There is a plot to dethrone Pope Benedict

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    Good and bad thing about PBVXI

    Good thing :

    He brought back Latin mass which dispensed the need for bishop permission to say Latin mass.

    He stamped out some abuses cases when he became a pope. There was a false stigmatist outside of Rome that i had seen as he was abusing the seminarians and faking it re stigmata. Also the case of Fr Marcial of Legionnaires of Christ as well.

    After ascending the throne of St. Peter, he became the first Pope to kick predator priests out of the Church: in 2011 and 2012, the last two full years of his papacy, the Church defrocked three hundred and eighty-four offending priests.

    Bad things:

    He knew a lot of sex abuses cases for years as he couldnt do it cos of JPII. He sat on it from 1981 t0 2005.

    There was a priest in religious order school that i was in. He was breaking the seal of confession for years cos we didnt know it until it happened to me.I reported some sins to him in confession so was other boys as well. But a certain Chrisitian brother knew one of the sins as i was puzzled. One day i discussed it with boys re his knowledge of our sins which was baffling. Then one boy suggested that one of us tell priest a particular sin to see if that priest would inform christian brother etc. So one of us did that as we waited for a sign. Two months later that certain christian brother commented one sin to certain boy. When we heard this as we were stunned cos breaking the seal of confession was news to us.

    Then we sort of courageously told certain CB that we would be waiting for that priest when school term commenced etc. That priest never came back as he was of the same religious order as
    Annibale Bugnini who created the new mass today. Some 30 years later his name was on Vatican books of CDF when we found out. They Rattzinger and CDF sat on it and did nothing. Eventually it was aired on the prime time (RTE). Nothing shocked me when people heard it on that TV..

    Finally here a video within an article
    (one thing that struck me was ex pope benedict eyes) - evil ?

    At end of the day he inst perfect like ourselves. Thats why i stopped listening to pope/ vatican and bishops/cardinals as their treachery knows no bounds. Trust God & not the pope or cardinals or bishops as that's it.
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    I see nothing wrong with the above statement of Pope Benedict. Heaven is not in the cosmos. Heaven is beyond time it's in another demenion altogether. People are going to tie themselves in nots with all this. Keep saying the rosary stay close to the Blessed Mother, you can waste a lot of time on this stuff.
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    Yes, this is the truth.
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    I guess if we want to take action we can always say a few prayers, for Pope Benedict and for guidance.
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    Perhaps you will understand why people tie themselves in knots over this if you read this article and watch the embedded video:watch the video:

    There is nothing wrong with what Pope Benedict said, as there was nothing wrong with what Pope John Paul said. The knot tying is caused by those who believe that in theology 2+2=5 and, depending on their audience, present it as either development in doctrine or as a new faith.
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    It is not his description of Heaven that is the issue in that quote. The issue is that by the words he is using, he is denying the ascension of Jesus into heaven. He reduces it to a mere metaphorical statement in the Bible, whereas we believe that Jesus did bodily ascend into heaven. Where or what that heaven is, is irrelevant to his quote. He claims the ascension means - "continuing closeness that the disciples experience so strongly that it becomes a source of lasting joy”. But would this closeness not be the advocate, the holy spirit, whom God sends in Jesus's name?

    I am not sure if I am wrong on this or if I should even be attempting to answer it. If I say anything wrong, correct me. But I thought that while God the Father is pure spirit, he also has a form. A form in the sense that it is not a physical form but a spirit form. Of course God is not bound by space or time, but my understanding was that he can also occupy space and time. He is beyond it, while at the same time in it. And that while he is beyond it, he can also reveal himself in a specific space or time of his choosing. I mean in the sense that if he so chooses, he can reveal himself in one particular location. And he can also choose to manifest himself to our physical eyes if he chooses. So could he not manifest himself in spirit form that is shaped like a body and therefore actually have a right arm, though it may not have a physical nature like the body of Jesus but a spirit nature like a ghost, for lack of a better word, and that the beatific vision we might actually see God the Father in some sort of form with our Physical eyes or possibly even via an interior vision in which he reveals his own unique person of the trinity to us.

    Pope Benedict XII - 1334 - "these souls have seen and see the divine essense with an intuitive vision and even face to face, without the mediation of any creature by way of object of vision; rather the divine essence immediately manifests itself to them, plainly, clearly and openly, and in this vision they enjoy the divine essence ."
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    I remember years back a Soviet astronaut reportedly said that he had gone up to the skies and “hadn’t found God”.

    This was a silly, childish statement

    No one has ever claimed that God or heaven or even purgatory or hell are in a physical location.

    They are all in different dimensions or spiritual locations if you like.

    Thus Our Lord’s somewhat cryptic remark

  8. Immaculata

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    It is not his description of Heaven that is the issue in that quote. The issue is that by the words he is using, he is denying the ascension of Jesus into heaven. Honestly, I would give him the benefit of the doubt on these words, but given the fact that he seems to have the same respect for false religions like Pope Francis which is leading the church into a false one world church, I am inclined to think that his respect for false religions stems from a denial of Catholic truth somewhere along the line.

    I think the article I was referring to is too long to copy and paste so I will copy and paste some of it.
    Here is more from the article I linked -

    "Dealing with the Ascension of Our Lord to Heaven he writes: “‘Ascension’ does not mean departure into a remote region of the cosmos but, rather, the continuing closeness that the disciples experience so strongly that it becomes a source of lasting joy” (p. 281).

    So, Benedict XVI denies that Christ ascended to Heaven, a physical place where He dwells with His resurrected body in the company of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also present there body and soul. He clearly affirms that “Ascension does not mean departure to a remote region of the cosmos.” Reading on, he further enlightens his reader.
    On the next page, interpreting the cloud on which Our Lord stood as he rose to Heaven, Benedict affirms that such cloud never existed. He casts doubt on all biblical descriptions of this type. He also reinforces his first denial of Heaven as a physical place when he states:

    “This reference to the cloud is unambiguously theological language. It presents Jesus’ departure, not as a journey to the stars, but as his entry into the mystery of God. It evokes an entirely different order of magnitude, a different dimension of being” (p. 282).

    His conclusion also is defective. We just mentioned that God the Father chose many places to be preferentially present in the Old Testament. In the New Testament He was present in the cloud from which He spoke during the Baptism of Our Lord, and also in a cloud as He communicated with the Apostles in the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor. Therefore, nothing prevents God the Father from having a throne in a physical Heaven where He is seated, and to have Our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, at His right hand.

    Benedict XVI continues to make the same denial in other places in his book:
    • “The departing Jesus does not make his way to some distant star” (p 283);

    • “Christ, at the Father’s right hand, is not away from us. At the most we are far from him, but the path that joins us to one another is open. And this path is not a matter of space travel of a cosmic-geographic nature …” (p. 286).

    • “And when Jesus was taken from their sight by the cloud, this does not mean that he was transported to another cosmic location …” (p. 287).
    These repetitions add nothing new to the denial we analyzed above; they only reinforce it.

    I could unfold the consequences of these denials of the Ascension and of Heaven to other fundamental dogmas of our Creed. For example, these questions naturally rise:
    • Since Benedict XVI denies the Ascension, does he not also deny the Assumption of Our Lady to Heaven?

    • Since he denies Heaven, does he not also deny Hell and Purgatory?

    • If these three Last Things are denied, does he not also deny the Final Judgment?

    • And what about the personal judgment after one’s death? Is it not also necessarily denied?
    I will not answer these questions now because the goal of this article is to prove one single point: Benedict XVI clearly and indisputably denied that Our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father. This dogma of Faith uninterruptedly confessed for 2,000 years is now denied by a Pope.

    I believe that the least we can say is that our present Pope does not profess the full integrity of the Catholic Faith. This evidence should give food for thought to anyone who still has a drop of Catholic sense in his soul. " - End of Article
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  10. Byron

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    Also, Catholics are not Mormons who believe their heaven is an actual star or planet. Our religion is beyond science. I believe this is what Benedict meant.
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    It is not his description of heaven that was the problem. It was that his words suggest he denies the ascension of Jesus Christ.
  12. Byron

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    Forgive me, but I just don’t see that.
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    This is where it gets interesting cos i suspect Ratzinger was a liberal before he changed to Conservative.

    Also he listened to v bad & power hungry cardinal Sodano re Marciel and also bribe of money coming from Marciel as well. Also some abuse cases that we dont know which might have been stopped by Sodano or some other nameless cardinal cos it includes Mc Aleese brother in same school that i was in but some 10-13 years older than me. In our school case, file went to CDF and copied etc. His cdf office was aware of it. Could understand Mc Aleese anger in paper last year or so re Sodano. Cos i had seen papers from bishop of Dublin cos we raised the matter if the case in question was reported or not to see if they were aware or not. Now we know it was.

    Anyway now back to Ratzinger, he was a liberal theoligan but what changed his to purely Conservative view.? Something i dont get it nor understands it. He rose very quickly in 1977 then within same year later a cardinal. That was quite unusual and very rapid rise to the rank of cardinal. What gives? Change of mind or he got favorable look ins or got good mentions??

    Also met Fr Roux back then in Rome who used to work in the vatican for long time. I found him v v holy priest far more than Ratzinger. He told me he left Vatican for some reason that he wouldnt elaborate but he needed permission from PPaulXI to leave. His views was v ancient which i never understood that time. His ancient dress and conservative views never changed an iota until he died.
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    Sometimes God works in souls.
    I meant to say that God converts souls, and that is why we can’t judge.
    And besides which, there have never been any perfect popes.
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    I'd be inclined to wait until I had read the book rather than excerpts from it before claiming to know exactly what Pope Benedict meant. I'm sure that if what he said was heretical someone other than whoever owns that website would have spotted it and made a big deal out of it. I think there was some noise about what Pope John Paul said in 1999 - claims that the Catholic Church was changing its teaching on Heaven or Hell (I can't remember which).

    From the excerpts in the article, I don't think that Pope Benedic is denying the Ascension. He is saying that Heaven isn't a spot in the cosmos yet to be discovered by NASA or some other Space Agency. Whether or not Jesus ascended on an actual cloud until he was out of the disciples' vision doesn't really matter to me because a cloud is moisture in earth's atmosphere. Science wouldn't be my strong suit, but I don't think the cloud would have carried Jesus very far above the earth. Since Heaven existed before God created the universe, it has to be something beyond human comprehension. We can't apply our definition of "place" to something not subject to the laws of physics. Here's what Pope John Paul said:

    In the context of Revelation, we know that the “heaven” or “happiness” in which we will find ourselves is neither an abstraction nor a physical place in the clouds, but a living, personal relationship with the Holy Trinity. It is our meeting with the Father which takes place in the risen Christ through the communion of the Holy Spirit.
    It is always necessary to maintain a certain restraint in describing these “ultimate realities” since their depiction is always unsatisfactory. Today, personalist language is better suited to describing the state of happiness and peace we will enjoy in our definitive communion with God.

    I don't know enough about it to correct you. I'm just giving my own take on it which carries no more weight than yours. That's why I linked to the Vatican's account of what Pope John Paul said in 1999.

    God can certainly occupy time and space without being confined to it. We don't know what a spirit form looks like. Why would anyone in Heaven be restricted to our definition of "appearance"? Angels are spirits and we know that they have appeared looking like humans, but why would God the Father need to do that in Heaven where the saints in union with him are glorified and are no longer restricted by fallen nature? I don't see any contradiction between what Pope Benedict X11 said in the document you linked and what was said by Popes John Paul and Benedict XV1. Benedict X11 was talking about souls in Heaven before the reunification of soul and body at the general judgement. Souls are spirits. They don't need physical eyes to see and God the Father doesn't need a physical face to reveal himself to them.
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  16. Immaculata

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    I agree, that's why I asked if he had ever recanted of his statements. There are all sorts of accusations of heresy about Pope Benedict on different sites like this -

    I think if anyone monitored every word any of us say, they could possibly pick and choose statements to portray us as heretics so I try to give the benefit of the doubt to the likes of Pope Benedict etc. , but when we see photographic proof of them taking part in false worship with false religions like Pope benedict has done with the Muslims, that is much harder to ignore.

    I myself, while completely ignorant of the Catholic faith and the Bible ,attended different events of false religions before I came back to the church so I understand how people can make mistakes but I think my intention was always seeking the truth. When God brought me back, I thought he made it pretty clear to me to have zero to do with false religions and that is why when I see someone giving credence to false religions that I assume that they do not know God or they have somehow decided to abandon God and maybe that is why I believe that articles take on Pope Benedict's words. Hopefully the article is wrong, and hopefully somehow Pope Benedict no longer gives credence to false religions and hopefully he states so publicly for the sake of those being led astray by Pope Francis actions with abu dhabi declaration, pachamama, etc.

    Anyway, the only thing I know is that I don't think any of this has anything to do with me. It is way above my level, so maybe I should not have said anything. I think I will try to spend this year ignoring all the news about the church. Instead I will just focus on my own sins and try to eradicate them in the hope that I somehow make it to heaven.
    As part of me trying to spend less time on media and more time focusing on my own sins, I will most likely not be on this forum much.

    Please pray for me and most especially ask God to make it clear to me what direction he wants me to go in life. My biggest fear is that I get to the end of my life and God will ask me why I did not go in a certain direction or do a certain thing. There were times that I thought he might of wanted me to enter religious life, but I can never do that unless he specifically asks me to, because I just don't trust my own decisions. If I enter religious life or end up getting married, I want it to be on Gods will and not mine. So please ask God to have mercy on me.
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    I will certainly pray for you, immaculata.
    I think we also need to be aware that ecumenism was a part of the times. Things will not go backward, unfortunately. Sometimes we don’t have control. I think back to the Episcopal Church. (Anglican)
    I went there to services and Sunday school for several years until I converted to Catholicism when I was 15. The Anglican prayer book has been changed, the heresy is rampant. It’s everywhere. At least we still have the Mass in the Catholic Church.
    Maybe you can pray a novena to help you discern God’s will for your vocation. Is there a church near you that has a weekly novena prayer? I’m thinking of something like the Miraculous Medal Novena or the Perpetual Help Novena.
    You are a good Catholic.
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    If that's Mary McAleese's brother you refer to, I'm pretty sure he wasn't sexually abused. His only claim was that he was physically abused by a religious who had sexually abused others.
    It's not quite the same thing and has always seemed like piggy backing to me. If he claims other abuse I am not aware of it.
  19. DesertStar7

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    He's 92 now. Why would they bother de-throning him?
  20. Dolours

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    Prayers to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady for you. I never had a devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux but lately I'm feeling drawn to adopting her as my go-to saint so I asked her intercession for you.

    There are some nice prayers to St. Therese on this website:
    Here's a little prayer to St. Therese that we all learned in childhood: "Little Flower, show thy power, all for the love of Jesus".

    Maybe a spiritual director would help you discern whether you are called to religious life or marriage. God bless you.
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