The Vatican Has Fallen

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by padraig, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I happened to read a few entries in the Comments section of a secular political article and I was completely aghast! I am so accustomed to our commenting on this forum, or reading the comments elsewhere in spiritual links. I got a real education! This is truly a fallen world. Whew. Hatred, blasphemy, sacrilege.
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    Yes. It is appalling.
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    He hardly said this unless it was relevant. The Apostles might have presumed it was directed at them and that their evangelising abilities were being questioned. Now, from our perspective two long millenia later, it seems much more likely that He was directing His comment upon our own time; which might, or not, be a clue that we are approaching His time.
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    Like a thief in the night......
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    Remember Abp Fulton Sheen's prophecy about the AntiChrist?

    " In the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell to no one: he will not believe in God. Because his religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God, he will deceive even the elect. He will set up a counterchurch which will be the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ .."

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    Someone posted this video on the Fisheaters forum. It's a fascinating interview with a man who says that Fr. Malachi Martin was his best friend. They cover a lot of ground including the allegations made against Fr. Martin. One thing he said about Fr. Martin that I'm sure many of our clergy would like to have said of them by their friends: "He was his own man second and God's first."

    Having never read any of Fr. Martin's books, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read an extract from "Keys of this Blood" which someone posted there. It's too long for me to reproduce it here, but here's a link to the thread on that forum where you can read it for yourself:

    And here's the video (I hope Piccadillo sees it):
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    I was happily playing and winning an online Game of Poker yesterday when the door bell went. I abandoned the table and ran for the door hoping to get back before my Card Hand was dealt. The gentleman with the parcel was about 50 years old and demanded I show evidence I was under 18 ( I am 65 next Sunday).

    I asked him if I looked like I was under 18. He said it was company policy. I said to keep it or leave it as he wished and ran back inside to joyfully win the game.:):)

    It strikes me that so many people are like trains on tracks. They don't shift very much. They're used to being told what to do and they just do it without questions. Like that poor guy who asked a 65 year old man if he was under 18.

    It strikes me that if Pope Francis dressed up as a Satanic High Priest and sacrificed a black cockerel on the roof of the Vatican many people would just shrug their shoulders and think he must have some good reason, for after all he's the Pope.
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    I've read his book, 'Jesuits'-it is forensic and comprehensive. And so very true.

    I've also read his 'Windswept House'. It includes one of the most chilling, dreadful (in the proper original sense of the word) passages I have ever read, describing a sacriligious paedophilic act, which happens to be faction rather than fiction.

    I have his book on exorcism on my bookshelf, but can't summon the courage to read it.
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    I just finished listening to Dr Marshall and Dr Peter Mazza on A. Vigano's latest letter...they discuss his use of the word katachon and his reference to The Magic Circle. I think it should be heard by every Catholic.
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    Could you elaborate on the terms 'katachon' and 'The Magic Circle'? I'm afraid I haven't the patience to watch videos and prefer to read synopses.
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    Sure. A little busy right now but I will go to it later this afternoon.:)
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    Okay. Finally things have settled down. Here I go.
    Katachon means restrainer. They were tossing around the idea of the Pope (Benedict) and the true Magisterium as the Restrainer. According to A. Vigano.Now the Restrainer is removed. The Greek word implies not gone but set aside. I found that interesting. Dr Mazza had serious doubts about PF's legitimacy. Taylor won't go there but they do feel that Satan is unleashed. The Magic Circle is a reference to satanist prelates in the Vatican. (Just as Malachi Martin claimed) Archbishop Vigano is stepping carefully with language but Mazza believes those words are code for satanist prelates and their spells. They work them within a magic circle and summon demons. It was an intense discussion. They quoted Fulton Sheen on his description of the false Church being the Church of Man. Lots there to unpack. That gives you a brief overview.
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    Hi D. I will watch it. In his book Windswept House the opening scene is a satanic enthronement involving then Bishop Bernadin. This story is factual. I have a letter Agnes wrote as an adult basically stating that. I believe once President Trump is elected some of the ugly truths about the Vatican swamp will come out. I am at the point where I believe all the ugly rumors.
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    I only read ebooks now and I don't think any of his books are in kindle format. My eyes and brain can't handle a lot of text on paper. Windswept House is available online but I haven't read past the first few pages. This, from The Keys of this Blood is what made my eyes pop (remember it was published in 1990):

    With the slow leavening of the bishops everywhere by the “spirit of Vatican II,” with no countervailing stance adopted by papal Rome, it is inevitable that what we now can see clearly in a restricted number of cardinals will permeate a greater and greater number. There is very little doubt in anybody’s mind that cardinals such as Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, Basil Hume of Westminster, Godfried Danneels of Belgium, Paulo Evaristo Arns of S?o Paulo, Roger Etchegeray of France, are partisans of “the spirit of Vatican II.” There are, to be sure, cardinals alive today who, together with more cardinals yet to be created by Pope John Paul II, will elect the pope who succeeds him. All will come into the next Conclave from a Church structure in which they have functioned for at least twenty-five years and where they not only did not curb or combat or even correct the aberrancies of the “spirit of Vatican II,” but fomented it passively (by doing nothing) or actively (because they shared that same “spirit”). They will come from dioceses where the vast majority of bishops will know nothing and will want to know nothing that doesn’t cohere with the “spirit of Vatican II.” The parishes and dioceses behind them are already thoroughly leavened by that same “spirit.” Barring a last-minute miracle, their choice of papal candidate will be one of their number, whose papal policy will be to crown and confirm the official existence of the “spirit of Vatican II.” Such a cardinal validly elected as pope will have as a principle of action what Popes Paul VI and John Paul II apparently adopted as a temporary expedient: not to exercise the now outmoded Petrine privilege of office.
    Evidently, the faithful Bishops thought that the election of Pope Benedict would put a stop to the whole loaf being leavened. Unfortunately, it was too little and too late. Fr. Martin was right albeit he didn't foresee the curtailed papacy of Pope Benedict. I leaves me wondering what else he got right.

    Even 'though you don't like videos, I recommend that interview with Fr. Martin's friend. It eased some of the reservations I had about Fr. Martin.
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    You popped into my mind as I watched it. I think you will like it. I can't bring myself to read Windswept House. Not because I don't believe it is based on fact but I don't want to read the gory details. I have never watched the Passion of the Christ movie for the same reason. That's the coward in me.
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    Thank you for this AED, I am also afraid to watch intense videos. Frightening to even think about a 'magic circle' and satanist prelates, it's like something out of a horror movie.:eek:
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    Thank you for posting this. Very compelling.
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    I believe this too. As the vile secrets of the elite are revealed I expect many prelates will be exposed. I have felt for awhile that DJT is a winnowing fan in God's Hand. It would certainly explain the intense hatred and the frenzy out there.
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    Yes it is. They were fairly low key about it but their explanations were compelling. The Bride of Christ has been savaged.
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