to my friend – were scared of the scandal to the Church which they thought would be generated by someone going public.
    Next he went to a big meeting of the USCCB in the Midwest. He went to even more of the bishops, but no one would step forward to take steps to stop this outrage. Many of them were also scared of the ‘scandal’ it would create. He then held a news conference in which he displayed what he considered to be irrefutable proof. Guess what? THE MEDIA WASN’T INTERESTED IN THE STORY. NOT ONE MEDIA OUTLET CARRIED THAT STORY – NOT EVEN TO DENY ITS VERACITY.
    Two years after the U.S. Bishops went public about the ‘Life Issues’ being the premier issues for voting Catholics --- the priest scandal broke in the Diocese of Boston. Those of you who are forty or more will surely remember it. Cardinal Archbishop Law of Boston, MA., had been transferring parish priests around to other parishes – when those priests were discovered to be child molesters. THAT LOG JAM OF MEDIA SILENCE BROKE IN A BIG WAY - WHICH ALMOST THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT TODAY.
    When the US bishops told Catholic voters in the year 2000 that they had to place the ‘Life Issues’ at the top of their method of choosing which candidates to vote for - It didn’t take a crystal ball to foresee that the Left would subsequently attack the Catholic Church in a blitzkrieg. That blitz hit when the Media reveled in the Priest predator scandal in Boston two years later. it should have been obvious to one and all the previous ‘honeymoon’ was over between the Left and the Catholic heirarchy in the USA.
    When the logjam next breaks holding back a high number of US Bishops from publicly denying communion to pro-death ‘Catholic’ politicians --- the reaction of the Left may well be even bigger than when they decided in 2002 to throw under the bus men they historically protected. [Many bishops are concerned about such a possible reaction today. But there’s a growing number of them who are figuring out that they really have nothing left to lose here. The Left has already made its latent hatred for the Catholic Church public. That’s the upcoming FIRST LOGJAM – Catholics – clerical and lay - had better be ready for a great increase in public persecution when any significant number of bishops publicly tell pro-abort politicians they may not receive Holy Catholic Communion.
    The SECOND LOGJAM which may break in a substantial number of faithful Catholics is this: The persecutors of the Catholic Church – whom Christ tells us we must forgive, pray for and love – Satan will then turn his biggest guns loose on Catholics, tempting them to refuse to forgive, pray for, or love/wish-well the persecutors of Catholics and their Church.
    Let me ask you a question I am asking myself more and more often: AM I PREPARED TO DO WHAT POPE JOHN PAUL II DID WHEN HE SAW THE MAN WHO HAD SHOT HIM? AM I READY TO SAY, “I FORGIVE YOU” – and to pray for the persecutor and to wish him well [well wish not his evil ways – but him]? If I’m not trying to be prepared for it now – what makes me think I will later be so able?
    All my love in Christ - Desmond"
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    Very very eye opening. It all makes sense.
    And yes we must forgive --daily if necessary.
  7. AED

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    Very very eye opening. It all makes sense.
    And yes we must forgive --daily if necessary.
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    Oops. Did not mean this to post 3 times.:((n)
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    Fr Mark on Fr Altman!
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    The lesson for me is to, out of charity for the flock and love of the truth, be bolder in upholding the truth. The pushback occurs when one applies the truth to the particulars of one's culture. One can smile and say, "That was a good homily, just don't tell me I have to personally change my vote." What started this whole fuss with Fr. Altman was his youtube clip where he stated that you can't be Catholic and vote Democrat! That really irritated people. In essence he was right because the Democrats embrace whole hog without restriction, abortion. The USCCB unequivocally stated that abortion was the preeminent issue of the last election. Conclusion: every Catholic cannot vote Democrat.

    This is why I believe that Fr. Altman spoke as a prophet; he cut through the crap and said it as it is. Catholics have to properly form their consciences! A prophet is loving while not sounding so. John the Baptist did not hold back:

    Luke 3:7...You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? 8 Bear fruits that befit repentance, and do not begin to say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father'; for I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham. 9 Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees; every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

    If one speaks prophetically, they don't sound agreeable, humble or nice. In this culture of ours, we actually need more prophets like John the Baptist and like Fr. Altman. I am praying that Father Altman pursue humility and not let his notoriety go to his head.

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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    AED, I think God wanted you to post it three times, His number, because it needs to be heard!!! We must learn to forgive!
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    I pray God will sort this all out, to the good of many souls--Fr. Altman's, the bishops' and ours.
  14. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have just listened to a video asking us to write to the USA Nuncio or phone and respectfully ask him to intervene in Fr Altmans case.

    It appears emails can just be deleted, so it may do no good emailing, if the Nuncio is one of the lavender mafia.

    Personally I think it is a waste of time, but as the video explains only by phoning and snail mail writing can any action be expected. Apparently that is how the lefties get their voices heard. And it appears the lefties have been harassing Bishop Callaghan to get Fr Altman out. They are succeeding as usual unless enough Americans get on the phone and snail mail letter technique as well, to counteract the diabolical lefties, whom I am beginning to think as nothing more than a third order type of support for the lavender mafia.

    Here is the address for the USA Nuncio, sorry I did not make a note of the phone number.

    Abp. Christophe Pierre
    3339 Massachusetts Avenue
    NW Washington DC
  15. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    You can help to support those who want to counteract the damage done to this Priest by the lefties who have harassed Fr Altmans Bishop to get rid of him. They will succeed if enough Americans don't get their support for this Priest across to the hierarchy. Phoning and snail mail writing is how the lefties do it. So it appears this is how supporters have to act to counteract the problem.

    The advice is write to the Nuncio and respectfully ask him to intervene on behalf of Father Altman, citing how much this Priest is respected by Faithful Catholics. No good emailing, it appears emails can be deleted as if they never were received.

    Abp. Christophe Pierre
    3339 Massachusetts Avenue
    NW Washington DC
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    Good Comments. And good prayer intention.
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  17. Yes, please, Lord Jesus, make it so! St.John the Baptist was in the desert or thereabouts. For his messages and delivery style to be upfront and personal, people needed to find him in the rather remote locations, I should think.

    Switch over to this current situation: Father A. whispers and his whispers are heard in Europe. Father A. speaks with vivid emotion and the internet amplifies this into, unfortunately (also due to certain words he’s chosen to use and/or how he’s used them) into growls.

    Also, the Baptist was on his own as far as human assistance. But human assistance is being requested in furthering Father A.’s goal. So, I’m asking a legitimate question now: Wouldn't we serve this escalating situation better by being prayerfully and sacrificially involved rather than materially?
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    I see what you are saying. It resonates. Padraig's view on obedience also resonates. I am not sure about this question. It is war, that much is certain.
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    Would the foretold remnant church during the period of abomination of desolation be an obedient church to the church hierarchy?
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    So true FP,
    detraction is happening at all levels in our Catholic faith; we must be prudent, careful and pray very hard, for the evil one is roaming around like lion looking for someone to devour.
    Mary Crowder put up a brilliant video regards Fr Heilman and what's happening to Fr Altman.
    I think it fits well in this thread.
    And I will be watching again as its full of sobering information, puzzle pieces coming together and a brilliant analogy of where the church is at comparable to St Joan of Ark, as she represents a type of the end times.
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