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  1. Fatima

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    When I have spoken about Trad's not having a sound grasp on God's prophets, it was people like Mr. Matt that came to mind for me. It's as if they are clueless what is happening and all they can do is blame VatII and not the root of the problem, Freemasonry, which infiltrated the Vatican in high offices well before VatII. Freemasonry is the problem and prophecy has warned us of this for centuries. Hopefully Mr. Matt can get this figured out.
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    “To remain in charity with PF and the hierarchy while firmly rejecting the errors.”
    That’s the best explanation I have heard, AED, plus an understanding of what Fatima said about the freemasonry being the main cause. It doesn’t ignore what Our Lady told us about diabolical disorientation.
    We can’t throw out the Catechism which teaches us about the Papacy. It teaches us about sin. We are trying to work out our salvation in fear and trembling. We are Catholics, called to respect the Office of the Papacy, even if the Pope is in error. We must follow the Traditional Magisterium and obey in all things but sin.
    The older I get, the closer I am to my
    Particular Judgment. Sobering thought
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  3. picadillo

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    ...what about all those souls following PF on their way to potentially hell. Their day of judgement is also sobering...all done in the name of the church. I heard the same arguments about why we shouldn't expose the pedo's in the clergy.
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    I am not disagreeing with you
    I am saying there’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with this crisis
    “Rejecting the errors, remain in charity”
    And right now it looks like prayer and penance
    Our Lady at Fatima addressed your concerns and told us what to do
    And much of what She has requested has not been carried out. We are reaping it now.
    I read something about the sin of giving scandal. It encourages others to sin!
    There is so much commentary on the internet and in the press. We read it , we agree, we pass it on, it gets enlarged like that game of telephone. It enrages us. We act out.
    It’s really a fine line to walk in charity. I find some relief by staying away from a lot of the videos and articles. I find if there is something I need to know, that God wants me to know, He will see to it that I find out.
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    Who gets to define what mean-spirited is? What is the truth? In this case, the truth is very difficult to swallow. Are we our btothers keepers? Are we sinning by keeping a bushel basket over the light/truth? I am a catholic and I am resisting PF . Period. Very sobering for me. Aren't all his buddies satanists? Mcarick? Coppopalmerio? Scalfari? Bono? Jeffrey Sachs? His pervert buddy bishop in Argentina? Against the blind and deaf? Are you kidding me. I want to scream it from the rooftops. My tone is mean-spirited? Blessing homosexual marriages? Pure evil. Yes. His non actions in not combatting evil are pure evil.
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  6. AED

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    I think you are experiencing righteous anger. But he is still Pope and we owe him respect in spite of how (rightly)aggrieved we are. It's a tough pill to swallow but an abusive father is still the father and therefore his "office" as father must be respected while resisting his abuse. It's a tightrope Picadillo. A terrible narrow path. I think we are all crossing this abyss the best we can with our eyes on the Blessed Mother. I would never call your words mean spirited. Did anyone else? I hope not. This is a hard saying--that we must speak charitably while resisting the manifest errors. I just went to confession again--only a week this time--because I have trouble maintaining this balance on the tightrope. You are a good man with a warrior's heart. Let's pray for each other.
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  7. Jo M

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    I was searching for the words to describe Michael Matt's tone in his recent video, and you nailed it AED, it was 'righteous anger'. However I do think his disappointment with this papacy has become very bitter. I understand his frustration, but I do agree that he has a responsibility to his viewers to deliver the facts in a manner that is respectful to the Holy Father.
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  8. HeavenlyHosts

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    These events were foretold and must come to pass. We are frustrated, yes, but I feel that we can do better at accepting that fact, self definitely included.
    St Paul did a good job describing how people would be in this time.
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  9. AED

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    I believe the key to this is to remember God has permitted this as part of the purification of the Church. And the Church surely is being purified. People are waking up and turning to prayer and to the Catechism and scripture to sort this out. That is a great grace. The winnowing fan is at work.
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  10. HeavenlyHosts

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    That’s right. You spoke well again, AED!
  11. DesertStar7

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    I did.

    I woke up.

    Prior to 2016, I'd fallen into a spiritual lethargy. All I cared about in 2015 (-skip the details-) was getting our shared life back on track, mellowing out, taking budget trips here 'n there, enjoying growing older together.

    2016 was like being struck over the head by a baseball bat. o_O I could NOT believe what I was seeing and hearing! :X3:

    Thought I'd been keeping up with "current events"...well I mistook that for being politically aware. :unsure:

    So here I am in 2019, with tremendous spiritual growth since coming to Catholicism. :love: I haven't been more happy and spiritually fulfilled in ages.
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  12. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    I just saw this post from 9 years ago! What has become of your friend with the stigmata? Did she ever open her church?
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  13. picadillo

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    I would agree with that. What I am specifically saying is that PF himself is God's purification with his band of apostate Jesuits. Also, it is PF himself who is the chastisement upon the catholic church.
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  14. AED

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    Yes. I think this may be what is going on. To quote again a very Holy priest to whom I go to confession in reference to all this: "you have a right to be angry. And it will not be allowed to stand. But God has permitted this as part of the purification of the Church. We must pray."
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  15. HeavenlyHosts

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    not only the band of apostate Jesuits, but the whole faction of sodomite clergy who are being allowed to flourish
    St. Peter Damian, pray for us, pray for the Church
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  16. AED

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    There is a saint--a priest--who said the worst chastisement God could impose on the Church and the world was bad priests. I think we are in a mega-chastisement. Wish I could remember the name of this priest. St John Eudes maybe.o_O
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  17. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 + To Jesus through Mary @-}--

    A garden can only have so many weeds until it's not a garden anymore.

    Jesus did drive the money changers out of the temple, and he wasn't polite in doing so.

    I'm praying all involved will see their wrongs, repent, turn from their willful ways...or be driven out by Christ.
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    St John Eudes, yes it is
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  19. Sam

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    In his book ‘The Priest: His Dignity and Obligations’ St John Eudes wrote that God permits bad priests as a sign that He is thoroughly angry with His people. In Chapter 11, Qualities of a Priest St John Eudes writes:

    Bad priests are a sign of God’s anger

    ‘THE MOST EVIDENT MARK of God’s anger and the most terrible castigation He can inflict upon the world are manifested when He permits His people to fall into the hands of clerics’ who are priests more in name than in deed, priests who practice the cruelty of ravening wolves rather than the charity and affection of devoted shepherds.

    Instead of nourishing those committed to their care, they rend and devour them brutally. Instead of leading their people to God, they drag Christian souls into hell in their train. Instead of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, they are its innocuous poison and its murky darkness.
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  20. AED

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    Yikes. I think we can surmise God is very very angry. O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to you.

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