The Great Monarch and the Holy Pope

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Do you believe in the prophecy of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope?

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  1. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    anyw, Congratulations! What a very special day for you and on Saint John Bosco's Feast Day, and a rare celestial event occurring on this very day! Awesome!!!

    BTW, I don't think anything of significance besides the rare celestial event is going to happen today and of course, your First Communion and Confirmation ;)!

    I think that the answer to Father Heilman's following question in relation to this celestial event,
    "Is God highlighting St. John Bosco?"
    is a definite YES!

    I consider it to be another wakeup call from God for all of us but I have few other ideas about it that I will explain in a future post.:)
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  2. AED

    AED Powers

    This is wonderful news! God bless you poured out pressed down and overflowing.
  3. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    There are three prophecies of Saint John Bosco contained in Rev. R. Gerald Culleton's book, "The Prophets and Our Times". The first two prophecies are pretty long and I believe there is a good possibility that the last one has been fulfilled already.

    The very first one contains the prophecy referenced by Father Heilman in his article, . This prophecy begins with France and then continues with Italy and then Rome itself. You can read these prophecies on the following link to the book, they begin on page 207 or page 107 in this pdf file copy,

    Here is Saint John Bosco's first prophecy (dated January 5, 1870) beginning with the discussion of Italy and ending more or less with the "blue moon" prophecy,


    "Ah, but you, Italy, land of blessings! Who has steeped you in desolation? Blame not your enemies, but rather your friends. Can you not hear your children asking for the bread of faith and find only those who smash it to pieces? What shall I do? I shall strike the shepherds, I shall disperse the flock, until those sitting on the throne of Moses search for good pastures and the flock listens attentively and is fed.

    "Over the flock and over the shepherds My hand will weigh heavy. Famine, pestilence and war will be such that mothers will have to cry an account of the blood of their sons and of their martyrs dead in a hostile country.

    "And to you, Rome, what will happen? Ungrateful Rome, effeminate Rome, proud Rome! You have reached such a height that you search no further. You admire nothing else in your Sovereign except luxury, forgetting that you and your glory stands upon Golgotha. Now he is old, defenseless, and despoiled; and yet at his word, the word of one who was in bondage, the whole world trembles.

    "Rome! to you I will come four times!

    "The first time, I shall strike your lands and the inhabitants thereof.
    (My Comment: Possibly Rome Captured by Italy in 1870?)

    "The second time, I shall bring the massacre and the slaughter even to your very walls. And will you not yet open your eyes?
    (My Comment: Possibly WWI?)

    "I shall come a third time and I shall beat down to the ground your defenses and the defenders, and at the command of the Father, the reign of terror, of dreadful fear, and of desolation shall enter into your city.
    (My Comment: Possibly WWII?)

    "But My wise men have now fled and My law is even now trampled underfoot. Therefore I will make a fourth visit. Woe to you if My law shall still be considered as empty words. There will be deceit and falsehood~ amongst both the darned and the ignorant. Your blood and that of your children will wash away your stains upon God's law. War, pestilence, famine are the rods to scourge men's pride and wickedness. O wealthy men, where is your glory now, your estates, your palaces? They are the rubble on the highways and byways.
    (My Comment: Could this be referencing the resignation of Pope Benedict and what is to come afterwards?)

    "And you priests, why have you not run to 'cry between the vestibule and the Altar,' begging God to end these scourges? 'Why have you not, with the shield of faith, gone upon the housetops, into the homes, along the highways and byways, into every accessible corner to carry the seed of My word? Know you not that this is the terrible two-edged sword that cuts down my enemies and that breaks the Anger of God and of men?

    "These things must come one after another. They are inexorable.

    "Things are happening too slowly.

    "But the August Queen of Heaven is present.

    "The power of the Lord is in His hands. He scatters His enemy as a cloud. The Venerable Old Man attires himself in all his ancient raiment.

    "There will come again a violent hurricane.

    "Iniquity is consummated. Sin will have its end. And before two full moons of the month of the flowers will have run their course, the rainbow of peace will rise above the earth.

    (My Comment: Could this be pointing to this March 2018, then what must occur before the second full moon on March 31st; a war, followed by the Warning and then the beginning of a period of peace?)

    "The Great Minister will see the bride of his King arrayed in festive fashion.

    "Throughout the world the sun will appear so luminous that the likes of which never has been seen since the tongues of fire descended on the Cenacle until this day, nor will such a sun ever be seen again until the very last of days.

    (My Comment: Could these last two pieces of the prophecy be pointing to the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart and a renewal of the Faith, like a Second Pentecost?)
    Only God knows the meaning of this prophecy.

    May God bless us all.
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  4. Shae

    Shae Archangels

    Congratulations to Don_D and to any name you wish! Did the Bishop stump you on any questions?;)
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  5. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    The Great Minister will see the bride of his King arrayed in festive fashion
    The Bride of Christ is His Church, could very well point to Triumph of Immaculate Heart

    Thanks for posting
    Thanks for your comments
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  6. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Here is the second prophecy from Saint John Bosco which is also in Culleton's book, "The Prophets and Our Times" it begins on page 211 or page 109 in this pdf file copy.
    I also posted this on December 1st, in case it appears familiar,

    "It was a dark night. Men could no longer tell which way to take in order to return to their homes. Of a sudden there appeared in the heavens a very bright light that illuminated the steps of the travelers as though it were midday. At that moment there was seen a host of men and women, of young and old, of nuns, monks and priests with the Holy Father at the head. They were going out from the Vatican and were arranging themselves in line for a procession.

    "Then there came a furious storm which clouded that light somewhat and made it appear that light and darkness were engaged in battle. In the meantime they arrived at a little square covered with dead and wounded, some of whom cried aloud and asked for help.

    (My Comment: This appears to refer to fight between good and evil but a physical fight too.)

    "Very many were dropping out of the line of procession. After having walked for a time that would correspond to two hundred risings of the sun (200 days) they all realized that they were no longer in Rome. Struck with fear they all ran to the Holy Father to defend him personally and to attend his wants. Instantly two angels were seen carrying a banner, going they presented it to the Holy Father and said: 'Receive the banner of He Who fights and scatters the strongest armies of the world. Your enemies are dispersed. Your children with tears and sighs beg you to return.'

    (My Comment: Maybe this prophecy is somewhat symbolic after all and it refers to the pope and many people leaving the 2,000yr. old teachings of the Church for a period of 200 days. Then God sends two angels, maybe the Warning, to help redirect those who are lost. Then, those who have remained steadfast to the Church's teachings beg the Holy Father to fight the enemies of the Church and reaffirm the Church's teachings.)

    "Looking at the banner one could see written on one side, 'Queen conceived without sin'; and on the other side, 'Help of Christians.'

    "The Holy Father joyfully took the banner, but looking closely at the small number of those who remained with him, he became very sad.

    "The two angels added: 'Go quickly to console your children. Write your brothers dispersed throughout the world that there must be a reform in the morals of men. That cannot be obtained except by distributing to the people the bread of the Divine Word. Catechize the children. Preach the detaching of the heart from the things that are of the earth. The time has come concluded the two angels, when the poor shall evangelize the people. Vocations will come from among those working with the spade, the axe, and the hammer to the end that they fulfill the words of David: God has raised up the poor from the land in order to place them on the thrones of the princes of His people.'

    "Having heard that the Holy Father began the march. The farther he went the greater did the procession behind increase. When finally he set foot in the Holy City, he wept bitter tears for the distress in which he found the people and the large number now missing. As he entered St. Peter's he intoned the 'Te Deum' to which a choir of angels replied singing: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will.'

    "With the ending of the hymn there came an end to the thick darkness and the sun shone with a brightness all its own.

    "The cities, towns, and villages were thinly populated. The land had been leveled down as if by a hurricane, by a tempest, and a hail storm. People went from one to another saying in tones of great emotion: 'there is a God in Israel.'

    (My Comment: These highlighted pieces of the prophecy above appear to connect this prophecy to his first prophecy. Like the first prophecy Saint John Bosco appears to be discussing the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart; a renewal of the Faith and peace, in addition he mentions the sun and a hurricane also like in the first prophecy.)

    "From the beginning of the exile until the singing of the 'Te Deum,' the sun rose in the East two hundred times (200 days). The time that passed for the fulfilling of those things (all spoken of above) corresponds to four hundred risings of the sun."

    (My Comment: This may refer to the pope and many people leaving the 2,000yr. old teachings of the Church for a period of 200 days but then returning to the Church which requires another 200 days to fully reaffirm the Church's teachings.)​

    In fact, maybe the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse which occurred on the 130th Anniversary of Saint John Bosco's death, his Feast Day, January 31, 2018, is a sign of the upcoming fulfillment of this saint's first two prophecies.

    "...And before two full moons of the month of the flowers will have run their course,
    the rainbow of peace will rise above the earth..."

    Possibly before Holy Saturday, March 31st, 2018 which is the date of the second full moon this March, the rainbow of peace will appear and the 200day "march" back to Rome will begin and the angels will be singing, "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will."

    Maybe the 200 day exile is symbolic for 200 days which may have begun some time at the end of August 2017 when possibly a formal correction was presented to Pope Francis or maybe the 200 days began around the time that the Pope decided to not answer the filial correction which was presented to Pope Francis on August 11th.

    Maybe before March 31st, Pope Francis will verify the 2,000yr. old teachings of the Church due to a divine intervention performed for all of humanity. Maybe many people will, in fact, begin a 200 day march back to the Church as Saint John Bosco states in this prophecy beginning on some date before the last day in March of this year. Maybe it will take 200 days before Amoris laetitia is officially corrected to be in alignment with the Church's teachings and that is why it will take 200 days to return from "exile".

    Lots of maybe's but we'll see.

    May God bless you.

    PS- Although, these prophecies from Saint John Bosco do not speak of a Great Monarch they could very easily be discussing the making of the Holy Pope.
  7. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    "The two angels added: 'Go quickly to console your children. Write your brothers dispersed throughout the world that there must be a reform in the morals of men. That cannot be obtained except by distributing to the people the bread of the Divine Word. Catechize the children. Preach the detaching of the heart from the things that are of the earth. The time has come concluded the two angels, when the poor shall evangelize the people. Vocations will come from among those working with the spade, the axe, and the hammer to the end that they fulfill the words of David: God has raised up the poor from the land in order to place them on the thrones of the princes of His people.''

    this passage seems to indicate that the Pope of prophecy will be a poor and humble man like St. Peter, perhaps he will not come from the college of cardinals
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  8. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria


    I am not sure, of course. Do you think that there is a possibility that the prophecy could be referring to Pope Francis after the Warning has occurred?
    Maybe this piece that you have highlighted refers to the fact that he is a Jesuit since they take a vow of poverty.

    There are many little pieces in this prophecy which makes it difficult to decipher, that is for certain.

    In any case, how have you been?

    I noticed that in Father Heilman;s article, he included the note that you made on this thread about March 31, 2018 being Holy Saturday this year!

    It is all quite amazing!!!
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  9. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    The Jesuits also take a vow to not seek high office. I won't be hoarding any tinned or dried food any time soon.
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  10. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    Hello Carol, I believe it's not Francis, I believe the Pope of prophecy will be someone God has reserved for the last moment, someone unknown to the world, someone who may have a monastic life like the Prophet Elijah
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  11. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Dolours, I believe that it is God's timing. We were given these prophecies for a reason but they are not always easy to figure out, that is for sure.

    I honestly have not hoarded anything either. I purchased some things that I need regardless of what happens, along with some solar lights and blessed candles.

    I keep wanting to make sure that we have a decent supply of food and water on hand but I really haven't done it yet. Maybe, since you mentioned it here and I do believe that something could occur which would prevent me from easily obtaining the essentials, I should do it now. (y)

    In addition, I have watched the Sensus Fidelium videos which Brian posted on the following thread, Watching these videos makes me feel like if I do nothing besides praying, I would be a fool. BTW, I am not calling anyone else a fool but since I feel this need to physically prepare and if I don't follow through with it I think it would be foolish of me at this point. I suppose that I don't want to play the part of chicken little but I don't want to put my head in the sand either.

    I was very much like you when I first joined MOG almost two years ago. I think that in general not many people want to believe that something very big could happen in their lifetime. Over the course of two years, I learned that something really big might, in fact, happen in my lifetime. At the very least, I feel I shouldn't believe that it won't. :cautious:


    As I said, it is difficult to decipher.

    In my first attempt at figuring it out, I wondered if the prophecy may be referring to more than one pope. I stated, "maybe the Pope who returns to the Vatican in Saint Bosco's prophecy is not the same Pope who had to flee the Vatican." :unsure:

    The Pope is a title after all and this may be referring to whomever holds the title at the time. :)
  12. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    I believe that the Pope of the Third Secret will give his life for the Church and the Pope of the vision of Don Bosco will help in the restoration of the Church after the punishment. But I believe that both will go into exile
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  13. any name you wish

    any name you wish Archangels

    Oops, sorry guys, I feel a bit sheepish, I meant March 31 as 'this day' not yesterday, so I won't be confirmed for about two months still. Still, thanks for all the congratulations! It's taken sooooooo long.
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  14. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    This is just a reminder that this months' two full moons could possibly be the full moons that Saint John Bosco prophesized.

    Full Worm Moon 2018: Here's what to expect in the March night sky
    Feb 28, 2018 By Anthony Russo
    This January Advance file photo shows a full moon over Staten Island. Skywatchers can look forward to two full moons in March.

    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Skywatchers can look forward to two full moons in March.

    The first full moon -- called a Full Worm Moon -- will occur this week on Thursday, March 1, and the second full moon will be visible on Saturday, March 31. The second full moon of a calendar month is always referred to as a blue moon.

    March's full moon was traditionally called the Full Worm Moon by Native Americans. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, at the time of this moon, the ground begins to soften enough for earthworm casts to reappear, signaling the return of spring.

    In New York, the first full moon of March will be visible at 7:51 p.m. The full moon on March 31 will be visible at 8:37 a.m.
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  15. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    St. Padre Pio’s Revelations about the Great Catholic Monarch to Come
    September 9, 2017 (?) E.A. Bucchianeri

    Providentially, it was brought to my attention that St. Padre Pio was rumoured to have made some private remarks concerning the importance of the restoration of the French Monarchy, which was not eradicated but is now 'hidden'.

    I carried out an investigation and quickly discovered that the Marquis de Franquerie had met with one of Padre Pio's personal secretaries at one point, (he does not say who), but that this secretary / confidant declared he had intriguing conversations with Padre Pio about the importance of the French Monarchy and its relationship with the Catholic Church, which were subsequently recorded in certain letters.

    The Marquis published quotations from these letters in a work entitled: “Ascendances Davidiques Des Rois de France”, (Translation: ‘Davidic Ascendants of the Kings of France’).

    Who is this confidant of St. Padre Pio? I still haven’t discovered that information, but I doubt that the Marquis de Franquerie, a staunch Traditional Catholic, the guardian chosen by Our Lady herself to safeguard Marie-Julie Jahenny’s texts from the Germans during WWII and founder of the Friends of Marie-Julie Association, would fabricate a hoax on this scale. We may therefore assume these texts written by this ‘secretary / confidant’ are authentic.

    Without further ado, here are more extensive passages quoting (or paraphrasing) St. Padre Pio as found in the Marquis’ publication, quotations which are completely in keeping with the revelations given to Marie-Julie Jahenny, an approved mystic and stigmatist:

    “Without the support of the royal power of King David, which is authentic anointed kingship, the Church falls into decadence, corrupted by the power of the spirit of the serpent, which raises its proud head above the head of the Church (the Vicar of Christ). Royal power, derived from Christ the Supreme King, is a divine power which brings down serpents. Republics, on the other hand, where power is placed in the hands of people, raise up serpent spirits from the earth which harm the people of God and stop them rising up to the God of Heaven. This is the evil which reigns nowadays in Europe and elsewhere under the republics. ...

    This royal power, which is hidden by God in this time of madness, is the same royal power given to King David, and is the only power which can successfully rule the governments of peoples. Without David's royal power, recognised and set in its proper place, the Christian religion lacks the indispensable support on which to rest the truth of the Word of God. Hence, there must not be separation of Church and State. The madness of men has been in trying to kill off royalty and the world is paying heavily for this today. ...

    In Europe, without the true king, the eldest son of the Church, the King promised by God from amongst David's descendants, ... the power of God no longer resides in the hearts of heads of states and governments. Satan has been able to exercise tremendous power in the absence of the royal power of David. How great shall be the world's misery before men are able to understand this truth, a truth found only in hearts of a few hidden men, but in those hearts are all the powers of the living God. ...

    The love of the heart of Royal France, land of the kingship which descends from David, will rise in his heirs, for the love of Christ's Kingship has its cradle in France. ... The royal power of David ought to awaken in the hearts of the French people a love of the royalty of God, which has its cradle in France. The real greatness of France is David's royal power, which existed in the blood of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. France was forgiven by the great heart of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, who died as victims for Christ through the brutality of the beast (the diabolical revolution). This forgiveness of Louis XVI has maintained for France the right to the greatness of David's kingship, a right that is love and humility, of recognising in the Monarch the power of Divine Love. In silence and prayer, God will select His chosen ones for the good of France and the world ... human and divine power of the great monarch from the royal blood of France”.

    (Source: le Marquis de la Franquerie, “Ascendances Davidiques Des Rois de France”, Editions Saint, Remi, 2002, pp.14-16, English translation found in “Ireland, Land and Home of My Heart, Beloved Country...Remember Our Covenant” by Peter J. Rafferty 2009, pp 13-14. )
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  16. And that may get us back full circle to the discussion about young (and handsome!) Luis Alfonso de Bourbon who would really like the job!
  17. A comment from the "royal forums":

    Luis Alfonso descends from almost every important monarch in history including Queen Victoria of England, Emperor Charles V of Germany and I of Spain, Kings Louis XIV and Louis XV of France, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, Charlemagne, Hugh Capet, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Isabella the Catholic, Saint Louis King of France, King Francis I of France, the Bruces of Scotland, the Plantagenets of England, the Savoys of Italy, the Vasas od Sweden, the Jagiellons of Hungary, the Hohenzollerns of Prusia, etc.

    (and another comment from same):

    That family sure had her share of sadness! I used to see the two boys, Francisco and Luis Alfonso, as children and with their two parents in many photos of magazines. First there was the separation, where he retained the sons, since it was she who abandoned the family to marry somebody else. Then the awful accident when little Francisco died and both the Duke of Cadiz and Luis Alfonso suffered terrible injuries. Then the awful death of the Duke. i admire Luis Alfonso, for having lived all these tragedies and still be a level-headed young man, living a normal family life.
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  18. Those comments from royal forums give a lot of lineage info, for instance this one as well:

    Actually my point of view is the right one. Take a look of the following:

    When Infante Jaime rennounced to his right to the throne of Spain, he did not resigned to the inherent position as apparent heir of head of the House of Bourbon; as Warren stated in this thread many times, one thing is to be the King and other is to be the Head of the House.

    King Juan Carlos, actually, did not inherit the Crown of Spain from his grandfather Alfonso XIII. Juan Carlos I was "appointed" as King by Francisco Franco who was the absolute ruler of Spain who happened to be monarchist. Franco could have appointed any Bourbon he wanted to be the King of Spain as Franco's power in Spain was more absolute than any other ruler of his time.

    When the French Bourbons took over the Kingdom of Spain many branches where created in Spain's Italian possessions and descendants of King Phillipe V of Spain became rulers; thus cadet branches of the Bourbon House where created. Then, we have the Bourbon-Parma, the Bourbon-Two Sicilies, etc.

    The first Bourbon who bercame King was Henry of Bourbon, King of France, who reigned as Henry IV. After this King, the Head of the House was always the King of France (exception made of the Buonapartes and Louis Philippe I Orleans - a minor branch of the Bourbon House) until the death of Charles X of France.

    The line of Bourbon Kings in France is the following:

    Henry IV -> Louis XIII-> Louis XIV -> Louis XV -> Louis XVI - > Louis XVII -> Louis XVIII -> Charles X

    Following the death of the Henry Count of Chambord (grandson of French King Charles X) the masculine legitimate male descendants of Louis XV became extinct. Therefore you have to find the elder masculine legitimate descendant of Louis XIV to find the head of the house, which leads you to the Spanish Bourbons.

    Through Philippe V King of Spain (legitimate grandson of Louis XIV) the masculine legitimate line goes directly from Louis XIV to Luis Alfonso de Bourbon, whose grandfather, Infante Jaime of Bourbon was older than his brother Infante Juan (King Juan Carlos' father).

    The head of the House of Bourbon passed from Alfonso XIII to Infante Jaime to HRH Alfonso Bourbon to HRH Luis Alfonso of Bourbon (who is a dual citizen of France and Spain).

    The Orleans descend in masculine legitimate line from Louis XIII; they also descend from Louis XIV through his illegitimate daughters with his mistress Madame de Montespan, therefore the Spanish Bourbons have a better right to be the Head of the House than the French Bourbon-Orleans.
  19. ComeSoon!

    ComeSoon! Guest

    This blue is the first portion that stands out to me, in volumes! Also I find the link to France curious and certainly noteworthy.

    I realize this is a reference to Hollywood, but I find it also interesting that in the movie Angels and Demons, they picked up on a link to France and the Holy Grail. Yes, heresy of a blood line from Jesus, but a Davidic link nonetheless.
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  20. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    ComeSoon!, I find a lot of truth in this also, all we have to do is watch the news and we have strong evidence that St. Padre Pio provided a lot of insight here.
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