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    I try to be rational, I've gotten into discussions about with folks. I'm still weary of vaccines but having said that, that astrazeneca seems to be the more troubling one. So, God bless the soul of this woman.
    Lisa Shaw: Vaccine role in BBC presenter's death to be probed - BBC News

    You know for the US, the late great Bobby Kennedy's son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.... he's come out against vaccines for years, maybe some know this, this is for others. And the Kennedy family in some cases, have spoken forcefully and critically of RFK Jr. So, I don't promote this or dismiss it, it might be of interest to some. I think he's earnest in what he says.

    This below is his own website:
    Children's Health Defense • Help Children’s Health Defense and RFK, Jr. end the epidemic of poor health plaguing our children. (

    Then this:
    READ: Robert F. Kennedy, Junior: ‘NYT defamed, then CENSORED me’ | Sharyl Attkisson

    So, that's about all but yes, some have spoken very negatively of him. If RFK Jr. breaks the mode of how the Kennedy family has become and not what they were 50-60 years ago with JFK and RFK Senior, maybe that's not a bad thing. Forgive me if that is opinionated.

    I can't help, looking at lifesitenews, note a new RFK Jr. article.
    RFK, Jr. interviews investigative journalist Whitney Webb on the ‘deliberate coverup’ of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship + more | Opinion | LifeSite (

    More, he takes quite a bit of flak over all of this:
    A man for all seasons: Review of Thomas Sowell, Common sense in a Senseless World | Gript

    To other news, on Father Altman,

    May 27, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Less than 24 hours after its launch, the LifeFunder page for Father James Altman exceeded its goal! As of today, more than 1,960 people have donated nearly $180,000 in support of this heroic priest’s fight to uphold the faith and let the truth be known.​

    Fr. Altman: Thank you for standing with me and my parish | News | LifeSite (

    That's quite a fundraising tally.

    Also, I'll just post for the GRIPT website from Ireland, I've read it, thought it was pretty good. I take it, it's a more "traditional" (Catholic?) view of the news....
    Gript | News. Opinion. Analysis. Unfiltered.

    Article on Thomas Sowell: A man for all seasons: Review of Thomas Sowell, Common sense in a Senseless World | Gript
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    Canada mourns as remains of 215 children found at indigenous school - BBC News

    Shocker of a story but in all truthfulness, Canada in recent years has formerly apologized for "genocide" against the First Nation, the Native Americans. Please correct me if I am wrong. Turkey can not admit to what happened to the Armenians and it causes a big diplomatic scene.

    Then, in the news yesterday, Germany apologized, it had nothing to do with World War II but colonial times, about Namibia in Africa.

    Germany recognizes colonial killings in Namibia as genocide | CTV News

    Speaking on Armenia, here is a great movie on their trouble with Azerbaijan, it's not really a war movie...

    Watch From Two Worlds as a Keepsake (Yerku Ashkharic I - Free Movies | Tubi (
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    Maybe it's me, I thought all Native American Tribes were 1st Nation peoples. They were in the Americas long before any outside explorers.

    3rd Nation Tribes?
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    We have different terminology in the US, additionally, I correct to "First" from "Third" within minutes of the posting. I see no need to discuss this further.
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    No worries, just puzzling out loud.;):coffee:
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    I read in the thread for the movie "Paul the Apostle" some discussion on Jim Cavaziel,

    In 1996, Caviezel married Kerri Browitt, a high school English teacher. They have adopted three children from China who had cancer.[43][29] Caviezel has been a featured public speaker at religious venues since the release of The Passion of the Christ. On March 19, 2005, he was the spokesman for the first Catholic Men's Conference in Boston.[44] Caviezel's sister-in-law, Kristen, is the wife of former St. Louis Rams head coach Scott Linehan.[45]
    Jim Caviezel - Wikipedia

    He has also been a narrator for some religious shows, on the Dvine Mercy: Watch The Face of Mercy (2016) - Free Movies | Tubi (

    That said among his positives, I like him in "The Thin Red Line" too, but it sounds like he has gotten involved at least, in some Qanon theory, so we will have to see.

    How Hollywood’s ‘Jesus’ Jim Caviezel Went Full QAnon (
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    Isaiah 24:7
    I see where it says “ the new wine will be bad”
    I had always thought about new wine as being related to Christianity, born again in Christ,
    As in do not pour new wine into old wine skins. Well, the new wine of Modernism is bad. That thought struck me.
    Thanks for posting this Scripture, Blizzard. extremely prophetic.
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    Memento Mori - Daughters of St. Paul...

    Meet the Nun Who Wants You to Remember You Will Die - The New York Times (

    That is because since 2017, she has made it her mission to revive the practice of memento mori, a Latin phrase meaning “Remember your death.” The concept is to intentionally think about your own death every day, as a means of appreciating the present and focusing on the future. It can seem radical in an era in which death — until very recently — has become easy to ignore.


    Memento Mori Rosary:

    I started getting these emails I think earlier this year on this, I didn't really delve into it but maybe not is the time..... I've tried to add in their symbol in the attached file... when I first started getting these, I thought, well that's not to cheerful... but I think I will check into it.... memento mori.jpg
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    Daughters of St. Paul, the same order that sings wonderful music...

    He is born, the divine Christ Child;
    play the oboe and bagpipes merrily!
    He is born, the divine Christ Child;
    sing we all of the Savior mild.

    Continued: He Is Born |
    Can't say enough for this,, it is in the English language and French....

    That one rocks a bit, beautiful....
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    You know, Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in the Chosen....he wears a Momento Mori ring. It's a skull. At first I was taken aback thinking, is this black magic or something. He has spoken about this devotion of living each day as if it were your last. Boy, can I identify with that this year.....
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    It’s good to think about and pray for our last end. No one knows the day or the hour. Donna, you are given many graces.
    On another note, there are so many more accidents and fires around here than I ever remember. Everything is ramping up. God is in control. But an unbeliever would not realize it.
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    We had a thunder storm two nights ago and lightening hit a transformer in our housing development. We probably have about 800 homes in our neighborhood and a big flash of light and fell to the street spewing 10 ft of electrical fire into the air. Thankfully nobody was hurt. We all lost power and it made a several inch crater in the roadway.

    It was the evening and very dark. I was by myself as my husband was out helping my son in his apartment. Me and the dog rested and I read my LOTH on my kindle and it was so peaceful. No noise in the house. No electric whirring etc....
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    It was great, unless it’s in the heat of the summer or the cold of winter.:eek:
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    I have been living in recent years with a certain apprehension of losing one of my family members for any reason, even before the pandemic, whenever I talk to my 80-year-old grandmother on the phone, I fear it may be the last time
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    I know what you mean. Our hope is in the Lord, for a good reunion in Heaven. My pastor speaks of this often. He has lost his father and is having a difficult time of it. But he says that we hope in the Lord for life in the world to come. I lost my grandmother many years ago, but I can feel her presence with me quite often. So there is hope beyond the grave. I tell my family members very often that I love them. When my cousin was dying a few years ago, she saw our grandmother. One of my other cousins heard her call out (before she died), Grandma, Grandma.:)
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    This is a real story, if one does not get the whole article, press read preview in the URL box or if one can not do that, I can get the whole article.

    78-Year-Old Retiree Fosters Over 80 Infants in 3 Decades: ‘God’s Handed Me a Gift to Do’ (

    78-Year-Old Retiree Fosters Over 80 Infants in 3 Decades: ‘God’s Handed Me a Gift to Do’
    At 78, a veteran foster carer who has looked after 8o-plus infants in the span of over three decades, as a single foster parent, reflects on her role, calling it “challenging… but very rewarding.”

    Linda Owens retired from her career as a grocery department manager, but still continues to care for babies, sometimes two at a time, from her home in Hayward, California.

    “This is what God’s handed me a gift to do,” she explained to KPIX.

    Many of the babies that Owens cares for as a foster or “resource parent” have been exposed to drugs while in the womb. As a result, some of them suffer from sleep disturbances and developmental setbacks after they are born. Owens has also fostered three sets of twins. Armed with 34 years of experience, she is unfazed by the challenges.

    “She’s in a category almost all by herself,” said Mia Buckner-Preston, placement division director at Alameda County Department of Children & Family Services. “Her experience, the care, the love she provides to the babies, it’s immeasurable.”

    The elderly woman is one of the longest serving among Alameda County’s 500 resource parents. She is paid for her work but has nonetheless bought some of the supplies—including bottles, formula, and baby clothes—with her own money.

    Continued at above link.
    CBS, Hallmark among TV networks refusing to show pro-life ad | U.S. News | The Christian Post

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    This is so, so interesting..
    My parents have been fostering kids from I was 10 years old. I'm 52 now.
    They currently have 2 youngsters - both under 9 years old. And they have 19 year old, whom they've had from a baby - she still lives with them. In that time they've had well over 60 youngsters pass through.
    They are saints.
    I do not know how they did - and continue to do it.
    Down the years they've had some troubled kids. And have suffered violence from some of them. Some of their stories / experiences have been horrendous. Whilst others have been uplifting.

    My father is dying now from cancer. He's lucky. He was diagnosed almost 5 years ago - and given 6 months to live. Yet he's sitting chatting happily in the next room here as I write. He's recently been told not to drive - as the cancer has reached the brain. But he's confounded the medics before. And God is so very good....

    We have been very fortunate. The cancer has almost been a blessing. Galvanising us.

    In addition, I think my dad is in some way getting to do his purgatory here, now.

    The Lord certainly looks after those that are good and faithful.
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    Thank you for sharing. Prayers for your dad and family. Good to hear from you.
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