The Vatican Has Fallen

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by padraig, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I would like to add to my post about the John Henry Weston video. He suggests at the end that we can submit a letter found on the Vatican website to our priest saying we have the right to receive on the tongue.(was done during Swine flu) or we can write the CDW
    Congregation for Divine Worship and receive an answer
    Communion on the tongue is the norm in the Catholic Church
    Mr Weston suggests that if you can’t receive on the tongue, make a spiritual Communion and offer it up to Our Lord
    Other than that, there’s not much else we can do.
    The decision to allow Communion in the hand was made by the bishops and was railroaded through, according to the video.
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    These things are becoming very hard to read and not feel desolation. It is so important that we begin each day in prayer and put on the armor of God to combat it.
    Priests are admonished to obey civil authorities. Authorities who mandate euthanasia for our elders and promote abortion as good for society. Who placate groups which wish to do away with law and order, who actively promote the persecution of the Church and accuse it constantly and publicly of every grave sin. Who are openly members of Freemasonry and have worked tirelessly to bring the time of the new world order to fruition.

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    Pretty good video from Dr Marshall. He points out that the laity are seeking for the bishops to help lead the charge to take action against these groups tearing down statues and calling for icons and stained glass windows to be destroyed. Bishop Barron states that Vatican II declares the secular space to the laity and has blocked Dr Marshall for asking him where in the documents of Vatican II it states that bishops should stand by and not get involved in these affairs while laymen protect them.

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    The Vatican under the leadership of Pope Francis made a deal with the atheistic totalitarian CCP government which remains secret to this day. Of course he praises those who fully comply with the regulations brought about by the CCP Virus and condemns those who courageously resist and feed the flock of Christ.

    Today Liz Yore broke news on Steve Bannon's show War room Pandemic that the Vatican Global compact on Education conference in October is actually being sponsored by Huawei. She also points out President Xi's speech at Davos in 2017 where he stated "All roads lead to Rome". It is no secret Pope Francis despises America and capitalism and embraces communism. Where has Pope Francis been in regards to Hong Kong? Silent! Instead he praised those in the CCP and unbelievably gave them accolades for successfully containing the virus.

    Mrs Yore's segment begins at 25:50. You can't make this stuff up. Thank God for these brave and committed Catholic men and women.
    Bannon show has ads and they are annoying but he is a committed Catholic who is exposing the communist ties to the Vatican. I would recommend watching it regularly.

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    Each show is subsequently released as a Podcast too, which eliminates much of the ads, so search for that too.

    I’ve been watching him literally for months, almost since the beginning of the year.
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    Thanks Brian, I'd much rather just listen to the show anyway.
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    One thing he said which I remember very clearly : "you didnt think they were going to give you your country back without a fight did you?"
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    This is how I perceive it:
    We are Christ’s soldiers, who must fight for the Truth.
    Catholics are bound to give testimony to the Truth, just as St John the Baptist did (btw, his feast day is yesterday/ today 24 June).

    Edited to add: Can anyone deny that there will definitely be crumbs of the Holy Eucharist on the floor when people are given Holy Communion in the hand?

    I do not believe we will be Judged kindly if we say that we knew the Truth but it wasn’t in our ‘job description’, and therefore kept quiet; allowing people to continue trampling on our Lord Jesus “with their filthy feet”.

    Rev 3
    15I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot. I would thou wert cold or hot. 16But because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.

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    Bergoglio has consistently shown that he is not Catholic, and definitely not the Vicar of Christ.
    If the Saints of old were to be here today, they would most certainly condemn him as a heretic/ apostate.

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    “If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. If you look at God you'll be at rest.”

    ― Corrie Ten Boom
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    It has nothing at all to do with our job description. It is a decision that was made by the Bishops. I for one will not stop going to Mass because you are trying to intimidate people from going.
    You are going too far with this . Kindly stop it. You tried on another thread and now you are trying again.
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    I didn’t cause it and I can’t control it.
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    :love: Thank you Padraig, just sent this quote to my children.
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    This reminds me of a conversation Padre Pio had one time with a fellow Friar and recall this was long before the Novus Ordo Mass and communion in the hand.

    His fellow priest fretted that during the mass and giving out communion he might drops fragments and not know it.

    To which Padre Pio replied, 'What do you think the angels attend mass for? ' He went on to say that the angels went round collecting them and putting them back in the Ciborium.

    If you look you'll find stories of miraculous movements of dropped hosts from all over the world.

    I prefer communion in the mouth and wish they would restore the old usage. But I long ago found peace of mind and heart in accepting the current usage of the Church. These folk sit in the Chair of Moses and we must respect this.

    However I do believe one day the old way will return.

    Ah dear, dear St Pio. He believed, he believed, with every fibre of his being he believed!!


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    It's so beautiful isn't it. Corrie Ten Bloom was such a saint.

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    I have found great peace as far as Church goings on, the Vatican and the Holy is concerned is in the recall that as a very humble lay person I have no human power at all to change things. Spiritually certainly I can pray and this gives me huge power.

    But I found huge peace in leaving them all too it. If God had made me a priest, or Bishop or Cardinal I would maybe have been in there swinging with a baseball bat. But...

    It reminds me of the Serenity Prayer.

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    I have always received on the tongue but if the priest and Bishop ask me to receive on the hand I will accept it until things change. Most of my family have also received on the tongue but now with sadness will accept the new norm until things change. Despite what Pope Francis or any other prelate says spiritual communion is not the same as receiving Jesus physically, body blood soul and divinity. I think telling us that it is as good is softening us up to accept a protestant doctrine that Communion is totally a spiritual connection and we don't need to receive Jesus physically. As someone posted in an earlier thread, Jesus was born in a stable where animals sheltered. He should have been received in the greatest Palace on earth but he came to give himself to the lowliest.
    I resisted requests to become a Eucharistic Minister in my parish for years but a few years ago I was asked again to become EM to cover Nursing Home in my parish. I do this for 2 months every year on a Sunday morning. My rural parish is lucky to have 2 priests. One is in his 80's the other in his late 60's and has many health issues. We have 3 churches in our parish. Certainly I infinitely would prefer to receive Jesus on my tongue kneeling but I see we are in extraordinary times.
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    And she knew what she was talking about, poor woman was in a concentration camp for hiding Jews during WWII. A truly heroic person.

    Padraig, I briefly met Miss Ten Boom in Trans World Radio in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, she was giving a talk to the missionaries there, very inspiring person.
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    Thankyou for this Padraig.
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