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    Brian, could you please provide your resource for this information that an era of peace will come before the Antichrist? From my studies, it appears to me that the only separation between the minor chastisements and the major ones will be the Warning, which brings only a temporary pause between the two and the era of peace comes after the climax of the all events with the 3 days of darkness. Thanks.
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    This is the general timeline established in Desmond Birch’s TTT book. I can’t give chapter and verse but he gives a fairly compelling argument for it. The era of peace can’t be after the AC because that’s the time of Christ’s Second Coming, and The End.
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    It is also Yves Dupont's position that the AC comes after an era of peace and directly before the end of the world.
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    There are in fact two different periods.

    In short, the first to come is the Chastisement-also known as the “Minor Chastisement”, as opposed to the "Major Chastisement" during the reign of the Anti-Christ. This is a 3-4 year period of wars for Asia and Europe and revolutions all over the world. There are many prophesies that speak about the good being martyred in droves, and a great war in Europe which will be kick started by a great French revolution. Muslims, Leftists and Communists will make up one side, and the other will be composed of Catholics led by the Great Catholic Monarch and a Holy Pope who will miraculously defeat the enemy.

    After the Chastisement, the ones left will be Catholics,people going to convert to the Catholic faith, and even a few people of bad will. After this comes a period of Catholicism and peace greater than has ever been. This will last for a period of time The next period is called the “Major Chastisement” where the official Anti-Christ will come and will deceive many. The good will be martyred, and there will be another period of great persecution as the early Church experienced. However, the Anti-Christ will be killed (some say by Michael the Archangel himself), and Jesus will return shortly after in the second coming. Thus ends the world.
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    That’s exactly as I remember it and as I’ve come to believe it will occur. Thank you.
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    I can assure you that the below will get scant if any coverage on ABCNNBCBS-PBS/NYT/WashPo/BBC. Atheists, deranged Liberal Neighbors and armed God-Guy citizens do not match The Left's News Template, Talking-Points or Agenda. In fact, I'll go as far to say that the Left considers Atheists and angry liberals fellow-travelers in their quest to install godless Socialism and quash dissent from Christians and Conservatives!

    "Report: Texas Church Shooter Was Atheist, Thought Christians ‘Stupid"

    "A good guy with a gun stopped the Texas church shooter — now hear what one of the heroes has to say"

    "Neighbors Say Rand Paul’s Attacker Was An Avowed Socialist"

    Oh!!!! ..... and "What's the Deal" on the Las Vegas Massacre?? Media and "Authorities" gone all but silent ..... somebody knows something and ya can bet the farm that Christians, Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots can't be found among the guilty!

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    A time of sifting, a time of decision is upon us. Upon America and the world. Each one of us will have to give answer to the eternal question of Christ: “who do you say I am?”.
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    Desmond can be as wrong as anyone on this. Many credible prophecies have the return of Jesus in the era of peace after the tribulation a Eucharistic reign unlike today, when most people today are clueless of his real presence, even among most Catholics today. This era of peace will bring about a most intimate relationship with our Eucharistic Lord, as the fulfillment of the Lords prayer that, "his will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven" will come to be. Jesus only physical presence walking on earth will take place at the end of the world, as you say, when he will judge the living and the dead and this world we live in will cease to exists. Our Lord has been revealing this in our time to prepare us, but few are paying attention. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I will start a new thread on the Era of Peace and the Era of the Divine Will.
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    And what will happen when they start shooting up the Catholic Churches here in the U.S.? I think most Bishops will be reluctant to allow concealed carry in their diocese. But certainly a discussion needs to take place on the matter. I suppose a bunch of churches will have to be shot up before we can actually have a discussion on the matter. Certainly, the local bishop has the authority to decide this matter.
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    Frankly, if they start targeting Catholic Churches, I wouldn’t give a hoot what the local bishop says.

    There’s a reason why they call concealed carry “concealed carry.”
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    Ah, In my state the law is that I must obtain the permission of the highest ranking local church official to conceal carry in church, otherwise I could get a fine, and charged with a crime.
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    Unless there’s a need to withdraw the weapon from concealment, I.e., a life threatening situation, there would never be a reason for anyone to know one is carrying in Church. And if it comes to that point, I’d rather face a fine and/or criminal prosecution than an armed, deranged and evil perpetrator unarmed. “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”
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    If they apply the same diligence to enforcing that rule as they do to protecting the Blessed Eucharist from Sacrilege, you needn't bother about concealment. Tell them your personal relationship with Jesus includes the semi-automatic and they might gift you some spare ammo.
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    Here's an interesting summary of some of the rats being revealed around the world. I am almost becoming numb after each revelation.
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    If anyone wants to know what your state allows go to

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