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  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Also about Christina Gallagher again the very gravest doubts.

    I dislike 'visionaries' having public tussles with Church authorities. Of course even great saints like Padre Pio had their run ins with Church authorites but generally they didn't tussle back.

    I don't claim to be an authority on such matters, just an ordinary Catholic ventruing my own opinion, I well know I have made mistakes myself in the past in discernment But generally you give there phenomena enough time and it becomes clearer and clearer where they are sourced, in the mind, in heaven or from hell.

    I would say the bottom line for me would be, is the person in question exhibiting humility or pride. i would say at the end of the day all that is sourced in pride is false. Humility on the other hand leads to obedience.
  2. padraig

    padraig New Member


    One thing I think about folks who follow Mary and who's spirituality is distinctively Marian in hue is that in all that they are, in all that they write in that they say and so consciously or unconsciously they begin to resemble the bledd Mother of God herself.

    For me great distinctive characteristics of Mary is firstly that she was and is very much a 'back seat' lady. She always takes the back seat and lowest place at the table. If you were to go to a party you might never know she was there. For instance at the wedding feast of Cana I doubt very, very much any of the guests knew who it was turned in all the beautiful wine that made things go with such a swing....


    To encounter Mary in the scripture is a great lesson on the workings of scripture is to encounter humilty itself, when, for instance the angel Gabriel told Mary she was to be the Mother of Jesus she nearly fell of the chair and Gbnriel had to hasten to reassure her not to be afraid:

    Luke 1:29-30

    29 Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. 30 But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.


    So this utter humilty and taking the back seatedness of Mary makes her difficult for big people to see; only very little children who walk through the forest can see the little Forget-me-not so much a flower of Mary in its coulour and size ....


    Big people ignore or even stamp on the little but little children, the littlest of Children can spot the Forget me not because they are so small and near the ground and so they notice this little flower and learn to love her.

    .....and the great path to seeing this flower..this littlest of flowers is through prayer and being close to the ground.

    I think we notice this so well at apparition sites. For instance the three children of Fatima. When Mary appeared only the two girls saw her the lttle boy did not. Our Lady told the girls that he should pray the rosary and he would see her, he prayed and he did....he became little enough to see the back seat lady..the little forget me not....

    Matthew 18:3
    And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.


    I saw the most beautiful video lately which I must see if I can find again...

    It was of a very old lady who was present at the Great Miracle of Fatima ,when the sun danced ; but she mentioned one thing I never knew before. At his last apparition of Mary all that huge crowd of people did not see Mary, BUT THE LITTLE CHILDREN DID.
    The old lady said she saw the small ones pointing to the sky and shouting out that they saw Mary coming down form heaven ..and so they alone saw the Royal Forget-me-not.


    It seems to me then that this quality, this totally God centred quality of the For get me not is the accent we must see in puroprted visionaries and in their messages.

    The devil and personal pride cannot fake this, for the aroma, the spiritual aroma of the very little Forget me not is unmistakable

  3. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Welcome Calguy! We hope you enjoy being here, and look forward to hearing from you.
    We have a long-standing relationship with Maria's messages here, we have been following them off and on since their inception. Many of us here have read ALL of them, and some of us still try to find good in them though we are very concerned over many things that have been written. There are a lot of problems. However, I agree with you about the prayers. The recent prayers seem fine, nothing I can see there that is a problem. We all can choose to say prayers like them or compose our own. Those new to prayer often do better with reciting what others have written..."Use someone else's words until your own words begin to flow" (Matthew Kelly) He recommended using the Psalms - excellent advice. It's all there.

    This forum believes very much in the reality of the warning, that has never been the question. The question is whether she is actually being guided by those whom she believes (or claims) to be guided by. It is a matter of discernment, and for that yes, there are "rules" and many here are quite educated and experienced in discernment.

    Something that many people forget is how cunning and deceptive the evil one and his minions are, what lengths they will go to to "win". Also, something else I remind myself of often when reading locusions or messages from various people...the best lie is one that is so close to the truth as to go unnoticed. The best way to lie is to use as much truth as possible in your deception. If you ever study exorcisms, or read real commentary from exorcists, you will see how amazing this deception is. Like God, Satan is not human, and we cannot wrap our logic around his actions in any way. He can be present in the most Holy of places, and can torment the most saintly of men. So we must always be on guard. Here on this forum, we try to do that, while keeping an air of peace and friendliness. We do not condemn anyone for their opinions. There are a few false messengers that the moderators feel strongly about and discourage continued discussion of them here, but what I love about this forum is that we try to welcome everyone as long as they are willing to stay frendly and objective. As you see, Maria was a member of this forum. She never did or said anything to cause her to be removed. We pray for her, and are concerned for her spiritual welfare. As you read backward through this thread you will see areas where we were greatly alarmed as to the content of some of her messages though, and opened them up here for discussion and discernment.

    Hi RB2,
    I agree with you about Maria's statement. Many people feel that if you are too far from the church that you would be a prime target for Satanic "guidance" in the guise of the Almighty. I don't know, but it is a vague statement. We do not know if she had ever dabbled in the occult, or even in simple things such as Taroh or mediums. We just do not know. So there are more questions.

    Norman Holland is a member of this forum. He doesn't post much nowadays as he has had some intense computer problems and perhaps other problems of late...Padraig has helped him communicate by posting some recent commentaries of his that have been received by PM. He is welcome to open up to us here because he has not demanded or imposed his views on anyone in such a way as to say we must believe him, so his locusions are open for discernment. Some folks here beleive he is authentic, some may not. He may believe in other visionaries, and talk about them here, as we all may. It is interesting the things you bring up about Vissula Ryden. She is someone I have not really checked out at all. Sounds like perhaps she is one I do not need to check out either. There are so many "messengers", it is mind-boggling! The scientist in me sometimes drives me crazy wanting to read them all and try to figure out what is what...??? Makes my head spin sometimes! :shock:
  4. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    Padraig- what a lovely reflection on Our Lady... I think that it deserves its own thread! We should not leave it buried in this one.
  5. brokenchord

    brokenchord New Member

    Happy new year everyone!

    When we discern the authenticity of private revelations, it is important to consider all angles. Every prophet, true or false, promotes prayer and pious practices. So that alone should not be the deciding factor in our discernment. We have to ask other questions... case in point here:

    1. Spiritual director - I would think twice about believing in a seer who has been receiving messages without the guidance of a priest for more than a year now.

    2. Doctrinal content - I would think twice about believing messages with doctrinal errors - most glaringly here is the claim of the 1000 year reign (millenarianism), a view already condemned by the Church. Another claim is that the next Pope will be evil.

    3. The seer's state - I would think twice about an anonymous prophet since I can't evaluate the person's state of spirituality

    4. Prophecies - I would think twice about revelations with unfulfilled messages again and again... think about the prophecies for summer 2011, which never happened... and the '3 assassinations supposedly happening within a month'... well, Gadaffi died 2 months ago. You might also like to know that the seer earlier suggested in a pamphlet that the warning would happen in 2011 and she retracted later. That too is suspect... as if God is not so sure.

    5. Fruits - I would think twice if messages consistently make me fearful and anxious, instead of peace and joy.

    6. Harmony - I am referring to harmony in messages between different visionaries. If this prophet and her messages are SO URGENT & IMPORTANT, why is it not make known by God to other seers, such as the visionaries of Medjugorje?

    Remember, you don't have to believe a single private revelation. There is no sin in that and if a seer demands absolute belief... that's another red flag.

    My approach this year? Pray always and live in holiness in the present moment... read the Scriptures more and less of internet prophets.

    God bless!
  6. brokenchord

    brokenchord New Member

    If you think that just because a visionary promotes prayer, penance and pious practices is authentic, read the true story of Magdalena of the Cross here:

    Or here:
  7. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I have been thinking more and more lately about how gentle a touch Our LAdy really has. She is truly the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. To her could be referred the passege that touches on Jesus:

    Isaiah 42:3
    A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice;


    Our Lady calls each of us to an inner journey or pilgrimage and this journey is one of inner conversion through repentance, penance and paryer...and this journey has promise at the end of it, the same prmise Jesus gave:

    Matthew 6:33
    But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

    Now God's way of doing things..Our Lady's way of doing things is certainly not the way I might have chosen; nor I suspect the way many others would have trodden. But the fact it is another way, the way shown by scripture is the most certain proof for me that it is the right one.

    The trouble with many messages is that another way is being mapped out, one that puts the horse very much before the horse, not a path of gentleness and conversion but one of power and great shakings. They are about really God grabbing us by the scruff of the neck and giving us a shaking.

    The horse, the working of the Spirit must never come after the cart.
  8. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Well said Padraig for our Lady is a contemplative 'Mary treasured the words and pondered them in her heart'. With our Lady there is always the joy of discovery as she has a mother's heart. She leads us as children of God to God's heart.

    In Medjugorje, her teachings have become progressively more mature, as we grow with her in spiritual maturity. I think the messages of Medjugorje will be read, analysed, lived by future generations - they teach us how to love God; a handbook of the spiritual life - instructions; teachings on how to love God as Mary does.
  9. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    I read through that story of the Franciscan! That is something. And very disheartening. What it shows in action is the deception of Satan and how close to godliness he can appear to be, and how he can decieve even multitudes. How a person under his power can even become a religous leader!

    Something that I really liked at the end of the article was this:
    "Mystics and visionaries should always be guided by a priest spiritual director, and it should always be the priest who directs the mystic, and NOT the mystic who directs the priest. A priest spiritual director represents Christ and His authority within the Church, and therefore mystical and supernatural graces should be subjected to this authority to help discern their authenticity."

    Something I did NOT like about this article though, was that it gave the names of the demons who possessed her, and in fact, it repeated their names over and over and over again. This really made me uncomfortable. I always thought that was a no-no. That we should not say the names or repeat the names of demons like that. It is important for a demon to give an Exorcist his name, and the Priest uses it to cast him out, but he does not tell the name in his accounts of the exorcism to others, or so I thought.
  10. brokenchord

    brokenchord New Member

    Momscalling, you have a point about the demon names... I have given feedback to the writer about this:

    Interestingly, there's another article in the same website about the arrest of a modern day false prophet called Mama Ebe who operated in Italy, started a religious order and owned many religious houses:

    These should be a warning to those who recklessly and gullibly believe any mystic who receives divine messages.
  11. MaureenMary

    MaureenMary New Member

    Can't find my gauntlet!!!!!!!! :shock:
  12. MaureenMary

    MaureenMary New Member

    I can't afford to hoard food supplies - if I started stashin food my kids would think I was greedy. Telling them a woman on the net told me Jesus said I had to just wouldn't wash I'm afraid.
  13. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    In the light of the way the world is today and all this talk over the last few years, I just always have extra food around now. Not perhaps the complete list of goods all balanced to last for several months or anything, but I just keep my cupboards filled, especially with things that keep. I always have 6-8 cans of tuna in there and some other canned meats, I always have a cupboard full of vegetables, always have lots of pasta in my pasta jars and some rice and dry beans, 2-3 boxes of butter in the freezer, some extra bread and cheese also in the freezer, lots of cooking oil, baking mix, flour, sugar, boxed foods, and of course a fair amount of other foods and meats in the freezer, in the hopes that we will not lose electricity for too long (otherwise I will have a lot to share with others). Also I have lots of blessed candles and also a small store of batteries. (Oh, and camping supplies, fishing poles, etc.) All these things you can use normally and rotate in new when you use them. See, I just have more always now than I did before. When I use a can, I buy another can. That's all. I got this way simply - when I used a can, I bought 2 cans to replace it, and little by little I filled my spaces. Without even looking like I am hoarding we probably have enough food in the house now to survive for 2-3 months or more, if we were to ration it. And we are fat enough that we can prabably do fine for another month by fasting...LOL

    Also I have a few books on natural eating and herbs...foraging and all that. How to find and prepare stuff that is already in your yard! Been kindof doing this little by little over time, sometimes unconsiously almost. But now that I look around, I see I've done it. And nobody is really the wiser. Nothing really looks different, even to my husband who I don't think realizes just how much food we really have in the house all the time. Its amazing what you can live on too if you need to skimp. We all probably eat 3-4 times as much as we actually need to many days, so if you have only a week's worth of food in the cupboards, it probably could last you almost a month if necessary. Looking at it that way, its not that hard to "hoard" a few month's worth of provisions unnoticed. Just make sure you have a little of everything so you don't have to eat macaroni noodles for 3 weeks straight! LOL :wink:

    Oh, my brother, who doesn't buy into all this (but lives close to Mexico so he also sees the need to be "prepared" for something or another) directed me to this site. This is a great thing to have in the corner of your pantry...perhaps your other foods can hold out long enough for you to be able to grow your own supply from this can. Its not a bad idea!
    A good place to start - these "heirloom" seeds are GMO free and will last at least 4 years and come in small and large kits for various climates:

    Here's a more general site for additional information and links:

    Happy Hoarding!!! :lol:
  14. MaureenMary

    MaureenMary New Member

    "Jesus I trust in You"
  15. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    I think we should in fact be prepared for our future but I think there are better ways, maybe better ways to think about the preparation. Fear will always lead us to crisis and away from God.
    We can probably simplify into 4 catagories:
    Real food: nutritionally dense foods. Canned/tinned foods can result in a lot of sodium,expiration dates too, probably not so healthy for us and certainly costly but do-able. Maybe think along simpler lines like rice and beans, powdered milk, sprouts, seeds etc. Life sustaining foods. Of course access to water.

    Real needs: tooth paste, deodorant, famine hygiene, simple first aid, diapers and tp

    Real energy: gas/petrol, heat for cooking, heat for warmth, solar? wind?...that sort of thing

    Real money: silver/gold/platinum/ (in hand) If the grid goes out, the banks will close their doors, if your money is only accessible by atm, it's not going to happen.

    I'm finding for myself, the wisest way to prepare is to talk with the Lord and see what "lights" he gives me, see where he leads you.

    As you say MaureenMary "Jesus I trust in YOU".
  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    1 John 4:18
    There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

    No one who trusts in God's mercy will ever be confounded.
  17. jose

    jose Angels

    From the last message:

    "For those of you quick to condemn my messengers be very careful."

    Again and again too much worries about people who criticize these messages. The last ones (since about a month) keep saying that everything is about to happen. I wonder how long could this seer keep these expectations. I thing her followers will soon realize that nothing happened and will be very very disappointed. That is the real danger in this game because, I guess, many will turn their backs on religion or spiritual life after felling deceived.

    For me less and less credible....

    Regarding the preparing food for this event this is against what Jesus told us 2000 years ago.. that we should not be worried about what we are going to eat or to dress..... I do not think Jesus is telling us today the opposite....
  18. Rain

    Rain Powers

    Remember Maria Divine Mercy's announcement after Quadaffi's death--how he was the first of the three world leaders she predicted would all die within a month of each other? If that doesn't dissuade people from following her, I'm afraid nothing will.

    She posted this on the Mother of God forum:

    How long is "a few" months? I'd say it's well beyond a few months since she wrote that, yet the warning hasn't taken place. It's beyond me how people can gloss over such details without any concern whatsoever.

    Some people do have concerns and questions, but if Maria has any power over them she quickly squashes them. Anyone on the associated Facebook page who questions her theology or failed predictions is instantly banned.
  19. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Hi Jose,
    EXACTLY! A big win for old Stan if this occurs, huh? This worries me too.

    That warning you copied on your post is a warning to priests, specifically. To Jesus' "Sacred Servants".

    The last messages have been increasingly unsettling. In the one before this God has named Maria his final prophet that will herald in Jesus' second-coming.

    "You, My daughter, are the final messenger sent to herald the arrival of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ for His much anticipated Second Coming."
    "You will move forward as the chosen instrument to impart My Most Holy word to the world."
    "The holy path of your work, you the final messenger sent to earth to help save humanity from the final grip of Satan, has been foretold in the scriptures."

    Ooh, this actually gave me chills. Then God rambles on talking about the other visionaries in the world and how he will continue to talk to them too, but that Maria's duty is harder than theirs and is the most important one for his second coming! I am very concerned for her soul.

    Also, she has just put out a plea that everyone remove any links to the radio broadcast she made several months ago. What in the world is up with that? I actually liked the broadcast and thought she was quite convincing. But I think she mentioned the three world leaders being killed in it, and other things too. My guess is that things on the broadcast did not happen...and if she is being directed by an evil one, perhaps she has been reprimanded for doing this interview as she has been reprimanded for supposedly interepreting the messages incorrectly, and for posting on our forum. Remember she said she was forbidden from continuing to post here.

    We need to pray for her and for the thousands who are following her. I cannot post on the Facebook page anymore after they abruptly banned me, but I can still read the posts that are there. They do not question, they do not even consider the oddness of her behavior. If someone does, they are gone in a heartbeat. The ones left don't realize that they are silenced. To them, they just "stop posting".

    Rain, as for the assasination thing, even if we throw that post of hers out that she made here, the "real" message since Quadaffi's death that was made is also getting old now. The October 20 message says that his death is the fulfillment of prophecy...yet the other two are needed to actually fulfill it completely.
    " The death of My son Muammar Gaddafi whose soul that you and those close to you have been praying for over the last number of months is one of the first prophecies which will prove to the world the authenticity of these messages. This is My sign to you My daughter to rid your mind of the doubts which have been lingering in your mind. (details of the next two leaders to be assassinated were given to the visionary once again and the timing of these atrocities. The original message was revealed in February 2011)"

    If she knows the timing, why does she repeatedly get it wrong? Then tries to cover her mistake up? That's a big red flag right there. Here she goes out of her way to tell us once again that she has been given additional information on the timing of the next two deaths, yet she does not share that part of the message with us. :?:
  20. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Ok, this is odd, the message where she asked everyone to remove the radio broadcast link is not there anymore. Neither is another message where she says how she does not wish to take any credit for these messages. It was there just a little while ago, but now they are both gone. Hmmm. Guess she screwed up again and was told to remove her own words.

    Oh, Jose, the preparations for disaster that I talk about here, for me at least, are not to prepare for the warning or any Godly manifestation like that necessarily, but to prepare for disasters of a physical kind. Things perhaps caused by man or by a physical natural disaster. I agree that God will protect and provide for those who follow him, but when a flood occurs, or an earthquake, or worse, or if the bottom falls out of the stock market and people panic, then we need to be ready to make some abrupt changes and perhaps to be in a position to hunker down at home for a while, or to help others in need. The Boy Scout Motto, "Be Prepared" is just a good practice. God helps those who help themselves (as He seems to be reminding me in my personal life a lot lately) is where I am going with this. Just to be ready, so that you need not panic. If the river near our house is suddenly flowing down our street and we cannot drive into town (we live on the top of a hill so we would become an island), we will be ok for a while until the situation gets better or help arrives. One thing I still want to get is a canoe... :lol: We like to canoe anyway so have been talking about getting one, but it wouldn't be a bad idea considering where we live. So far flooding has never reached our subdivision, but easily could if something unusual happens. I am thankful we are on a high hill. Our house and our next door neighbor may become a place that those in the lower houses have to flee to. See below the view off our front porch to the road below? Just across the field in the distance, less than half a mile away, is a river that is connected to the Mississippi...someday we could need that canoe! :wink:

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