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    I love a Marian peacefulness, a sense of not letting it all go.

    Padre Pio was a good example.

    I get this feeling From Cardinal Burke.

    I get this from Bishop Athanasius Schnieder...

    Who I consider to be living saints

    But not from the Father or Archbishop Vigano too high a tone, too. too, high a tone...

    .. too much the shout, too much the rage..
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    I mean no disrespect to them, but still..
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    Yes. Exactly.
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    Prayers prayers prayers.
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    Live Action (pro-life organization started by Lila Rose, totally or co-founded) has started sending out a daily's very good.

    Anyway, here is one story they featured: Teen with Down syndrome cries with joy for making high school dance team (

    I like this second video, really abortion exploits women, even oppresses and attacks them. It is a difficult issue.

    Lila started her organization when she was like still a's another "charity" I got on their mailing list... so many organizations....requesting sometimes donations, I have not given to them but I think they are getting a lot better. This daily news digest, if one gets on the mailing list is very good. Lila Rose is Catholic I'm pretty sure, she might be a convert...they are out in very liberal California but she's pretty smart. Still a lot of good people if I may say. New York, California but also a number of smaller states, New Mexico, New England states have very liberal abortion laws, terrible. Lila is on national news programs from time to time.

    If one is interested, I'd visit Live Action's website and surely, one can get on their mailing list, they seemed to have really stepped up on their news coverage just in the past few weeks. Every day it seems like they have a good news story or more.
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    I would not jump to conclusions but a sad interesting development that some are saying looks suspicious. We need to know more.

    Journalist who broke Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac story dies by suicide | Daily Mail Online

    The 45-year-old television news man who was the first to report of a secret meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch that was held on her private jet in 2016 has died of an apparent suicide.

    Police in Hoover, Alabama, said they received a 911 call at 8:13am on Saturday of a person down at a home on Scout Trace.

    First responders arrived at the home and found the body of Christopher Sign, a former University of Alabama football player and veteran broadcast journalist with Birmingham's ABC TV affiliate WBMA-LD.​

    Who is Christopher Sign's wife Laura? (
    From this link, you can see an instagram photo, he was the father of three sons, it looked like a very lovely family.

    Did Christopher Sign get death threats after Clinton tarmac story? Friends can't believe 'suicide' suggestion
    Did Christopher Sign get death threats after Clinton tarmac story? Friends can't believe 'suicide' suggestion | MEAWW

    An apparent co-worker tweeted out:

    Jamie Hale

    I can’t believe we have an article with this title. It doesn’t feel real. We were in the office together last night cutting up like we always do. I don’t understand why. I can’t talk about you in the past tense. The grief today is unbearable.
    He wrote a book about this "airport tarmac" sounds like he won awards for his reporting.


    So, a rather disturbing, strange incident.
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    Unfortunately everything surrounding the Clintons is suspicious, and disturbing. :(
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    That story does tear me up, he looked like a real good guy...also, apparently, worked at one time at a station not far from where I was in the world can this happen?

    Rest in peace Ned Beatty as well. Good actor, I don't know his other films as well as "Deliverance", he seems kind of familiar. "Friendly Fire", I do know that movie and saw it not too long ago.


    Available to watch at: Watch Friendly Fire (1979) - Free Movies | Tubi ( It was originally a TV movie with Carol Burnett too. A pretty heart-wrenching story, they lose their son in Vietnam.

    And apparently, played a Priest in "The execution of Eddie Slovik."
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    Who gives a hill of beans about a podcast, a freaking podcast by a "Boston affiliate of NPR"... ground breaking? LOL....but I was reading one of those newspapers for an Archdiocese, they cited this news story... you know, it's true, unfortunately at times, it seems Mother Teresa is talked down... or her order... 5,000 strong in the world which is really something...

    The author of this article worked with her and her order, the Missonaries of Charity, as a legal counsel. Won't dwell on this, if interested, please see article.

    Mother Teresa: Reject Smear Campaign against Her | National Review

    ....Each day more than 5,000 women in 139 countries follow in Mother Teresa’s footsteps, joined by the hundreds of professed brothers and priests of her order. They happily serve those whom Mother Teresa described as “Jesus in His distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor,” come what may. With the MC nuns, as with Mother Teresa, there is no fleeing, no turning. They are the sisters who stayed.
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    Good article:

    Flying the Flag for Woke Imperialism
    "The woke elites claim they want to ‘decolonise’ everything, but they are quite happy to pursue their own form of cultural colonialism around the world"
    Sean Collins 16 Jun 21

    Secretary of state Antony Blinken has authorised US embassies to fly the Black Lives Matter and rainbow Pride flags. The immediate spur for this decision is clear. Late May marked the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and June is Pride month. But to fly flags other than the Stars and Stripes from the buildings that represent the US abroad is still extraordinary. It shows that the Biden administration is committed to exporting its woke values around the globe.

    Embassies have flown BLM flags in many countries, including Bosnia, Cambodia and the UK, while Pride flags have been flown by embassies in Russia, Luxembourg and Namibia. In a move seemingly designed to troll the Vatican, which remains opposed to same-sex marriage, the US embassy to the Holy See tweeted that it was celebrating Pride month by displaying the rainbow flag. There are no reports of rainbow flags in Saudi Arabia, however.

    Blinken and his State Department claim that flying these flags merely signals the US’s support for the rights of ‘people of colour’ and ‘LGBTQI+ persons’. But this does not explain why Pride and BLM, which are political movements, enjoy such a privileged status.

    Although the Biden team may imagine these movements to be unquestionably good, they are far from universally endorsed within the US. Only half of Americans support BLM, according to a recent poll by Civiqs. Same-sex marriage does have majority support, according to a recent poll. But it is still a divisive issue. Meanwhile, trans rights are hotly contested at the moment. There is a good reason why embassies, until now, have avoided taking sides in domestic political controversies. Imagine the outcry if US missions abroad displayed the flags of other disputed political organisations within the US, like the National Right to Life Committee or the National Rifle Association.

    What’s more, as the woke elites fly the BLM and Pride flags, they have started to look down on the American flag. The BLM flag is almost viewed as an antidote to the Stars and Stripes. BLM protesters say it represents ‘slavery, genocide and war’. Burning the American flag was commonplace during last year’s BLM riots.

    Meanwhile, the rainbow image is ubiquitous in American society. Displaying the Pride flag is a way to let everyone know you are a morally good person. Pride marches have become a bigger deal than Memorial Day marches. All wings of elite culture celebrate Pride (including on kids’ TV shows aimed at four-year-olds).

    Today’s chattering classes consider the American flag to be a symbol of Neanderthal backwardness. Earlier this week, Mara Gay, a member of the New York Times editorial board, spoke of her horror at seeing American flags:

    More: Flying the Flag for Woke Imperialism (
    Sad, yes, that New York Times editorial has made the news.

    Truth, pray for our country!

    We also need to challenge this new cultural imperialism. The woke elites claim they want to ‘decolonise’ everything, but they are quite happy to pursue their own form of cultural colonialism around the world. This new woke imperialism might appear benign, but it has the potential to be very destructive indeed.​
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    Man slammed his car into "pride" parade in Fort Lauderdale Florida,

    The thing is, he appears to be gay and part of the parade.

    The white pickup truck had been lined up with other floats at the beginning of the parade when it suddenly accelerated and ran over two people taking part in the event.

    The two victims were both taken to Broward Health Medical Center via ambulance where one was later pronounced dead, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony said

    Wilton Manors Pride Parade: '1 man killed & 1 hurt as truck plows into crowd' & narrowly misses Rep. Wasserman Schultz (
    In other news: Ted Lieu: Catholic bishops are 'partisan hypocrites' for considering denying Biden Communion (

    I've never heard much good from Ted Lieu, sorry. Not a very Christian response IMHO...
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