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    The Chinese might be gambling on the lack of will of a country that couldn't even defeat the Taliban.
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    Is anyone else having problems with the web pages in this forum? Pages 574, 575, and 576 are blank, and 577, 578, and 579 have only one post per page.
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    Yes its quite possible we lost some data when our database crashed.. could I ask instead of notifying strange things like this on the thread itself could we send a pm or report it..I will create a thread in forum maintenance called Bug Reports which can be used to report as well..thanks unfortunately I cant read every thread so might miss something (y)

    thats it fixed now ;)

    thread created
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    Retired Pope Benedict pens letter about his own death
    Oct 20, 2021
    by The Associated Press
    This Oct. 19, 2014 file photo shows Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as he arrives in St. Peter's Square. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini, FILE)
    ROME — Retired Pope Benedict XVI has said he hopes to soon join a beloved professor friend in “the afterlife,” in a sign that the 94-year-old pontiff is not only accepting his eventual death but welcoming it.

    Benedict penned an Oct. 2 letter to a German priest, thanking him for letting him know of the passing of the Rev. Gerhard Winkler, a Cistercian priest and academic colleague of the former Joseph Ratzinger.

    “Of all my colleagues and friends he was the closest to me,” Benedict wrote, according to the letter reproduced in German media. “Now he has reached the afterlife, where many friends certainly await him. I hope I can join them soon.”

    Benedict became the first pope in 600 years to resign when he renounced the papacy in 2013, saying he didn’t have the strength of body and mind to guide the Catholic Church.

    Throughout the papacy of Pope Francis, Benedict has lived in a converted monastery in the Vatican gardens, occasionally greeting visitors and writing, but by and large keeping to his vow to live “hidden to the world.”
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    No problem here
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    God bless him. So lonely. Lost his brother awhile back, too.
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    Ratzinger seems to be the surest reference of John Paul II's legacy among us, not only because of the friendship between them and theological closeness, but also because they both faced up close the horrors of Nazism and Communism.
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    December 8 is also the day devoted to Virgin of Desatanudos, that has been advocated for recently at our Church. They presented that Pope Francis is devoted to Virgin of Desatanudos, based on German painting. Very concerning is name “De” “Satan” “nudos” — from Satan knots.
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    I always thought that the Pope was devoted to Our Lady, UNDOER of knots.
    I’m certain of this. Is this a different translation? I have said that Novena to her under that title.
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    “desata” “nudos” means undoer of knots
    “De” “satan” “nudos” means from satan knots
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    I have not heard this at all
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    The devotion is based solely on a painting, no messages or apparitions from Our Lady.
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    Yes, I knew that. I think it’s legit, though, and not satanic. Imho
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    I don’t trust what Catholic journalists say Benedict says and does. I think he might be a prisoner.
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    Well, I see your point. But not to overthink the name, my feelings as I prayed the novena were for Our Lady to undo the knots in my life mainly from an event that happened in my past. I think knots in our lives are caused by the evil one, or evil influences in ourselves which bring them on. In Scripture, we are told that the Lord can make the crooked way straight. Just my thoughts on the subject. And I am so happy for your exemption. What a blessing for you and your husband. May it please God to remove the mandates.
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    You are so right! Parents have to watch everything….I pity them. It’s getting rediculous.
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    Thank you so much for your insight on my concerns.
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