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    So, is this the same "Colm Meaney" who is a famous actor?? I take it that it is...

    COLM MEANEY: A silent church is of little use | Gript

    To be prophetic is a gift granted to the few: that rare ability, not to “go with the flow” or just blandly accept the status quo, but to look perspicaciously at the present and to offer one’s careful judgement. However contrarian the prophet may appear to his contemporaries, ultimately he is speaking for their long-term good. When he sees something seriously awry in the society, he points this out, and, most importantly, points to a solution. The classic biblical example is Jeremiah in the 6th century BC, when Israel was attacked by the Babylonians. He counselled that it would be better to negotiate or surrender, but the powers that be decided to fight. The result was the complete destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation of a large percentage of the population to slavery in Babylon. Jeremiah was in a tiny minority; he could see what lay ahead if things didn’t change and he had the courage to speak out; and he was proven right.

    However, a skill needed, even before any prophecy is done, is that of discernment: the calm taking stock of things, of weighing up various factors, trying to figure out what’s what. This skill is not as rare as prophecy – in fact the ability to discern should surely be second nature to all those who have passed through any decent programme of religious formation, not to mention those who are actively engaged in formation – or indeed anyone gifted with an ability to distinguish accurate reporting and sagacious analysis from panic-inducing propaganda. I had assumed that it was an ingrained habit of those who had undergone a religious formation (as I had), to be questioning, enquiring. But since March 2020, every pronouncement on Covid coming from any official body has been accepted and believed without question or quibble. Only 10 to a funeral; only 15 to a wedding. Don’t leave your home. Don’t travel more than 5 kms. Wear a mask. Close your business indefinitely. Close your church. All accepted without question, without demur, instant capitulation. In other words, no discernment; no questioning of the many panic-predictions which have continued now for almost 16 months; no prophecy, and I would say definitely little or no leadership. A truly dark time for the church and the broader society, not only in Ireland, but in many countries.

    The church, after all, is not an arm or agency of the government or of civil society, but essentially an alternative society, often living in serene harmony with the wider society but often at severe loggerheads (more of this anon): it exists to offer an alternative and often contrary viewpoint or teaching. Therefore, when panic buttons were being pushed in March 2020, the church leadership, while being admittedly spooked by the apocalyptic images and reporting appearing relentlessly on the mainstream media, ought surely to have exercised the charism of discernment. Hard questions should have been asked of the facts and figures coming forth at the time. But if the leadership was forgivably hesitant back in March 2020 to ask any penetrating questions about the accuracy of the reporting – how figures were being compiled, why almost all deaths were being labelled “Covid-19”, etc., – well that excuse has now worn very thin. It has been almost 16 months, and we’re still being subject to the same weary, dreary diet of panic-mongering, the same relentless harping on about “cases”, etc. I mean, I thought that boredom or ennui would have set in by now among most of the population.​

    Continued at link.

    More on Meaney: Colm Meaney - Wikipedia
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    Not the actor.

    From the link you provided:

    Colm Meaney was a missionary priest in the Philippines since 1991. He is back in Ireland for the present
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    Thanks, well I did read the whole article but scanned past that where it was listed and went to the bottom of the page... to other things,

    High-School Valedictorian Abortion Plea: Cry for Help | National Review


    There is a war on her body. She’s absolutely right. The scandal of women’s health care is that oral contraceptives essentially get prescribed automatically for a whole host of problems — doctors figure that any teenage girl should be on them anyway. That’s supposedly our only way to prevent pregnancy and abortion. Meanwhile, that’s the start of a cruel journey we set women up for: turn their focus to career and sexual autonomy, only for them to realize too late in life that they actually wanted to have children – and actual, fruitful love. Pre-COVID, commuter trains in the New York metropolitan area often told that tale, with ads for fertility treatments. These treatments tend to be costly and heartbreaking, and perversely part of the culture of death, given that they create “excess” or unwanted embryos that are eventually destroyed. “Selective reduction” is the euphemism.

    “I am terrified, that if my contraceptives fail . . . if I am raped, then my hopes and aspirations and dreams and efforts for my future will no longer matter,” Smith said. “I hope that you can feel how gut-wrenching that is. I hope you can feel how dehumanizing it is, to have the autonomy over your own body taken away from you.”

    This dear, sweet girl. What’s dehumanizing is a culture telling her that her natural ability to bring life into the world is anything but amazing. How many ways have we as a society failed her? Sex is presented as something so casual, as if it’s akin to watching something on Netflix or TikTok. Starbucks in the morning, sex at night. Contraception next to the water bottle, as if they were the essentials for daily life. And of course, how much of TikTok involves explicit degradations of the human person? It doesn’t have to be this way.
    I am a male but I've been told my women I respect that abortion hurts them deeply. I men they way they can be made into sex objects, life is disposable.

    I have always been pro-life; but reading around,

    Here in the USA, I can't talk for other countries, blacks make up 12-14% of the population but black unborn are aborted at a very high rate (and I mean 40-50% or even higher) . 1/3rd of abortions in total in the USA are African American, Planned Parenthood clinics found in or near "minority" neighborhoods.

    Are there problems in the inner-city? Is life treated as disposable? Disrespected?

    So, was pro-life previously and maybe skin color should not affect my judgement but the stats are incredible, shocking. More on this here: | L.E.A.R.N. Northeast

    So, that's about all for my pro-life rant... the National Review column is correct.

    More: Dr. Anthony Fauci Tied to Scandal Involving Human-Animal Hybrid Experiments with Aborted Fetal Parts by Rebecca Downs (

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    This link to the scandal involving Dr Fauci is a must read. How far down into the pits of hell we have gone in this country!
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    Stand With Altman Tickets, Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite


    We are holding a rally/fundraiser for Fr. Altman on Tuesday evening, June 22 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. A limited number of tickets are available for a private dinner with Fr. Altman in advance of the address to the general audience. General admission tickets for Fr. Altman's talk is limited to 175 persons. However, there will also be a free livestream of the event for those who register in advance. Net proceeds from this event will be donated to Fr. Altman's legal defense.​

    Help spread the word by sharing this event on social media by clicking on one of the social media icons below. If you are unable to attend, please consider making a donation in support of Fr. Altman.
    link: Stand With Altman Tickets, Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

    This is interesting, these private dinners are generally $500 or up and are almost always about politicians.

    Conservative (or maybe better put, "Real" or maybe "voice of reason") news source, "Alpha News MN" sent out an email on this.
    News - Alpha News (

    AlphanewsMN, first on the net from what I know is possibly moving to print media and also they apparently have news trucks to deliver newspapers. Pretty brave little entity.

    Alpha News - Posts | Facebook
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    Serious crime in Canada today.

    Muslim family members targeted in fatal hit and run, police say, driver charged with murder | CBC News

    Canada: Family targeted in fatal anti-Muslim attack, police say | Islamophobia News | Al Jazeera

    A 20-year-old suspect identified as Nathaniel Veltman has been arrested, local police said in a statement earlier on Monday. He has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, Global News reported.

    “There is no known previous connection between the suspect and the victims,” Waight said.​
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    "Memento Mori" just published about in Forbes magazine:

    Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble’s Modern Memento Mori (

    Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble’s Modern Memento Mori

    At Portugal’s Capela dos Ossos, Franciscan monks decorated the chapel walls with intricate patterns of 5,000 human bones and skulls. An inscription over the entrance reminds the living on behalf of the dead that ‘our bones await your bones.’ The chapel’s mirror effect is a core compositional principle in memento mori art. Artistically, death is always a mode of self-portraiture, but memento mori seeks to catalyze the shock of recognition as a means of contemplating a more virtuous life. The form’s secular origins date to the Stoics, but focusing on the ‘Last Things’ has also been a longstanding part of Catholic ascetic practice and devotion. In recent years, the rediscovery of Catholicism’s traditional forms of art, liturgy, and culture – often in surprising new iterations – has brought about renewed interest in the practice. The New York Times, for example, recently profiled author and modern-day maker of memento mori, Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, as ‘the Nun Who Wants You to Remember You Will Die.’ It’s true, she does. But her second name, Aletheia, means ‘disclosure’ as well as ‘fact’ in Greek. It points toward memento mori’s relationship between recognizing the fact of mortality and inviting us into the process of self-examined living that death discloses. I recently spoke with Sister Theresa Aletheia about the form’s contemporary resonance.

    Salyer: Social media offers so many composed images of lifestyles as real life. Simulacra. There’s something refreshing about seeing one of your posts that simply says: ‘you are going to die.’ How does a devotion like memento mori – one that’s very focused on the physical – translate into online culture?

    Sr. Theresa: Death is taboo in our modern world. Even when we talk about it, we try hard not to, using euphemisms and saccharine platitudes. Perhaps because online activity is so mediated, it contributes to the scandalizing factor for people. For centuries, memento mori reminders were communicated in person, often with the very bones of the dead just feet away. Online reminders of death, on the other hand, suddenly show up in our social media feed and ruin our efforts at escapism. Memento mori returns us to our bodies, to our mortality, and to our real lives, and a lot of us go online to escape just that. So maybe online memento mori reminders are quite fitting in that way. Memento mori is supposed to return us to reality, to our bodies, to the linear nature of our lives, and to what is real and most important.

    Salyer: Is there a way in which the process of making memento mori books and art, as the Daughters of Saint Paul do, helps ‘return us to reality’ like you’re saying? Crafting something’s a physical process. On the other side of that, does contemplating something with the senses – seeing or touching death’s reminders, for example – help us understand beauty differently?

    Sr. Theresa: The Daughters of St. Paul (informally known as “media nuns”) get really excited about books because our missionary work for many decades has been centered in publishing. So after I started tweeting about my practice of daily meditation on death and people began to ask for resources to take up the practice, we were prepared to respond. I then worked with my sisters to create a memento mori journal, a Lenten devotional, a prayer book, and an upcoming Advent companion.
    Article excerpted, if one wants to see the rest, follow link.

    Daughters of St. Paul sent me this in email.

    Memento Mori Free Resource (

    I want to check all of this out.
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    Judge Orders Virginia School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns (

    Judge Orders Virginia School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns

    A Virginia state court judge on Tuesday directed Loudoun County School System officials to withdraw their suspension and other disciplinary measures against a teacher who declined to use students’ preferred pronouns.

    Elementary school teacher Byron Tanner Cross was suspended May 27 after briefly speaking against a proposal to require teachers in the Northern Virginia public school system to address students by their preferred pronouns, rather than only by those indicating male and female gender.

    Cross was also barred from being on the grounds of any of the school system’s facilities without prior permission and to be available on request to discuss the official investigation of whether his comments were disruptive.

    Represented by attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an Arizona-based public interest law firm that specializes in civil and religious liberties litigation, Cross asked the Virginia Circuit Court for the County of Loudoun on June 1 to force the school system to withdraw its disciplinary actions via a Temporary Restraining Order while the case proceeds.

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    My daughter is a very strong Catholic.

    She is also a public middle school teacher. She had a girl who wanted to be called a boy...Wanted male pronouns by the end of the school year.

    My daughter struggled with this because she really cares about her students. She had to balance trying not to alianate the confused teenager with not encouraging the confusion...She wanted to help her and if the teen saw her as judgmental, she would not trust my daughter, and possibly see all Catholics as Pharisetical.

    My daughter avoided using male and female pronouns. She tried to give the girl a living example if Christian love...Not condoning the gender dysphoria, at the same time not coming off as uncaring and judgmental.

    These situations are difficult. We have to dine with sinners as Jesus did without condoning the sin.
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    What a difficult situation she was put in, just horrible.

    The devil is succeeding in cowing us from speaking Truth by accusing us of being “judgmental”. He is of course the greatest liar. It’s what cancel culture is all about. To intimidate us into backing down from Truth.

    prayers for all to stand strong and not be afraid to speak Truth. We don’t have to defend it, Truth defends itself, all we have to do is proclaim it.
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    Many of us have been put in this same position. It takes tremendous help from the Holy Spirit to navigate these troubled waters. I just finished a well written novel about Germany from 1918-1934. When the Nazis came in many good people had to tread very very carefully or risk being "canceled" permanently.
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    God bless your daughter, and all teachers who must tread carefully under very challenging situations. May Our Lord accompany all teachers in their classrooms, and bless them with the graces that they need to persevere.
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    yep. Read this article by Dennis Prager, he describes very well what occurred then and is happening now in our country:
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    I worked in a school, for that one school, I think all of the teachers earnestly cared about the children, there was no Marxist agenda, no poppycock. It was all pretty straightforward.

    To other news, I will be watching this "Kamloops School Story",

    Discovery of child graves in Canadian residential school demands further questions as many hastily attack the Church | News | LifeSite (

    Well written story, gets a bit lengthy but key matters are stated early in the article.

    And how about this story, I remember reading about something like this happening in New Jersey a few years ago: Cuyahoga is near Cleveland I believe.

    6 pro-lifers arrested inside Ohio abortion centers as they begged moms to choose life | News | LifeSite (

    6 pro-lifers arrested inside Ohio abortion centers as they begged moms to choose life
    Father Fidelis Moschinki, CFR, was among the activists arrested.
    Tue Jun 8, 2021 - 6:19 pm EST


    Police arrest Father Fidelis Moschinki, CFR, for trying to save babies inside an Ohio abortion center on June 4, 2021Lauren Handy / Facebook
    Another well written story, this happened at two different facilities. Too much detail to relay, see story. I pray for and commend these activists...they are standing up for their beliefs. It seems they say they believe they could have swayed some to not go in.

    Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and organizer of Red Rose Rescue missions, and 27-year-old Lauren Handy were arrested at a Planned Parenthood in Bedford Heights, Ohio on Saturday. After pro-life volunteers briefly spoke with two couples there, Miller said they “never got out of their vehicles” and exited the parking lot.​

    The organization they were there for, all or in part, is this one:

    Citizens for a Pro Life Society where a book called "Abandoned" is discussed as well, sounds interesting:

    Abandoned called “…the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion issue.” --- Jack Ames
    And Doctor Monica Migliorino Miller listed above, interesting, she is some sort of Doctor. These folks are really committed.
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    Father Altman, tonight...

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    YAY! We have been following this case since it is fairly local to us.
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    I also found these 2 videos interesting today.

    This first one reminded me of a recent video from Michael Matt in which he mentions the Enlightenment.


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