The Third Secret of Fatima

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  1. padraig

    padraig Powers

    So what appears to be the timeline for immediate events is as follows:

    In a few months time the Heretical and schismatic German Synod will conclude in a few months time resulting in Schism in the Church.

    Following right upon this will be three great Signs from Heaven, the final attempt by heaven to get people to repent (especially within the Church).

    Following this will be the, 'Seven Thunders' of Heaven which will happen in quick succession, seven events, Huge Chastisements (I think one of the Thunders may have been removed or mitigated due to prayer and Fasting). In quick succession to each other. As far as I can tell the first of these will be a World Wide Earthquake (shaking).

    Anyway it looks like things are right upon us.
  2. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I think if you recheck the hidden part of the Third Secret of Fatima , the part which the Church did not reveal (for obvious reasons) , they tie in with all this.

    Garbandal, Medugorje and Akita are simply continuations of Fatima and its message and are all talking about the same events in the Church in the World.

    There are not separate but one voice, talking about the same things from different places and times.
  3. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Speaking of the Great Global Shaking..

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  4. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Powers

    Peter the Roman's prophetic description is that he would feed the flock in the midst of manifold tribulations; the current Pope needs to clear up the doctrinal confusion he caused during his pontificate to fulfill this role.
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  5. Byron

    Byron Powers

    I don’t think Peter the Roman is coming soon. We still have awhile, unfortunately.
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  6. LusoKnight

    LusoKnight Angels

    We have yet to see the authentic Third Secret. Meanwhile, we have the testimony of people who've read the secret, and countries (beside Russia) are mentioned. Fr. Malachi Martin revealed that Ukraine was mentioned. And even Sr. Lucia herself revealed part of the real third secret in her memoires and Portugal is mentioned. According to Sr. Lucia, Our Lady said: "In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved."
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  7. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    Exactly. So in a certain way the third secret HAS been revealed.

    Here’s a rough timeline:

    1960 the Church decides not to disclose the third secret ignoring the mandate from Heaven;

    Our Lady then essentially repeats the messages, possibly in even greater detail, in Garabandal in 1961-1965;

    Garabandal is violently suppressed, the visionaries are persecuted and again the message is largely ignored;

    Our Lady then chooses a most unlikely location to again try to convey the message and its urgency: Japan of all places! 1973-1979 Akita.

    Again the message is largely ignored and we know Sister Agnes has been persecuted as the video below shows (amazing video. I urge you to check it out if you haven’t).

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  8. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I Suppose all Marian Visionaries are opposed. It goes with the words of the Lord in the Garden of Eden , 'I will put enmity between you and the woman, between you and the woman, between your seed and its seed'. Very often this persecution arises at the very highest levels in the Church itself.

    Heaven is never random, if the Holy Spirit choose Japan and that particular nun , He did so for a reason. I suspect the reason why He choose Japan was because it was out of the line of sight and control of certain people in the Vatican. Out of their line of sight. If it had happened in Europe or say the USA they could have crushed it at once. With Japan the Holy Spirit threw a kind a curved ball. There was for instance no Papal Nuncio, so it was entirely down to the local Bishop to do as he liked...and he liked the whole thing very much.
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  9. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Powers

    in the year 1960 Nikita Khrushchov announced that the USSR was in the incubation phase of a weapon that could end life on earth if used without restrictions; and at Christmas of the following year Pope John xxiii convened the ecumenical council so perhaps the start for the physical and spiritual punishments of secrecy was given in the early 60s.
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  10. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    I am well aware of Malachi Martin’s testimony and I believe his claims, but in all honesty, we simply cannot accept one man’s word as “truth” simply because currently, there’s no way to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt….We should not confuse “beliefs” with “truths/facts.” They are not necessarily one and the same….Now, as to whether Ukraine was actually mentioned by Malachi Martin as being specifically in the Third Fatima Secret, I am not aware of it. However, I have heard him discuss a connection between Ukraine and Russia that somehow involves Pope John Paul II. It’s still on YouTube, I think.
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  11. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    I would refrain from even linking Medjugorje with Fatima, based in part with the concerns and comments made by both Frs Malachi Martin and Nicholas Gruner on the subject. And yes, I actually did visit Medjugorje with two of my siblings, back in 2016. But I find it perfectly valid to link Fatima, Garabandal, and Akita together as part of the broader Fatima prophetic narrative…..
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  12. LusoKnight

    LusoKnight Angels

    It's not one man's truth. He either read the secret or he didn't. He's either referring to it (as carefully as he can within the limitations of his oath) or he isn't. The truth is that he did read the secret. That's something he always admitted publicly, he revealed how and when it happened. It checks out. If any of the people involved thought that he was lying, he would have been exposed as a fraud long ago, but he wasn't. So, since he did read the secret, I've no reason to doubt him when he makes statements purposefully referring to it. Because it's not his assumptions, it's not his beliefs. It's his testimony, it's him referring to the document that he read.

    I am aware, because he mentioned it both in live radio and in his books.

    "Now, as regards the mystery of Fátima, it still stands. So Russia is within the plans. Why? Well, that would take me too far afield into papal secrets, why Russia and Kiev are involved in the final solution of this problem. But they are. They are part-and-parcel. And it's really God's choice. It is purely and simply God's choice. Like he chose the Jews. He has His own favorite solutions. I wouldn't have chosen Russia or Kiev or the East for salvation. But salvation is to come from the East."

    From Windswept House:

    "If we have any indication from Heaven, it is that the real conversion of Russia, as the Blessed Mother called it, will originate from the Ukraine, and that it will take place on the occasion of my pilgrimage to the East."

    "If I understand you, Giustino, you're reminding us that Heaven has a long memory. So is it not providential that the Virgin pointed to the Ukraine as the epicenter for the conversion of Russia? And I mean to use the word ‘providential’ in our classic Christian sense. In the sense of God’s all-wise plan for the universe and His all-loving fulfillment of that plan. I grant that the world’s power brokers are too taken up with other considerations these days to pay much attention to Heaven’s predictions. But you can bet they’ll get the point that the papal mission to the East isn’t to sortie out-of-the-way sheep station on the Russian steppes. They might even get the point that more than seventy years ago the Fatima mandate targeted an area that has since become one of the most important geopolitical hot spots in the world."

  13. How Our Lady of Fatima Ended Roe v Wade: Consecration of Russia
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  14. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    I consider myself a "big" fan of Malachi Martin, having in my possession at least a dozen of his books, including "Windswept House," "The Keys to this Blood," "The Vatican," and "The Jesuits." And yes, though I firmly believe that he did read the Fatima Third Secret, that still does not change the fact that there is/was NO DEFINITIVE PROOF and still no way for us to independently verify beyond reasonable doubt. And this applies to how we should approach claims made by other people, as well, regardless of who or what they are.

    To assume that he must be telling the truth because if "any of the people involved thought that he was lying, he would have been exposed as a fraud long ago" has no basis in actual facts that can be independently verified. Even for the sake of argument, let's say he did "lie." We have no way to determine or expect that people with inside knowledge would willingly step forward and expose him as a "fraud."
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  15. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    Uh, I don’t see any specific reference to where Malachi Martin says that this definitively is part of the Fatima Third Secret. Although the quote has circulated online in order to provide support to the idea that Ukraine is somehow linked, further listening to the Bernard Janzen interviews suggests something different. In fact, prior to the above quote, Janzen poses the following question, “Now you just mentioned Gorbachev and the book ‘Windswept House’ spoke a lot about Russia, does Russia still play an important role in the message of Fatima even though the Iron Curtain has come down?” Malachi Martin’s response, “It does. It does, and I said to you that I think it’s true that there’s some unfinished chapter or paragraph in John Paul II’s life before he dies in connection with Russia. His destiny is tied with Kiev in Ukraine and with Moscow. Why, I don’t know, but I know this one, that’s what he’s told me, I believe there’s something connected there. Now, as regards the bishop (?) of Fatima, it still stands, it still stands. The errors of Russia are now abroad and they are abroad. Russia will be converted finally by my Immaculate Heart, she said. It will be, she said it. A bit late, but not too late, she said….”

    And then Martin continues with, “So Russia is within the plans….”

    So, where was the Third Fatima Secret referenced here, because it’s abundantly clear that it wasn’t. In fact, in keeping with what I quoted previously, Malachi Martin mentioned the connection with Kiev/Ukraine only within the context of an exchange he had with Pope John Paul II, who believed apparently, that “his destiny is tied with Kiev in Ukraine and with Moscow.” And even Fr. Martin admitted he didn’t know why nor did he provide a possible explanation as part of this segment. But with regard to “Russia and Kiev” being “involved in the final solution of this problem” and how that ties in with “papal secrets” that Malachi Martin refused to divulge, that just leaves us back on square one knowing not how Ukraine fits within the Fatima prophecy……
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  16. LusoKnight

    LusoKnight Angels

    By your standards, you have no definitive proof or the ability to independently verify beyond reasonable doubt that the third secret of Fátima is even a thing. Or that Our Lady even appeared to anyone. If testimonies don't count, what does count to you? If you can't accept something just because you don't have physical evidence of something, then how can you even believe in anyone or anything? What makes you believe in Malachi Martin on anything to begin with? And if you do believe in him, then what exactly is the argument here?

    I don't assume that he's telling the truth because nobody said he was lying. I assume he's telling the truth because his career and history checks out with the ability to read the third secret. Not only that, but history itself has done nothing but validate him as time goes on. And the fact that nobody exposed him as a fraud when they could have easily done so only contributes to his reliability.
  17. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    In recorded interviews (e.g. Art Bell, Bernard Janzen) and writings (e.g. Keys to this Blood, etc.) that I’m familiar with, I have neither seen nor heard Ukraine referenced as part of any Fatima Third Secret” discussion. The only time that Kiev/Ukraine is mentioned is in reference to John Paul II….
  18. LusoKnight

    LusoKnight Angels

    No, it's in reference to Fatima and its messages, not John Paul II. The excerpt I posted is from one of his interviews with Bernard Janzen. He literally is referring to the mystery of Fatima when he mentions Kiev. And it's reiterated again in Windswept House, that Our Lady said that the real conversion of Russia will start in the Ukraine. That the Fatima mandate targeted Ukraine. What more do you need him to say?
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  19. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    Pope Francis IS the current pope, whether anyone here or elsewhere, denies it, being in full agreement with the position that "we have the authority to judge this matter." And no, I would not necessarily accept the so-called "objective facts" supposedly "well-known" suggesting otherwise (e.g. "electors of Pope Francis call themselves a 'mafia...' Seriously, I am not aware of that nor would I particularly care since it's entirely possible that whoever said it did so in jest or that it was never even uttered in the first place....), presented here by people whose names I do not even know, nor do I immerse myself in various so-called prophetic writings--with the exception of a few, ever mindful that much of the available information may be false or misconstrued. And as for this so-called "dilemma for us as laity," about whether Pope Francis is either a legitimate "Pope" or is an "Antipope," I find this to be a largely manufactured problem--all in our heads, and not something worth obsessing over. Nothing surprises me, though, as it's to be expected that during these End Times, many will spread misinformation, sow confusion, and create misunderstanding. Be especially careful about "objective facts," which are anything but....
  20. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Angels

    "What more do you need him to say," You ask? Well, as you are likely aware, I transcribed and posted an additional excerpt that provided greater clarity--the one preceding your's, in which Malachi Martin clearly states that the source of the Kyiv (Ukraine) reference was in fact, Pope John Paul II, within the context of the Fatima prophecy that this pontiff is closely linked to. Also, it's worth noting that while I made a specific reference to the Third Fatima Secret not mentioning Ukraine, you ignored that, completely, even though you have previously insisted, otherwise. If I'm not mistaken, all official accounts about the Fatima Prophecy mention only two nations, Russia and Portugal.

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