The Third Secret of Fatima and Corruption in the Church.

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    No, sedevacantism is NOT impossible. It’s fruits are remarkably nefarious; I’ve never witnessed good fruits from sedevacantist “logic.”

    In fact, it is rearing it’s ugly head even more now with this confusion over the “two popes.”

    It is a quite dangerous error and it’s defense or promotion will not be tolerated at MOG.
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    Well you just sold me! I’ve a few loved ones needing conversion! Than’ you, I appreciate it!
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    You’re most welcome! I need this kind of reminding all the time myself.:)
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    Archbishop Viganò: We have to remain ‘steadfast’ in the faith, not found a new church
    ‘We must not go down those steps, just as Christ did not descend from the Cross, nor do we look elsewhere for that salvation that comes only from the altar, from the immaculate Victim, from the Cross of Christ…’
    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
    October 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews)
    By Dr Maike Hickson
    – In answering an open letter from Vivente Montesinos, a Spanish blogger, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò sets out for all faithful Catholics a program on how to respond to the current crisis in the Church. Our answer cannot be to found a new church – which is what the Modernists are trying to do – but, rather, “to remain steadfast, to resist strong in Faith,” to preserve our own humility – remembering our own lack of understanding in the past – and to preserve our charity toward those who are now helping to destroy the faith.

    We must “remain where we ought to be, like that priest dressed in sacred vestments [during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass]. We must not go down those steps, just as Christ did not descend from the Cross, nor to we look elsewhere for that salvation that comes only from the altar, from the immaculate Victim, from the Cross of Christ,” Viganò tells this Spanish author, and with it, all of us.

    Montesinos, in his September 25 Open Letter to Archbishop Viganò, had thanked him for his work and witness, for his encouragement of all those Catholics who find themselves now accused of being “against the Pope.” Montesinos assured Viganò of the prayers of thousands of Catholics. He stated: “We will never succumb to the lie of the world, spread today by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the ecclesial hierarchy, the majority of the episcopate and the vast majority of consecrated persons, who want us to believe that we are not Catholics because ‘we do not obey the [current] Pope.’” In some ways, adds the journalist, Archbishop Viganò acts today “morally” more like a pope that the Pope in Rome.

    “My personal belief is yes,” the journalist wrote, “and you will forgive me for the audacity to express this idea to you.”

    With regard of the problem of obedience to a Pope that is leading Catholics today into error, the blogger continues by saying: “The Catholic must be with the Pope… yes… but as long as the Pope is with Christ.”

    Responding to these words (see full statement below), Archbishop Viganò makes it clear that he does not wish to be described as having the role of a Pope. The fact that the Church in crisis, he answers, “is not a sufficient reason to attribute to me an authority that I do not and cannot have.”

    But Archbishop Viganò encourages us to apply our duty to obedience only when it is in accordance with the Faith. Thus, obedience is conditional on what a Catholic is asked to do. For example, the archbishop states, “the faithful who refuse to receive Communion in the hand do not disobey their ecclesiastical superior, because that order is a sacrilegious abuse.”

    But even if we at times need to disobey, the prelate continues, this does not “authorize us to create a parallel order, a utopia in which the flock gives itself its own shepherd and builds its own sheepfold; this would signify a usurpation of the authority of God.” Herewith, Archbishop Viganò seems to reject any idea or proposal to be part of establishing a parallel structure in opposition to the existing hierarchy of the Church, much of which seems tainted with Modernism and error.

    One of these “self- proclaimed liberators from the Roman yoke,” he continues, are actually the “Modernists and their followers.” They attempted at “superimposing upon her [the Church] a spurious entity that claims her name but renounces her Faith.” This new creation is “a sort of monstrum,” which occupies much of the hierarchy of the Church and thus is “able to deceive the Clergy and the faithful.”

    It is here the problem of “obedience to the Sacred Pastors” lies. But the answer cannot be “a revolution in the traditional sense” as a response to the “Conciliar revolution.” The answers are “true obedience” and “true humility.”

    “It is in loving fidelity to the Truth of Christ that the fanatical dogmatism of the heretics is conquered.”

    In light of Modernists errors, may the faithful Catholics stay firm but humble.

    Our humility, according to Viganò, stems also from the fact that “many of us, only a few years ago, were still not yet aware of the deception perpetrated against the holy people of God.” Many missed the deeper “understanding of the creeping apostasy” that was taking place in the Church.

    It is here that Archbishop Viganò calls us to remain steadfast in the faith, just as every priest offers the Sacrifice of the Mass every day, independent of his own moods and independent of the amount of the faithful present.

    For the full statement by Archbishop Viganò, go to:

    (Emphasis in red is mine - SgC)
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    A new video by Father David Nix, which is very relevant to this thread.

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    Thank you. Sound advice and necessary.
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    Even Father Nix has a premonition that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is just around the corner...
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    I think humility is the operative word here. For all else and those we have concern for, prayer is the answer, prayer for our families & close friends, all our clergy (Priests/Bishops/Cardinals/especialy Pope)!!

    I know no one will be convinced by my words. It will take the Warning to open eyes & hearts....the Holy Spirit. The rest of us will have the right words after that.

    If asked, I will offer. I will not drill it into them, thereby they close the door. When I find someone of like mind, wonderful!
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    I have felt that too. It came very strongly the night of the republican convention when at the end that wonderful tenor sang Ave Maria.
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    Yep. Pretty much. Right now the Holy Spirit seems to be holding us back. I think i know a little of what Jeremiah felt when he said God's Word burned in him until he had to speak it out. Sometimes I feel that. I want so badly to speak to my loved ones but then....i don't. As if there is a wall between me and them. Sigh.
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    My frequent prayer is Holy Spirit, be my thoughts, words & actions in all today.

    It doesn't feel quite time yet. But it sure does feel close! My sister in PA has told me she reads all I send her. Her door feels open enough, in spite of her being a wedding/funeral goer. Her husband is similar to Synagogue.

    I watch it though! I think I'm still viewed as the super religious sister who for SOME reason takes it seriously. She doesn't see the point yet respects it.
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    Awwwwww.....a Jewish boy playing to his Jewish mother! Just beautiful! Thank you !
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    The video The Secret Still Silenced which Fr Nix spoke of and I am sure most of us have seen but for the sake of anyone who comes across this thread I will post it.

    Another very good book which I have been reading recently which may help to connect the dots is a book by John Daniel titled Scarlet and the Beast. It is about the war between factions of Freemasonry and it's affects on Christianity and the world. It can be found on the internet archive for download as a pdf. It contains an immense amount of information at 600 pages but is a page turner.
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    Ben Shapiro must be feeling the love coming from Mama Mary!
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    Thank you...I wanted to see this!
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    Same here....
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    Here's the Vatican's version via the EWTN Vaticano programme:

    And here's their look at the state of the faith in Portugal now:

    That Vaticano programme is the reason I decided not to give any financial support to EWTN - not the episodes on Portugal but one singing the praises of an Italian charity which featured on its website Emma Bonino giving a talk on empowering women to a group of African women at the UN building in the US. I wouldn't give a penny to anyone who works with Emma Bonino.
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