The Great Monarch and the Holy Pope

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Do you believe in the prophecy of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope?

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  1. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    I read that he would be a descendant of the Merovingian and St. Louis IX kings, and other prophecies say that he lived on an island for some time, so I do not think it's either Trump or Putin.

    sorry for the translation errors
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  2. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria


    Your thoughts about the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope are interesting. I don't know who will fill these rolls but I have wondered about there being "types of the Two Witnesses" as you state here, but not for the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope. You reminded me of the following prophecy in which I think the new Pope is the Holy Pope,

    From Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich on 1/27/1822 "I saw a new Pope who will be very strict. He will estrange from him the cold and lukewarm bishops. He is not a Roman, but he is Italian. He comes from a place which is not very far from Rome, and I think he comes from a devout family of royal blood. But there must still be for a while much fighting and unrest."
    So if the new Pope in the above prophecy is the Holy Pope from Ven. Holzhauser prophecy of the 6th Age of the Church it is uncertain when the "The Era of Peace" really begins. I mean that this period of peace is probably not the length of the entire 6th Age of the Church. It appears that there will be fighting in the 6th Age of the Church and then eventually peace which will eventually end, I believe, in the reign of the AC. It does appear though that the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope will be reigning during this period of peace. The following prophecy is from Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser in which I believe that the Powerful Emperor and Strong Monarch refer to the Great Monarch,

    “THE SIXTH PERIOD of the church the (status consolationis)—time of “CONSOLATION” begins with the HOLY POPE and the POWERFUL EMPEROR, and terminates with the birth of Anti-christ. (Revelations, 3: 7, 10.)

    “This will be an age of solace, wherein God will console His church after the many mortifications and afflictions she had endured in the fifth period. For all nations will be brought to the unity of the true Catholic faith.

    “A type of this period was the sixth age of the old world, from the deliverance of the Israelites out of the Babylonian captivity, and the rebuilding of the city and of the temple of Jerusalem, down to the coming of Christ. As God gladdened His people by the rebuilding of the temple and of the holy city; as all kingdoms and nations were subjected to the Roman empire; and Caesar August, the most powerful and excellent monarch, after vanquishing all his enemies, gave for fifty-six years, peace to the world;

    so will God pour out upon His church, that witnessed in the fifth period nought be affliction, the most abundant consolations. But this happy age will be ushered in under the following circumstances. When all is desolated with war; when the church and the priests must pay taxes; when Catholics are oppressed by heretics, and their faithless fellow-religionists; when monarchs are murdered; subjects oppressed; when riches are extirpated; when every thing concurs to bring about the establishment of Republics; then will the hand of the Almighty produce a marvelous change, according to human notions seemingly impossible. For that STRONG MONARCH, will, as the envoy of the Almighty, root up these Republics. He will subject all things to himself, and will zealously assist the true Church of Christ. All heresies will be banished into hell; the Turkish empire will be overthrown to its foundations, and his dominion will extend from east to west. All nations will come, and will worship the Lord in the one true Catholic Faith. Many righteous men will (Beykirch, p. 140) flourish, and many learned men will arise. Men will love justice and righteousness, and peace will dwell on the whole earth. For the Omnipotent will bind Satan for many years, until the advent of him who is to come,–the son of perdition.

    “In respect to perfection, this period corresponds to the sixth day of creation, on which God created man after His own image, and subjected to him, as lord of creation, all creatures of the earth.

    So will man be now a true image of God, (in righteousness and holiness), and the STRONG MONARCH will rule over all nations.

    The sixth gift of the SPIRIT, THE FEAR OF THE LORD, will in this period be poured out upon the church; for men will fear the Lord their God, keep His commandments, and serve him with their whole heart. The scriptures will be understood after one uniform fashion, without contradiction and error, so that all will marvel they had so long misunderstood the clear sense of holy writ. The sciences will be multiplied and completed, and men will receive extraordinary illumination in natural, as well as divine knowledge.” (Beykirch, p. 27 – 29).
    PS - Time will tell what will happen in the future, I certainly cannot.

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  3. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    "St. Bridget of Sweden identifies the Great Monarch as 'A son of man, the parnevu of the sea.' She was writing in the 1350’s before Columbus had set sail. I believe she's telling us about a man who comes from the 'new land' over the sea, America, which she would not yet have heard about. Yet she claims that he is a German Royal born in exile.

    (Did they call them immigrants in the 14th century? Trump's grandfather came from Germany.) Royal blood? Who's to say not?

    Most of the prophecies claim that he is either French, German, or Spanish origin. Why is it the prophecies of even great Saints/ Mystics do not agree on the details? One fault that many interpreters of prophecy commit is to get bogged down in the particulars so much so that they are unable to see the forest for the trees .We tend to forget the short prophecy is a telescopic view of the entire life biography of a person; all parts may not be evident at the time this person becomes known to us in general.

    [Who could say they would have recognized our Lord and Savior had they passed by the stable that day seeing the humble Virgin and child. Had you been a neighbor of Mary in Nazareth would you ever have guessed the destiny of the young boy as he worked alongside Joseph in the carpentry shop? Would you have been aware of his genealogy as we are now so easily by opening the Scriptures? ]

    I believe more important is what the prophecies tell us about the time in which we may expect the Great Monarch (GM) to appear and what he is supposed to do. We should not be obsessing over the details of his nationality, religion, etc. We should be debating whom among us is capable of doing these things..."

    Putin's origins are also shrouded in mystery. It is said he is descended from the princes of the Tver region. If true, it would mean that he is related to European royalty. In some ways I think Putin is the best contender because there isn't another leader in the last 20 years who has done more to defend the rights of Christians at home and abroad or that has done more to stifle the plans of the Freemasons who run the Western Deep State, than Vladimir Putin.
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  4. Kevin Landry

    Kevin Landry New Member

    Luan, it has occurred to me, after studying such prophesies for over 20 years, that the Great Monarch is someone who has been an ideal repeatedly boxed into numerous corners because time and history future is always flexible, that is, the future can be changed depending on what is done now in its "past". It's like the saying "The future is determined by the character of those who shape it." If a person has no moral character, such as the extreme state of one who is responsible in some way for an abortion of a human being, their having destroyed a human life, obliterating the child's future, the person will very possibly end up losing at least their future of eternal life with God in the hereafter.

    But I am getting away from the point I felt I should make: Which is again simply that the future is flexible and so are such human figures whom we anticipate will enter on the scene of history in some manner of motion or imminent construction and formation, like the characters of people, moral or not, there being mitigating factors that can change this or that feature just as a mirror will reflect anything put in front of it in the light.

    There are actually so very many such factors of environment, ancestry, political systems, Church-State relations or conflicts that figures who are in different ways prophetically described as the Great Monarch can be variable and potentially changeable at all times... except in the past. That's why it might be possible to time travel to the past which was manifested and realized in reality, but there is no stable ground of substance for the future upon which to "land"or arrive.

    So in the meantime even meanings can change concerning what a figure is called or titled: If he is "great" then just what is it that makes him so? What is the criteria for defining his alleged and predicted "greatness"? If he is a Christian he would meet Jesus' criteria for determining "greatness", namely his disposition would be characterized as that of a servant or one who ministers to others in their various needs on various scales of potential, depending on his resources.

    So at one point prophetically gifted people of the past may have foreseen the Great Monarch "destroying" the Islamic sect in terms of physically destroying the people themselves; but suppose he was influential enough to lead Islamics en-masse into joining the Christian faith and so, merely "destroying" or eliminating that religion from the hearts and minds of people formerly disposed to it? The same word implying the "annihilation" of Islam could in fact mean two different things.

    This would not necessarily be something that an actual monarch or king would do unless again he is someone having the external trappings (such as signs of great wealth), presenting a picture of what we all too quickly envision of a king or person of royal ancestry and so of possibly regal bearing. Also, one prophesy from centuries past may predict that he will come from the east, but might that be eastern Canada? What says it HAS to be eastern Europe or Asia?

    I remember an amusing incident which depicts just how mistaken people can be if they rely on sources of prophetic insight which cannot be really accurately defined until certain actual events occur which were predicted but not fulfilled as some expect fulfillment: I have long suspected that a good number of years back there were people in Hollywood, including various film stars, including Lucille Ball, who heard that Hollywood psychics had predicted the next president's identity: It may have been that they used an Ouija board, which is a very spiritually dangerous device and which no Christian should ever employ.

    Let us consider that after the psychics asked for the answer as to who would be the next president of the USA, the "words" (so perceived) that were spelled out via the wicked weeja board said "Clint on": And so a bunch of Hollywood big names got together and decided to put on a big TV gala which would be for the benefit of, let us say, actor Clint Eastwood. And this actually happened as a probable effort of some such people trying to get a repeat of an election to the Presidency of another Hollywood film star, such as what Ronald Reagan once was before he was governor and then President. So during the gala event they arrange for Clint Eastwood to ride up on a white horse on a stage, and which was reminiscent of his cowboy movie days when he portrayed the dramatic hero of westerns and then modern crime shows.

    And so then after a lot of musical fanfare and applause Clint dismounted and walked over to meet with Lucille Ball and others who were standing there facing him, very flatteringly lauding and acclaiming him and his past as if he were some sort of war hero... But poor Clint was so tongue-tied and probably fully aware that he had not done anything which merited all this hyperbolic hullabaloo that he was consistently hesitant in his choice of words: So much so that Lucille Ball was visibly embarrassed, and it was pretty evident that Clint wasn't really political leadership material: A good actor yes. A politician, no! But the people who were running the show continued to pursue their goal of putting another cowboy in the White House, that is, to get Clint elected to the presidency.

    And so they eventually got him to run for mayor of a nearby Hollywood community, or whatever, you know, to work his way up in political office. But he flops as a mayor and by no means proves himself to be qualified for that office let alone President of the United States. And of course, as you may have guessed by now, what the Hollywood psychics really perceived of their source of the words "Clint on", which they thought meant "'Clint on the ballot", was simply the name "Clinton."

    Funny... I've already forgotten his first name. But now you know what can happen when morally mis-motivated people try to manipulate and control the powers that be.
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  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    I found the following online today, . I thought that some here may be interested in reading it since it contains some of Ven. B. Holzhauser's prophecies including the 5th and 6th ages of the Church.

    The 5th age is the epoch that Ven. B. Holzhauser prophesized would proceed the age of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope.

    Here is his prophecy about the 5th age of the Church which is contained in the above link:

    The fifth epoch, which commences with the birth of Protestantism, and wherein we still live, is the state of tribulation, (status affictionis.)

    “This,” says Holzhauser, “is a state of trouble, desolation, humiliation, and poverty for the church. We may with just reason call it a state of purification, in which the Lord Jesus Christ has sifted His wheat, and will sift it again by wars, by seditions, by famines, by epidemics, and other scourges, by the tribulation and the poverty which He will suffer to weigh on the Latin church, by means of heretics and bad Christians, who will take from her the greater part of her bishoprics and countless monasteries, especially the wealthier ones. She is oppressed even by Catholic princes, and despoiled by means of taxes, imposts, and other extortions; so that we may say, in groaning with the prophet Jeremiah, ‘The queen of nations hath been placed under the yoke.’ The church is become poor and miserable, because she hath been calumniated by heretics, because her ministers are despised by bad Christians, who render them neither honor nor respect. By all these means God will sift His wheat; He will cast the chaff away to be burnt, and will gather the wheat into His barns.

    This fifth state of the church is the state of tribulation, the state of apostasy, full of miseries of every kind. Few will be spared by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence. We shall see kingdom rise against kingdom; empires will be divided in themselves, and brought to desolation; principalities and monarchies will be overturned, and almost the whole world will sink into poverty. The greatest desolation will reign over the earth. All this hath in part been already accomplished (anno Domini 1656); a part remains yet to be accomplished. These things will come to pass by the very just judgment of God, because of the accumulated mass of our iniquities, whereof our fathers and ourselves have filled up the measure, at the moment when the mercy of Almighty God awaited our doing penance.

    The fifth day of creation, on which the earth brought forth birds, fishes, and beasts of the field, is a type of this epoch, wherein men, like to the birds of the air and the fishes of the water, give themselves up to license, sink to the level of the brute, and wallow in lust. In this lamentable state of the church divine and human laws are without force, and made of light account; the doctrines and precepts of the church are despised; ecclesiastical discipline is not better observed by the priests, than political order is maintained by the people. Every one, like the beasts of the field, believes what he pleases, and doth what he wills.

    “The correspondence of this period with the fifth age of the ancient world, from Solomon down to the Babylonian captivity, is extremely striking. Then Israel fell into idolatry, and Judah and Benjamin were alone true to the covenant. So in the times we speak of, a large portion of the Catholic population has fallen away from the true church; while a small number only of good Christians has survived. The Jewish state was then ruined, and was harassed and oppressed by heathens; so also has the holy Roman empire of Germany been ravaged and dismembered by the neighboring nations.

    “To this age has been accorded the gift of counsel; for counsel did the church need in order to counteract such fearful calamities, and to uphold the Catholic faith. This gift of counsel was revealed in the Council of Trent, in the institution of the Society of Jesus, by whose exertions, learning, and sanctity, the Catholic faith and the church throughout Europe, were rescued from destruction.

    “A type of this epoch is the Church of Sardis—a word that signifieth the beginning of beauty; for the calamities of this period will be the beginning of a better time. Divine providence hath wisely ordained that the church which He will cause to endure unto the end of the world, should be moistened from time to time with the waters of tribulation, as the gardener watered his garden in the time of drought.” —Beykirch, pp. 21-3.
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  6. djmoforegon

    djmoforegon Powers

    I realize I am a little late in adding my amazement at your ability to sort through so much information, remember what you read, and discern what to discard and what to keep. I'm just so happy we have you here!
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  7. RE: return of various monarchies....another one with aspirations for this:

    Century after revolution, some Russians crave return of tsar

    Moscow (AFP) - Mikhail Ustinov's ancestors were executed in 1917 for supporting the tsar but a hundred years later the 68-year-old yearns for the return of monarchy to Russia.

    "Russians are monarchists in their soul, even though the Soviets tried to destroy our soul," Ustinov, who is a self-proclaimed spokesman for the Moscow monarchist community, told AFP in his small apartment on the outskirts of the Russian capital.

    Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ustinov has dressed in stylized military fatigues in a nod to the officers of the Tsarist army who were fiercely loyal to the monarch and heavily persecuted after the October Revolution.

    Executed with his wife and children by the Bolsheviks in 1918, the last Russian tsar Nicholas II was rehabilitated and buried in Saint-Petersburg in 1998 and canonised in 2000 by the Orthodox Church.

    "I want to die wearing my uniform and declaring love for the tsar, like my grandfather, great-grandfather and all of my family," said Ustinov, a portrait of Nicholas II behind him.

    Ustinov said his family was decimated during the revolution, which he calls a "coup d'etat."

    More than 28 percent of Russians are in favour of the country becoming a monarchy again one day, according to a study by VTsIOM, a state pollster, released in March. That figure increased from 22 percent in 2006.

    Monarchy sympathisers are especially prevalent among the younger generation: 33 percent among those between 18 and 24 years old and 35 percent of 25-34 year-olds.

    "We see clearly that the 'Soviet' generations resist this idea more than the younger people, for whom monarchy is one possible system of governance," said sociologist Stepan Lvov who helped organise the poll.

    "It's as if the Soviet vaccine doesn't work on them," he added.

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  8. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    Before the 1917 hijacking of Christian Russia by atheist, Jewish, anti-Christian revolutionaries, Russia was ruled by Christian Kings (aka Czars). In fact, at the time of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, Russia was perhaps the last Christian monarchy in Europe. All the rest had been slowly but surely toppled by Freemasons. Russia was the last one standing. Now we know why Our Lady of Fatima singled out Russia in her 1917 apparition at Fatima. Russians need not look or wish for the return of the King. He's there already, and although Putin doesn't call himself a Czar, he rules like one - much to the consternation of the Freemasons who control the Western Deep State.
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  9. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria


    I am bumping this for anyone who is interested in reading more about Saint John Bosco's prophecies which were briefly discussed on another thread today. The link that you provided is very good imho so here it is again, .

    It is interesting that this coming March 2018 there will be 2 full moons and as you have also pointed out one of Saint John Bosco's prophecies point to peace appearing on the earth prior to the appearance of two full moons in the month of flowers. This link also explains that the wild flowers bloom in the month of March in Turin which is the home of Don Bosco. This is very interesting in light of the fact that many believe that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has begun but as we said only God knows for sure.

    The following book contains similar prophecies from Saint John Bosco which I believe is another useful reference,

    This is a portion of the prophecy in which this statement about 2 full moons is contained,


    "There will come again a violent hurricane.

    "Iniquity is consummated. Sin will have its end. And before two full moons of the month of the flowers will have run their course, the rainbow of peace will rise above the earth.

    "The Great Minister will see the bride of his King arrayed in festive fashion.

    "Throughout the world the sun will appear so luminous that the likes of which never has been seen since the tongues of fire descended on the Cenacle until this day, nor will such a sun ever be seen again until the very last of days.

    Maybe the prophecy also points to the Warning when it is stated that, "Sin will have its end.".
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  10. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    the second full moon in March 2018 will be on Holy Saturday
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  11. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    The following is only indirectly connected to the subject of this thread but it continues from the discussion about Saint John Bosco. Here is another prophecy from this saint which is from Culleton's book, "The Prophets and Our Times",

    173b. "It was a dark night. Men could no longer tell which way to take in order to return to their homes. Of a sudden there appeared in the heavens a very bright light that illuminated the steps of the travelers as though it were midday. At that moment there was seen a host of men and women, of young and old, of nuns, monks and priests with the Holy Father at the head. They were going out from the Vatican and were arranging themselves in line for a procession.

    "Then there came a furious storm which clouded that light somewhat and made it appear that light and darkness were engaged in battle. In the meantime they arrived at a little square covered with dead and wounded, some of whom cried aloud and asked for help.

    "Very many were dropping out of the line of procession. After having walked for a time that would correspond to two hundred risings of the sun (200 days) they all realized that they were no longer in Rome. Struck with fear they all ran to the Holy Father to defend him personally and to attend his wants. Instantly two angels were seen carrying a banner, going they presented it to the Holy Father and said: 'Receive the banner of He Who fights and scatters the strongest armies of the world. Your enemies are dispersed. Your children with tears and sighs beg you to return.'

    "Looking at the banner one could see written on one side, 'Queen conceived without sin'; and on the other side, 'Help of Christians.'

    "The Holy Father joyfully took the banner, but looking closely at the small number of those who remained with him, he became very sad.

    "The two angels added: 'Go quickly to console your children. Write your brothers dispersed throughout the world that there must be a reform in the morals of men. That cannot be obtained except by distributing to the people the bread of the Divine Word. Catechize the children. Preach the detaching of the heart from the things that are of the earth. The time has come concluded the two angels, when the poor shall evangelize the people. Vocations will come from among those working with the spade, the axe, and the hammer to the end that they fulfill the words of David: God has raised up the poor from the land in order to place them on the thrones of the princes of His people.'

    "Having heard that the Holy Father began the march. The farther he went the greater did the procession behind increase. When finally he set foot in the Holy City, he wept bitter tears for the distress in which he found the people and the large number now missing. As he entered St. Peter's he intoned the 'Te Deum' to which a choir of angels replied singing: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will.'

    "With the ending of the hymn there came an end to the thick darkness and the sun shone with a brightness all its own.

    "The cities, towns, and villages were thinly populated. The land had been leveled down as if by a hurricane, by a tempest, and a hail storm. People went from one to another saying in tones of great emotion: 'there is a God in Israel.'

    "From the beginning of the exile until the singing of the 'Te Deum,' the sun rose in the East two hundred times (200 days). The time that passed for the fulfilling of those things (all spoken of above) corresponds to four hundred risings of the sun."
    I would love to hear others thoughts on this prophecy. Do you think that the prophecy suggests that the Pope will not be seated in the Vatican for 400 days? I think that this is possible. I am not certain how this prophecy relates to other prophecies which state that the Vatican is attacked and the Pope himself flees and appears to be murdered, maybe the Pope who returns to the Vatican in Saint Bosco's prophecy is not the same Pope who had to flee the Vatican.

    In any case, this prophecy appears to overlap a little bit with the previous prophecy from Saint Bosco which I posted, specifically the part about the Sun and the hurricane. I think it is possible that this prophecy provides more details to the other prophecy. It also reminds me of the following prophecy from Alois Irlmaier which sounds like the Warning,

    "During this event I see a great cross in the sky and an earthquake and Thunder and Lightning will be, that everyone is startled and the whole world cries out: 'There is a god!'"
    "Dark it will become during a day of the war. Then a hailstorm brakes out with Thunder and Lightning, and an Earthquake rattles the Earth."
    I translated a similar statement from Alois with a few more details using Google translate:

    In this event, I see a big cross in the sky and an earthquake will be under lightning and thunder, that everything is frightening and the whole world cries out, 'There is a God!' Which season will it be? I can only read that from the signs. There is snow on the tops of the mountains. It is cloudy and rainy and snow mixed (autumn or spring D.V.). Down below it is aper. Yellow looks at it. The war in Korea is over (this statement is still from 1952, December 7, D.V.). During the war comes the great darkness that lasts 72 hours.
    Here is the original in German,

    Bei diesem Geschehen sehe ich ein großes Kreuz am Himmel stehen und ein Erdbeben wird unter Blitz und Donner sein, daß alles erschrickt und die ganze Welt aufschreit: ‚Es gibt einen Gott!‘ Welche Jahreszeit wird es sein? Das kann ich nur aus den Zeichen ablesen. Auf den Gipfeln der Berge liegt Schnee. Es ist trüb und regnerisch und Schnee durcheinander (Herbst oder Frühjahr. D. V.). Herunten ist es aper. Gelb schaut es her. Der Krieg in Korea ist aus (diese Aussage ist noch von 1952, 7. Dezember. D. V.). Während des Krieges kommt die große Finsternis, die 72 Stunden dauert.

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  12. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    I read that the prophecy of exile could have been fulfilled in the pontificate of Pope Pius IX, but the exile of Pius IX was not for 200 days.
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  13. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Luan, Thank you for responding.

    I read that prophecy from Saint John Bosco as the Pope will not be seated in the Vatican for 400 days, imho it is literal. I think that it is possible that he will be in hiding for 200 days, then some victory will seem to occur because those "walking" with him will rejoice and sing 'Te Deum after 200 days. Maybe they are celebrating because whomever attacked the Vatican has now been overthrown but the Pope may not be able to return to the Vatican for another 200 days due to all of the damage that has occurred there.

    The prophecy definitely reminds me of other statements which Alois Irlmaier is alleged to have stated, in reference to land being more available for farming when the unrest/war has ended and going back to the time of our grandfathers' including a return to Christianity.

    In the following prophecy, I believe that Alois may be referring to the Great Monarch(s) but he mentions three kings including a German king who is very old and wears lederhosen. He also appears to mention the Warning again. Please excuse any errors from Google translate, the original German documents can be found at the bottom of each of Alois Irlmaier's statements which I translated. In addition, an interpretation found in parenthesis and some commentary from the transcriber has been included in the following statement from 1950,

    And then he continued: 'The great city with the high iron tower stands in the fire. But this is what their own people have begun, not those who have marched from the east. And the city is razed to the ground, that's right. And in Italy it is bad. There are a lot of people killed and the Pope comes out of it, but many clergy are killed, many churches collapse.

    But then the pope comes back and he will crown three kings, the Hungarian, the Austrian and the Bavarian. He is very old and has snow-white hair, he has the lederhosen on and is among the likes of his peers. First, there is still famine, but then come on the Danube so much food up that everyone gets full. The chosen people now move to where the desert originated, and everyone can settle where he wants and have land as much as he can grow. Since the people are few and the shopkeeper is at the door and says: Buy something, otherwise go on! And the bratwursts are hanging over the plate, there is so much.

    Over there in the east things are going wild, the people are fighting and the cross is coming back to honor. '

    Mysteriously the Irlmeier said: 'In the sky comes a sign, the crucified with the stains, and all will see it.'

    Also of a climate change, he said that it would be warmer with us (perhaps by a flooding of the Gulf Stream waters due to nuclear explosion in the English Channel), even wine will be built here and tropical fruits. After the disaster, a long, happy time will come. Who experiences, that's fine, who can praise himself happy.
    Some of what Alois has stated in the above prophecy appears to be similar to the following statement from Saint Bosco,

    "The two angels added: 'Go quickly to console your children. Write your brothers dispersed throughout the world that there must be a reform in the morals of men. That cannot be obtained except by distributing to the people the bread of the Divine Word. Catechize the children. Preach the detaching of the heart from the things that are of the earth. The time has come concluded the two angels, when the poor shall evangelize the people. Vocations will come from among those working with the spade, the axe, and the hammer to the end that they fulfill the words of David: God has raised up the poor from the land in order to place them on the thrones of the princes of His people.'
    It is interesting to note that Alois Irlmaier is alleged to have made the following statement in which he believes that the Pope does make it through this terrible situation,

    "Behind the pope is a bloody knife, but I believe he escapes them in the gown of a pilgrim."
    Using Google translate, I translated another statement of Alois which is similar to this particular statement but it also contains a few more details. In 1961, Alois states,

    In the boot country (Italy) a revolution breaks out, I think it is a religious war, because they kill all the clergy. I see priests with white hair lying dead on the floor. Behind the pope is a bloody knife, but I think he comes out of them in a pilgrim's dress. He flees to the southeast or over the big water, I can not see it exactly. Afterwards he will celebrate the coronation. We must pray a lot that the abominations will be shortened.

    Some of Alois Irlmaier's statements do appear to resemble some of the visions which Saint Bosco had and they must be in the future due to when Alois made these statements which was mainly in the 1950's and the early 1960's.

    Note: Please take into consideration that Alois's prophecies are unapproved and have in a sense been translated twice. Personally, I find them believable because they do appear to lineup with many approved prophecies which refer to revolutions in France, Italy and Russia. I think that when he speaks of the east he is referring to Russia and the associated statements lineup with other approved prophecies also, imho. In addition like other prophecies, all of the unrest that he refers to appears to end with a period of peace and a return to the faith.
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  14. Muzhik

    Muzhik Powers

    Personally, I think references to "kingdoms of the east" and armies from the same refer to combined armies of China and India. Due to sex-selected abortion, there are not enough women of marriageable age in China. An entire generation of men will grow up with no prospects for wives. Such men will likely join the military which will provide a focus for the male hormones, but will also lead them on wars of conquest. India has begun its own descent into sex-selective hell due to sex-selective abortion. In fact, according to "Unnatural Selection" by Mara Hvistendahl, the world is missing 163 million women. (Interestingly enough, although Ms Hvistendahl details the effects of such procedures, she refuses to admit that the entire idea behind abortion is at fault and continues to profess support for unlimited access, even as she documents how its effects have decimated her gender.) It's not only China and India, but every Asian country and now some Eastern European ones.
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  15. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria


    This could very well be, or maybe a combination of Russia, China and India. I honestly have wondered if Russia may need to come to the aid of Italy and France if the revolts there get very bad.

    You raise a very good point about the large numbers of men in those countries in comparison to women and that this is usually a sign that war is in the near future.
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  16. Byron

    Byron Powers

    I tend to agree with you Carol. Russia will invade Europe in order to save it.
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  17. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Since much of the information in the following article was discussed on this thread I want to post it here in addition to another thread that it is posted on - I added some formatting for emphasis and some comments as noted,

    Extra Incentive from St. John Bosco to Join Nineveh 90 for Life
    Fr Richard Heilman January 6, 2018


    I think St. John Bosco wants everyone to join Nineveh 90 for Life. Here’s why I say that …

    Well known is St. John Bosco’s “dream of the two columns” where he foresaw the future difficulties of the Church, envisioned as a ship on stormy seas. Several popes strive to moor the Church and anchor it between two columns which arose amid the dangerous waters. The columns symbolized the two devotions to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Immaculate, the Help of Christians. Calm and peace for the Church is won only when one of the popes finally succeeds in anchoring the Church between the two columns.

    Another symbolic St. John Bosco dream/prophecy is less-known, which can shed light on interpreting the dream of the two columns.

    The dream/prophecy ends as follows:

    “There shall yet come a violent hurricane. Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers, the rainbow of peace shall appear on earth … Throughout the world a sun so bright shall shine as never seen since the flames of the Cenacle until today, nor shall it be seen again until the end of time.”

    (My comment: Maybe this is prophesizing the Warning Our Lady of Garabandal spoke of & the beginning of the period of peace Our Lady of Faitma spoke of. I also read that one of the Medjugorje seers stated that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has begun. )

    Here’s an interesting insight that will blow you away …

    This year, there is a rare occurrence of two full moons in the same month … two of these in the same year. When this happens, in any month, the second full moon, in that month, is referred to as a “blue moon.”

    Get this …

    On January 31, 2018, a super rare event will occur. This will be a “Super, Blue, Blood Moon.” “Super” because the moon is near to the earth. “Blue” because it is the second in a month. “Blood” because it will also be a lunar eclipse.

    (My comment: This event, the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse hasn't happened since 1866, over 150 years ago!)

    Okay, that’s pretty cool. But here’s the kicker. January 31 is the Feast of St. John Bosco. Is God highlighting St. John Bosco?

    (My comment: It's the 130th Anniversary of Saint John Bosco's death on January 31, 2018!)

    Wait, it get’s better.

    Remember that I said there are two Blue Moon events in one year? Want to know when the second one is?

    The second Blue Moon will occur in March, which contains the first day of Spring … you know, Spring … when flowers begin to bloom … “and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers.” -St. John Bosco.

    (My comment: The wild flowers bloom in the month of March in Turin which is the home of St. John Bosco.*)

    There’s more!

    The Blue Moon in March occurs on March 31. What’s significant of that date? It coincides with Holy Saturday, which commemorates Our Lord’s descent into Hades and the Harrowing of Hell.

    Wait, there’s still more!

    Only now have I made all of these connections, concluding with this …


    Believe it or not, there is one last thing. St. John Bosco’s dream about the two moons in the month of flowers came to him on the Vigil of the Epiphany. Well …. that’s the same time I am making all of the these connections … the same time I am having an EPIPHANY!

    Insert your own interpretations.

    Find out more and join Nineveh 90 for Life HERE (My comment: The next one is from 2/13 to 5/13.)

    Category Heart, Latest Posts

    *Three prophecies of Saint John Bosco are included on the following link,
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    There are some compelling facts in this article which bear close scrutiny and some watchful waiting. I am heartened.
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  19. any name you wish

    any name you wish Archangels

    Well, this will be the day of my First Communion and Confirmation, God willing, so at least I can say that a man like me enters into communion with the Church once in a blue moon!
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  20. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    A hearty congratulations to you. I was also confirmed recently as well. It is good. I pray that you may receive every Gift of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you in your journey. God Bless!

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