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  1. padraig

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    People, being people will always have negative and positive thoughts about us.

    The only thing that really counts is what God thinks.

    If I worried what people thought I would never post anything.

    The time is fast approaching when they will be killing us and throwing us in prison for who and what we are.

    We can feel the chill and frost all around us.

    But that doesn't matter either, it's just proof that we really are walking in Christ's footsteps.
  2. fallen saint, I actually agreed with your whole post that is why I put a like on it, it is not the other way around, I liked your message about the vaccines and our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit, as well as the theory of the plan of the elites.

    My previous comment is actually an affirmative to what you have said it that it "it is an abomination that opens us up to evil, " and I provided a supporting example. The negative thoughts I was referring to are the negative thoughts that the devil suggests to us that go against God as well as our neighbor.

    so please share more fallen saint , I really liked your previous post =D
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  3. HeavenlyHosts

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    Keep posting!!!!
  4. andree

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    Me too. It's all theoretical til a loved one becomes ill. I can read stories about other people and feel compassion, grief and I pray for them all but when one of my daughter's best friends went to emergency for heart pain a few months ago, it sent chills down my spine and I felt cold all over and got a sense of terrible something.....I don't know what, the evil of it coming closer to us perhaps?

    Sometimes when I let certain things sink in, it is truly a mystery to me how Jesus and His Mother managed to stay on earth for the years that they did, knowing better than I do how much stinking sin the world is covered in. But they rested in the Heart of the Father where they were in His Peace. We who see will have to pray like mad to enter that same Heart to remain at Peace. I'm thinking that this is part of the trial also, to increase in us all our desire for entry into the Paternal Heart through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We should have had this desire within us all the time but sin got in the way. Now sin will force us to desire it to get back in fully - perhaps in preparation for the warning. Maybe it's one of the ways that Satan evil actions are playing into God's plan...I don't know if this makes sense?
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    My diocese announced this week that many of the schools will be vaccine sites for 5 and up now. How awful that the church gets into this. Many parents have protested and priests are publicly shaming those parents. What is happening in this world? Pray for us oh Holy Mother of God!!!
  6. Jo M

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    If the Holy Father had refrained from supporting the pro vaccine agenda, none of this would be happening. Sadly his approval of the vaccines has been weaponized, and provided the fuel for this public shaming. :( I can't tell you how many times I have heard both Catholics, and non Catholics use the Pope's position to validate their choice to be vaccinated, and to criticize those who have decided not to take the jabs. My heart is weary, but I will continue to pray for Pope Francis.
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  7. padraig

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    In my own Traditional Church no one wears a mask.

    In the seaside Church I am in I'm the only one without a mask.

    Quite a reversal.

    I sit in the baby's Chapel alone at the back behind the glass screens alone in the hope that my Dastardly Action might be more acceptable.

    Perhaps I am being Paranoid but I thought I saw the priest from the altar stare at me fixedly from the altar for several minutes

    I stared fixedly back

    He dropped the eye contact first.
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  8. Agnes McAllister

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    Its the great delusion. Its almost like people are under a spell. Yes Mary is our hope during this time.
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  9. padraig

    padraig Powers

    These are my fellow Catholics, but I have a feeling they're getting set to have a neck tie party for me.

    No one can live forever , but these folks are sure trying hard..
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  10. padraig

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    This fear and division is the work of the devil.

    From the Greek word, Diabolos to divide.
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  11. AED

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    Pope Pius XII was quoted as saying "when the Church and the world are one then our troubles will begin in earnest." Many think he foresaw what was coming. I think Malachi Martin indicated he did.
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  12. Muzhik

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    Just an observation: when debating about whether or not something is "the Mark of the Beast", you have to remember that it is to be something worldwide. EVERYONE, in a first world or a third world, will be subject to it.
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  13. Malachi

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    I have had this exact experience. Interlocking wills fascinating stuff. The war of angels
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  14. jackzokay

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    This is very true.
    I find myself getting dragged into arguments and debates with those that have taken the V.
    It is so easy to do.
    This is the devil's plan. He wants and thrives on this.
    I must get 'smarter' - for the greater the division, the more it hurts we - 'the people'.
    For we are all the targets - our destruction is the goal of this vile and malicious campaign.
  15. padraig

    padraig Powers

    It is a bit like arguing about religion, pointless.

    I have learnt to keep silence.
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  17. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

  18. padraig

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    Our Lady in all her recent credible apparitions has never ever spoken about making physical preparations, only Spiritual.

    There is natural human prudence of course
  19. padraig

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    But I wouldn't go crazy about it
  20. AED

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    Agree. I think it was mark Mallett who said have enough on hand for God to multiply when necessary.:)

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