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    I love a Marian peacefulness, a sense of not letting it all go.

    Padre Pio was a good example.

    I get this feeling From Cardinal Burke.

    I get this from Bishop Athanasius Schnieder...

    Who I consider to be living saints

    But not from the Father or Archbishop Vigano too high a tone, too. too, high a tone...

    .. too much the shout, too much the rage..
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    I mean no disrespect to them, but still..
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    Yes. Exactly.
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    Prayers prayers prayers.
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    Live Action (pro-life organization started by Lila Rose, totally or co-founded) has started sending out a daily's very good.

    Anyway, here is one story they featured: Teen with Down syndrome cries with joy for making high school dance team (

    I like this second video, really abortion exploits women, even oppresses and attacks them. It is a difficult issue.

    Lila started her organization when she was like still a's another "charity" I got on their mailing list... so many organizations....requesting sometimes donations, I have not given to them but I think they are getting a lot better. This daily news digest, if one gets on the mailing list is very good. Lila Rose is Catholic I'm pretty sure, she might be a convert...they are out in very liberal California but she's pretty smart. Still a lot of good people if I may say. New York, California but also a number of smaller states, New Mexico, New England states have very liberal abortion laws, terrible. Lila is on national news programs from time to time.

    If one is interested, I'd visit Live Action's website and surely, one can get on their mailing list, they seemed to have really stepped up on their news coverage just in the past few weeks. Every day it seems like they have a good news story or more.
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