The Vatican Has Fallen

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    He did foresee the 'papacy of Pope Benedict', in that he allowed for the possibility of 'a last-minute miracle'.

    Father Martin might not have been perfect, indeed it is a certainty that no mere man is, but this only makes his struggle for Truth all the more impressive.

    Perhaps it is an irony of the devil that he has currently tempted a priest with the same surname into forming his vanguard.

    As for the truth of these stories, remember the old saying, "there's no smoke (of satan) without fire".
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    We must remember the context of the times. Cardinal Bea was very friendly with the Jews and it was hard to criticise anyone so shortly after the Holocaust for reaching out a hand of friendship to them. This seemed a noble enterprise and was, if it involved no doctrinal compromises. Additionally, there are many who abandon a liberal stance when it inevitably progresses beyond a rubicon they are unprepared to cross. Liberalism can start off seeming quite harmless, but as progressivism can never stop progressing, it always tends towards the radical extreme and has been accelerating rapidly since the early sixties, which were still a time of relative 'innocence'.
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    I believe he was parachuted into the Ukraine to consecrate priests. As for Cardinal Bea. I believe he was the confessor to 2 or 3 popes and Fr Martin was his personal secretary. I never got an answer from Fr Fiore about Bea being a traitor or their relationship. Is you read Windswept House Cardinal Martini was the main leader of the force inside the vatican and the organizer of the enthronement ceremony. PF has stated what an inspiration Martini was for him. One last thing that the interview brought up. In the book Windswept House, the final chapters are all about the superforce trying to get PJP2 to resign and stick in their own guy to do just what PF is doing. I believe this was prophetic and it happened tp Benedict.
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    I am going to pray for you at my holy hour this morning Picadillo. God bless.
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    Indeed. I read this comment somewhere (I think they were referring to President Trump): ''Every sinner has a past and every saint has a future".
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    I think he was more than friendly with the Jews. I read that he was instructed by the Holy Office (Cardinal Ottaviani?) to back off from currying favour with the Jews (my words; the Holy office would never have used such an expression). Rabbi Hershel was his contact, and if memory serves me, I also read that the Rabbi took credit for some of the Vatican 11 changes. I think (but am not sure) that the Rabbi taught Kabbala at third level. Pope Francis is a big fan of Rabbi Hershel. The Rabbi seems to have been the source of at least one of those lines coming from the Pope or one of his inner circle which make little sense to anyone lacking the gnosis to understand it (or in other words, the "if we can't blind them with science we'll dazzle them with BS" approach). The "time is greater than space" line is the one stuck in my memory. Fr. Martin, being on Cardinal Bea's team, would have been involved in the Cardinal's communications with the Jewish reps.

    Didn't Fr. Martin say that Cardinal Bea told him that he had either overheard or been informed by one or some of the liberal faction that they had learned from Luther's mistake and would complete Luther's Reformation inside the Church? It seems to be to Cardinal Bea's credit that the revelation shocked him. That must have happened after he wrote Nostra Aetate. Or maybe it was beforehand and saved Nostra Aetate from completely overturning EENS. Who knows. Anyway, they have already faced their particular judgement and all we can do on this feast of the Holy Souls is pray that they have joined the Church Triumphant. Eternal rest grant unto them, Oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine on them.
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    Yes, I don't think it's a secret that many in the hierarchy wanted Pope John Paul to retire when he became ill. I'm sure that some faithful Cardinals also wanted him to retire. It must have been a very trying time for then Cardinal Ratzinger who must have borne the bulk of the burden of the papacy without having its authority.

    I'm sure that some of the spirit of Vatican 11 crowd had good intentions and thought they were doing a service to the Church. Cardinal Bea probably meant well. I didn't know that Cardinal Martini was a character in Windswept House. It's all very sad.
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    I would hope that the scene you describe in the first sentence of your second paragraph was the Rubicon where Cardinal Bea refused to cross.
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    There seems to be a strong perception abroad in elements of the Church that some special quality still applies to the Jews, apart from the obvious affection Our Lord retains for His own people. We in the Catholic Church are the New Israel, the descendents of Melchisedech (only mentioned in the Roman Canon, but curiously omitted in the remainder of our new, VII Eucharistic prayers). The Jewish priesthood had effectively become atheistic by the time of Our Lord's stay on Earth-the Sadducees denied the resurrection of the body and eternal life. Note that in the Gospels, Our Lord paid almost no attention to them, but did warn them of the imminent fate of their Temple. We know from the Talmud (cf E Michael Jones) that the Temple sacrifices lost their effect in the forty years prior to the Roman sack of Jerusalem, and the Reason why is obvious-the role of the Jewish priesthood was obliterated by the Supreme Sacrifice of Christ that has continued since in the celebration of the Mass. The pharisees, whose successors are now the rabbis, whom Christ did at least engage with, are not unlike Protestant preachers, but are in no way whatsoever the heirs of Melchisedech. The pharisees did not deny the resurrection of the body and believed in eternal life, so that Our Lord saw merit in debating them, but we should be just as stern and uncompromising as He was with them in our dealings with modern rabbis-many, like the pharisees, might have certain merit, but they are in error and completely devoid of Authority.

    We often hear the phrase that the political Left 'never allows a crisis to go to waste'. All the more this applies to the being who inspires them. The devil, first having induced the Holocaust, has exploited the understandable consequent guilt to persuade a lot of weak clerics to make errors in their dealings with the Jews. Ironically, this effect is now weakening as many other weak clerics become starry-eyed about Jew-hating Mohammedans.
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    Awesome post. I'd go further and say that the murder of jews in the 40s was satan's mockery of the crucifixion (the actual holocaust, traditionally); like that God saved us through the death of one Jewish man and satan is trying to destroy us through the death of millions of jewish people. I think of what happened in the camps as the blood sacrifice of modernism, if that makes sense.
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    The Holocaust was certainly satanic in origin. Hitler's hatred was nothing if not demonic.

    It was unquestionably a modernistic blood sacrifice, since dwarfed by modernism's slaughter of the innocent.

    The devil is ratcheting things up.
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    Decoding Vigano’s Messages with Liz Yore
    [​IMG] Brian McCall
    December 16, 2020

    Brian McCall and Liz Yore discuss several aspects of Archbishop Vigano’s analysis of the fraudulent McCarrick report that have not been covered by many people. They discover some subtle messages that go beyond the McCarrick report itself and conclude that the Archbishop is directing us to ask specific questions and exam troubling events. Topics include:

    • The risk that McCarrick is still prowling about victimizing the Church; and
    • The resignation of Benedict and election of Bergoglio may have been a coup by the deep state and deep church

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    From Ann Barnhardt:

    “This false prophet possibly at the behest of Antichrist usurps the papal supremacy…His assumed spiritual authority and supremacy over the Church would make him resemble the Bishop of Rome…He would be Pontifex Maximus, a title of the pagan Roman emperors, having supreme spiritual and temporal authority. Assuming authority without possessing it makes him the False Prophet. Does this allude to what our Lord said?

    Though he poses as a lamb, a Christian, his doctrines betray him, for he preaches the doctrines of the dragon. His principles and dogmas to be accepted, his moral and civil law will be of diabolical inspiration. It may be communism, or plain idolatrous paganism; it will comprise emperor-worship and devil-worship coupled with persecution of the true believers. They will know him at once as an imposter and will not be misled. He will be in league with the antichristian world-powers and adopt their principles of government and civil law.”

    —Rev. Herman Bernard Kramer, “The Book of Destiny” (Belleville, IL: Buechler Publishing Company, 1955), 319. (Commenting on the “Beast out of the Earth” in Revelation)

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    We seem to be in times like these.
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    We do, indeed.
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    As far as I am concerned PF ran out of train track a long time ago. We are now in dangerous and unchartered territory. Thank God for the likes of Liz Yore and especially Arb Vigano. I am also so thankful to the good Catholic and Christian truth seekers in USA. They are the only hope left to us.
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    Pope Francis never even tried to deny this filth , which went all over the world.

    Pope Francis thought legalising Sodomy and sexual perversion was A OK, contradicting Scripture and the 2,000 years Teaching of his own Church, knowing for a certainty that he ..and the Jesuit Order, now knows better.

    Pope Francis now has a huge range of personal opinions which are widely divergent from Scripture and Church teachings.

    Even Mark Mallett has been startled into some concern (still waiting for an out on a limb moment..sigh)

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    He always moves slowly. Like if he worshipped an idol right after being elected everyone would have been alerted. It is like the Overton window. It’s moved so far he can literally preach a false gospel and anyone who protests is a schismatic or a fundamentalist.

    Meh, I think conscience allowing people who are objectively in sin recieve communion has the end goal of letting Protestants recieve communion even if they don’t believe in the real presence.
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