The Vatican Has Fallen

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    TMC, my memory is rough at the edges; I thought you were from Chicago: Cardinal Blaise Cupich.

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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    I never heard this but would not be surprised at anything.
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  3. Let’s just say, if you ask me three times about Cupich and I answer you three times, I will be guilty of the most famous sin of Saint Peter. And there is actually a cock about a quarter of a mile east of me, that I frequently hear crowing. Let’s just leave it at that.
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    I'm dense, very dense, very, very dense!:D:LOL::ROFLMAO::coffee:
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    I didn’t catch it, either.:confused:
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    What themilitantcatholic would rather not admit is what I've been trying to have him acknowledge.:) I don't blame him. At least I like my bishop very much!:cool:

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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    The Bishops Bail Out Biden

    They silence those who condemn him.


    While Pope Francis felt no reservations about condemning Trump’s faith — he called him “not Christian” for supporting border walls — he and his like-minded bishops refuse to question Biden’s. Instead, the pope’s surrogates spend their time defending a vote for the Democratic Party, in spite of its openly anti-Catholic agenda. “It’s not a sin for Catholics to vote Democrat,” says Jesuit Father James Martin. Imagine Martin writing that it is not a sin to vote for a segregationist. It would never happen. But he has no problem running interference for a pol who supports late-term abortions.

    “No one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist,” said Pope Pius XI. Today, it is true that no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true Democrat. The party’s moral philosophy is at odds with Catholic teaching at the deepest possible level.

    But the bishops won’t let their priests make this obvious point. Last week the bishop of the Wisconsin Diocese of La Crosse, William Callahan, blasted one of his priests. Fr. James Altman, for saying that Catholics shouldn’t vote for a party that supports the killing of unborn children. Clearly egged on by his fellow Biden-backing bishops, Callahan admitted to feeling “pressured” to make the statement. The statement amounts to the usual Christianity-without-Christ can't:

    … the tone Fr. Altman offers comes off as angry and judgmental, lacking any charity and in a way that causes scandal both in the Church and in society. His generalization and condemnation of entire groups of people is completely inappropriate and not in keeping with our values or the life of virtue…. Canonical penalties are not far away if my attempts at fraternal correction do not work. I pray that Fr. Altman’s heart and eyes might be open to the error of his ways and that he might take steps to correct his behavior and heal the wound he has inflicted on the Body of Christ.

    Had the offending priest spoken of racism instead of abortion, such a rebuke would be inconceivable. (Look at all the slack the bishops give BLM-supporting priests.) And where is the “fraternal correction” of Joe Biden? He is on the verge of winning the most powerful position in the world, a position that he will use to persecute the Church for her moral teachings, and the bishops say nothing.

    Nor have they made a peep about the corrupt “Catholic” front groups supporting Biden. “Four Catholic-led groups working against President Donald Trump’s reelection,” reports the National Catholic Reporter.

    There is Catholics for Biden, which counts as one of its boosters, Catholic University professor Stephen Schneck, who, according to NCR, says outrageously of Trump: “ “This is not a pro-life president,” he said, adding that “I’m also here because there’s another life we must consider after these four harrowing years, and that’s the life of our nation.”

    There is the Network Lobby for Social Justice, which is headed up by a nun, Sister Simone Campbell. Have the bishops sought to silence her? Of course not. According to NCR, she is organizing “a virtual Nuns on the Bus tour from mid-September to mid-October with the theme ‘Who We Elect Matters.’ In August, Campbell offered the opening prayer on the final night of the Democratic National Convention. She also spoke at the launch of Catholics for Biden, telling attendees, ‘we Catholics have got to make sure we get it right this time,’ adding that Catholics must become ‘multi-issue voters’ and not focus singularly on abortion.”

    There is Catholic Democrats, which is campaigning for Biden in the Rust Belt, sending out propaganda that says, “He devoutly practices his Catholic faith in the quiet manner that was imbued in him by his Irish Catholic family and the sisters and priests who helped form who he is today.”

    And then there is Vote Common Good, which is working with the hideous Lincoln Project, says NCR, to turn Catholics against Trump.

    Meanwhile, figures working for the bishops at their national conference, such as Donna Grimes, talk up Kamala Harris. Grimes, who is associate director of (the Orwellian mouthful) African American affairs in the U.S. bishops’ Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church, has said that she is “elated” by Kamala Harris and says that she brings a lot to the “table.”

    So why do the bishops silence priests who criticize Biden and protect his defenders? The answer lies in their lack of faith. Deep down they agree with Biden. Like him, they also want to liberalize Church teaching. They don’t mind the coming attacks on the Church. After all, most of them find the Church’s teachings antiquated too. In the end, a secularized Church (which is what Biden’s persecution will aim to create) doesn’t really bother them. What bothers them are outspoken traditionalists who remind them of their shirked responsibilities. Only then do they throw their ecclesiastical weight around. Only then do they start murmuring about canon law. But for Joe Biden, who couldn’t be more blatantly in violation of it, they say nothing and deliberately give him sacrilegious communion.

    The bishops won’t even debate the matter. New York City cardinal Timothy Dolan says that “inflammatory issue is in the past,” and that pro-abortion pols receiving communion isn’t “something for which we have to go to the mat.”

    Jesus Christ drove the worldly out of the temple; the bishops seek to bring the most shamelessly worldly into it and give them communion. They are a portrait of cowardice, whose faithlessness made the rise of faithless pols like Biden possible.
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    It is sickening, disheartening and oppressive to the spirit. If it distresses faithful Catholics what must it do to the Sacred Heart? But the Judas spirit is part of the chastisement we have been undergoing. A very bitter and painful part of it. God has permitted it for His own purposes as a purification.
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    A friend I met years ago in Medjugorje went to high school w/ this atty in interview below. Perhaps many of you already have heard of her....apparently interviewed often on conservative programming including EWTN.....described as a devout Catholic. Liz Yore. My friend sent this interview with her on Steve Bannon show. Begin at around the 1:35:00 point:

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    A Cardinal no less has fallen in the Vatican. Cardinal Becciu has been fired. There appear to have been financial irregularities. Apparently, he was not close to Cardinal Pell. Time to get in the popcorn...
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    Viganò: Deep State has now teamed up with Deep Church to overthrow Trump, usher in New World Order
    The Deep State is now moving with Deep Church to transform the Catholic Church into the ‘spiritual arm’ of the New World Order, the Archbishop said.
    By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
    Corruptio optimi pessima.”: Saint Gregory the Great

    September 25, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Seeking to find any coherence of the recent action of the Society of Jesus with the original intentions of Saint Ignatius of Loyola is an arduous if not impossible task, to the point that in hindsight one considers the reconstitution of the Order in 1814 after its suppression by Clement XIV in 1773 to have been ill-advised. It is not surprising that, in the process of dissolution and self-demolition to which the entire ecclesial body is subjected, the contribution of the Jesuits has been – and still remains – decisive. It is no coincidence that since 2013 even the highest throne has been occupied by a Jesuit, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, even though this is in violation of the Ignatian Rule that forbids members of the Society of Jesus to take up positions in the hierarchy.

    In the international geopolitical context, the role of Italy may appear in some ways marginal, but in reality Italy is a testing-ground for the experiments of social engineering that the globalist agenda intends to extend to all governments over the span of the next ten years, both in the economic and political sphere as well as the religious one. It is therefore understandable why La Civiltà Cattolica and its omnipresent director Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J., have spent themselves in decomposed endorsements both of the Italian and global Left, including the Democratic Party in America and the Communist Party in China. On the other hand, the ideological closeness of the Society of Jesus to left-wing revolutionary movements dates back to the first symptoms of 1968, which Vatican II laid the ideological foundations for and which found their greatest expression in the theology of liberation, after having removed the condemnation of communism from the preparatory documents of the Council. It is significant that many of the protagonists of that unfortunate season in Latin America, after the indulgence and moderate sanctions imposed by the Holy See in recent decades, have been rehabilitated and promoted by an Argentine Jesuit.

    Seeing Prodi and Gentiloni [two former Italian Prime Ministers] together with Father Spadaro for the presentation of the essay “Nell’anima della Cina” [In the Soul of China] [here] should not surprise anyone: they are the expression of that deplorable “adult Catholicism” that ignores the necessary consistency of Catholics in politics desired by John Paul II and Benedict XVI, but that holds together the heterogeneous bestiary of progressivism in the name of Malthusian environmentalism, the indiscriminate welcome of immigrants, gender theory, and the religious indifferentism sanctioned by the Abu Dhabi Declaration. The Assisi Conference – Economy of Francesco – and the coming Encyclical Fratelli Tutti confirm the anthropocentric imprint and the green shift of the Bergoglian church, which instead of the courageous and “politically incorrect” proclamation of the Gospel to all the nations has preferred the easiest environmentalist and immigrationist claims of the globalist agenda, which are dramatically risky for our Western civilization. And President Trump has understood this all too well.

    Prodi and Gentiloni in Italy – and we would also add Premier Conte, given his origin and his education – have their counterparts on the American side in so-called Catholic personalities like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Andrew Cuomo: all of them proudly support abortion and gender indoctrination, and all of them are proudly in favor of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements that are setting entire American cities on fire. An equitable and honest analysis of the international sponsors of these parties, these “spontaneous” movements and Catholic progressivism reveals a disturbing common thread running through all of these so-called philanthropists who manipulate the political and economic fortunes of the planet with enormous funding. In recent days it has been reported in the news that the Jesuits in America have received grants of nearly two million dollars (over four years) from George Soros, and it seems that the same agreement between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist regime has been financed by large annual donations from Beijing to the Vatican coffers that are in a disastrous state. The fact that the Church fell prostrate before the lockdown, suspending liturgical celebrations and closing churches all over the world, has led to considerable collateral economic damage, for which Chinese donations and the lucrative business of welcoming immigrants represent an obvious compensation.

    The United States is witnessing the highest levels and centers of cultural influence of the American Catholic Church shamelessly siding in favor of the Democratic candidate and more generally in favor of the entire apparatus that has been consolidating in recent decades within the public administration. The Deep State, Trump’s sworn enemy, is joined by a Deep Church that spares no criticisms and accusations against the incumbent President while winking indecorously with Biden and BLM, slavishly following the narration imposed by the mainstream. It matters little that Trump is openly pro-life and defends the non-negotiable principles that the Democrats have renounced – the important thing is to transform the Catholic Church into the spiritual arm of the New World Order, so as to have an imprimatur from the highest moral authority in the world, something that was impossible with Benedict XVI.

    Secretary of State Pompeo did well to censure the renewal of the secret agreement signed between Bergoglio and Xi Jinping! His lucid denunciation brings to light the aberrant Vatican attitude, the betrayal of the mission of the Church, the abandonment of the Chinese Catholic community out of sinister political calculation and the way it is in accord with aligned thought. Nor is the piqued reaction of the Jesuits and Catholic progressivism surprising, beginning with Avvenire [the daily newspaper of the Italian Episcopal Conference]. If Bergoglio can affirm with impunity that “Trump is not Christian”, evoking the ghosts of Nazism and populism, why would the U.S. Secretary of State not have the right to express his opinion – with the more than legitimate objective of international security – about the connivance of the Holy See with the communist dictatorship that is more ferocious but also more powerful and influential than ever? Why does the Vatican, which is silent in the face of the Democratic party’s support for abortion and the violation of the most basic human rights in China, consider the Trump Administration to have no right to interfere in an agreement that has obvious repercussions in the international political balance? It causes just as much astonishment to see that the parrhesiain political confrontation that is called for in words is contradicted in fact by those who see their wicked plans brought to light. And it is unclear why an agreement presented as absolutely transparent and devoid of any obscure points has been kept secret and cannot be read even by the well-deserving Chinese Cardinal, Joseph Zen. On the other hand, if we consider that among the people who dealt with the drafting of the Agreement between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist Party there was then-Cardinal McCarrick, who was sent by Bergoglio on his behalf (see here), we will also understand the reason that the acts of the canonical process that led to the powerful prelate being reduced to the lay state remain shrouded in secrecy: in both cases an operation of transparency and truth is urgent and necessary, because the honor and moral authority of the Catholic Church in the sight of the whole world is at stake.

    Editor’s note: The above text was penned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on Sept. 22, 2020.

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    The State of the World, as it is now.
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    Yet it's open season on Archbishop Schneider, Archbishop Vigano and anyone who points out the elephant in the room. Catholic media covering it are denounced as not sanctioned by their Bishop making it somehow inappropriate to call themselves Catholic. At the same time the same accusers will savage any believing Catholic who so much as hints that the likes of Biden and Pelosi have separated themselves from the Church. Fr. Altman is silenced while other priests and Bishops, apparently with papal protection, can encourage all sorts of violations against the Faith.

    Bad Bishops are promoted and encouraged until there's no rug big enough to cover their dirt. Then, when the Pope who enabled them has little choice but to sack them to save his own face, he is hailed as some kind of great reformer. You couldn't make it up. I suppose they all mean well, just like Judas claimed to have a preferential option for the poor as he was betraying Jesus. That's the standard we now have for "judge not" discernment. The bar is set as low as it can go.

    With the Church, in practice, having all but abandoned the First Commandment, we can expect things to get a whole lot worse before there's any improvement.
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    Excellent article IMO. Thanks for posting it. I took the liberty of adding it to one of our China threads.
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    This video helps us understand Viganos article I think.

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    It's not all hopeless. The total honesty and complete integrity of one dissenting judge among three set in motion the sequence of events that exonerated Cardinal Pell, the man who was about to expose much financial skullduggery in the Vatican.

    I hope and pray that they're not as clever as they like to think they are. In fact, I am confident they aren't. They are tending to over-reach in their desire to wreck the Church. The recent example of (is it?) Avennire, the official newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference, that attempted to defend that pedophile film will probably have shocked quite a few naive, but good, Catholics into rethinking events. I don't think Pachamamma much helped their cause, other than finding favour with the devil. There is a significant minority undercurrent of resentment against China as a result of COVID, in my limited experience, and this distrust will grow, particularly as people begin to see China prosper from the situation-apparently, she has almost completely recovered from the virus while the rest of the planet remains in chaos. Not too many Catholics are aware of the Sino-Vatican betrayal, but the Chinese might have passed their point of peak popularity and the Vatican might be about to find their betrayal increasingly difficult to defend; even worse, it might no longer be avant-garde and fashionable. With the help of God...
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