That's the end of the world as we know it - Coronavirus and other disasters

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by San Andreas, Mar 12, 2020.

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    So true!
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    I pray you are right.
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    Sickens me to no end....”penance, penance, penance “.
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    Los Angeles is in full lockdown.

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    Oh dear.
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    Let's pray a total lock down of the thilthy movies and tv shows takes place in HollyWood
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    What is the thoughts around here as to why the church did this with the pachamama. And further what did the church say was the reason. I mean the placed a false god on the alter and worshiped it. What was the reason? I didn't pay much attention to the why's of that story when it first came out.
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    Just heard today the movie industry is tanking. Good.
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    Andy, Good questions.

    Some bishops stated that they did not realize what the statues stood for, others called the statues Pachamama including Pope Francis.

    The forum had a very long discussion about this and much was exposed. The following article might serve as a good summary as to what happened . I haven't read this recently but it does look like it might help you.

    I really hope that others answer your questions also because my answer is probably not very good but I think this is the age old pointing of the finger at Western civilization. Iow, restating the same thing that has been said many times in the past that the West is too rigid and not loving the way that indigenous people are. Of course, this is so ridiculous it is difficult to fathom but I do believe that this is some of thought process involved by many at the Vatican. It also appeared to be the age old battle between the capitalists (Westerners for the most part) and those whom the capitalists take advantage of. I do believe that this has happened in the past and still happens today but I think over simplifications of our human inadequacies can truly have catastrophic results like the idea that proper evangelization is not something that the Catholic Church should be doing when in fact Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." I am probably also over simplifying what occurred at and around the Pan-Amazonian synod but this is my short summary, I suppose.

    You are smarter than I am about these things. I am sure that after you read a little more about this you will be able to explain it to me far better than I have explained it you but I hope that I helped you a little bit.

    PS - In addition, there has been evidence that the use of idols by cardinals in the Church like Cardinal Cupich is continuing. :eek:

    Edited to add the following:
    "A bowl of dirt on the right of the stone is there to represent Pachamama, because of her status as a Mother Earth.[10]"

    Personally, I absolutely can not understand how a cardinal of the Catholic church could allow this to occur after everything that occurred this past Fall in relation to these idols and bowls of earth. :mad:


    I also came across the following article which will probably interest some here. I am only posting a portion of it but you can click on the title to read it in it's entirety. I am not at all familiar with the author or his blog but this writing is very appropriate for this discussion imho.

    On Divine Judgement and the Coronavirus
    March 11, 2020Culture of Life, Sufferingabortion, Divine Judgement, euthanasia, Pachamama, Providence, Punishment, Sin

    As punishment for their idolatrous worship of the Golden Calf, God sent a plague among the Israelites (c.f. Ex 32:30-35). Serving as a bookend to this event, St. John tells us that the fourth rider of the Apocalypse brings with him plague “by means of the beasts of the earth” to punish mankind. And between these two instances, Scripture is replete with many cases in which mankind suffers a plague in punishment for sin. The point is that it is a common means that God uses in order to punish wayward mankind and, we ought not be surprised that in our age of decadence that we are once again witnessing the rise of a new plague.

    At the outset it must be admitted that the notion that anything that happens is associated with Divine retribution is hardly ever discussed. It is usually embarrassingly glossed over so that only those “fire and brimstone preachers” animated with a punitive view of God that speak of it. Nevertheless true Christians must see it and call it what it is.

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  14. Blizzard

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    So clearly stated in the Bible.

    So many passages.

    But these days in Rome who cares for the word of God?

    “And the Lord struck the people with a plague “

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    Very well explained Carol. Thankyou. It's actually the best summary of the whole thing I have read.
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    There has been a big desire on the part of our current pope to try and appease all those who worship different than "us". Our Pope has tried to open up to dialog with some of the most sinful of sinful from the onstart. The homosexuals, the indigenous and their false worshipping gods, the communists and socialists etc.... and has found a large contingency within the hierarchy to join in and often times lead. But the worship of the idols of Pachamama was the straw that broke the camel's back! Evil never intended to be loosed from hell was loosed upon the Vatican and our world. An excorsism of the Vatican must now take place by the Pope and hierarchy together or it will fall!! Mark my words, we will all see it soon if this does not happen.
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