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    Has anyone else wondered what role it might play on the decisions behind the public displays of the Nativity that Vatican City is a UNESCO world heritage site.
    China and then Italy are the top UNESCO site nations. In comparison America does not even come close to them.

    The property is safeguarded by the law for the protection of the cultural heritage (no. 355, 25/07/2001) and by several rules of procedure issued by the various institutions of the Holy See in charge of heritage. For instance, the body responsible for the preservation and maintenance of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Fabbrica di S.Pietro, was founded in 1506 and is still active. The legal protective mechanism and traditional management system are adequate and ensure the effective protection of the site. The state of conservation of the property is constantly and carefully monitored, with special attention paid to the impact of the huge number of pilgrims and visitors.

    Monitored by whom and to whose criteria?
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    Exactly. What happened to the safeguards of cultural heritage? This Nativity scene looks like something you might see at the Museum of Modern Art, not at the Vatican. Traditional Sacred Art it is not. :(
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    SO funny.
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    Yes, she talks about that in this video and how the painting was mistreated, then held for ransom by an art dealer and sold for a pittance against her will. She painted another portrait of Jesus years later.
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    This is my professional comment on the Vatican nativity scene. I am a Master Artist, art juror, etc. The nativity reminds me of the characters made out of pasta noodles, something children would do. In fact, I read this is a display done from the 1960's from a little village in Italy that specializes in clay. Art can be creative, innovative, and often makes a statement. It can evoke a reaction, good or bad, and that is part of the creative arena. However, the Vatican, since it us a Roman Catholic Church, should choose art that represents its mission, not a worldly view. This was their mistake . . .they are trying to be inclusive of a world view. While our religion is inclusive of members, it is not inclusive of beliefs. Jesus was very specific in that, he said "I am the way, the truth, and the light". The Vatican in welcoming the pachamama has changed evangelization and joined the non-Christian belief system. Catholics should emphatically reject this kind of inclusiveness and be exclusive. We can enjoy art and creativity, but not let it be a mockery of our church, nor included in our church.
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    Look at all the pentagrams on the statue to the right at about 33 seconds in. Hideous.
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    Well said, Katfallls. This is especially meaningful coming from an artist, and I totally agree.
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    I thought the Blessed Mother looked like a Tutan Karmanette Egyptian Packamama. Or something equally weird.
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    Good analysis
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    My background is in Art History, so I enjoyed taking some time to think about this. :) I think pride got in the way of this whole clay nativity fiasco. A unique, signature style can be the crowning glory of a portrayal, but to go so overboard with shocking originality in an attempt at genius, that the author's style overwhelms the subject in unrecognizable distortion ... that's just distasteful insanity.

    But it also reminds me of the French Academy's shocking unveiling of Manet's "Olympia." It was a stark painting of a nude prostitute, a poke at the French's horrifying high trends of prostitution at that time. Most of the Academy's art at that time was an obsession with nudes, but in a idealized, stylistically veiled, exotic and erotic portrayal. Manet exposed the ugliness of what really was going on.

    I guess I compare this current unveiling as a stark exposition of the distortions and atrocities going on in the Vatican at the moment.

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    An article on the furious backlash against any criticism of Jill Biden's doctorate--while the NY Times refers to Dr. Ben Carlson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, as Mr. A writer who gently mocked Jill Biden is the focus of a firestorm... This is the future: Republicans will be undermined and disrespected for their achievements, Democrats praised to the sky for lesser accomplishments. Unlike Melania Trump, Jill Biden is untouchable.

    Jill Biden Wants Us to Call Her 'Dr.' So Here's a Look at Her Ed.D 'Position Paper' to Receive That Doctorate

    By Nick Arama

    Media, Democrats, and Jill Biden’s team have all been insistent upon calling Jill Biden “Dr.” She received an Ed.D not a Ph.D and is not a medical doctor.

    Now, it’s common for people who have doctorates to use them in the academic setting, although usually they don’t in the rest of their lives. That’s generally considered pretentious.

    But I frankly didn’t care whether she used the term or not until they went after an academic, Joseph Epstein, who mentioned the normal standard and how, while she has the doctorate, she really shouldn’t use it in the rest of her life.

    Now, whether you agree with him or not, that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it and it’s the general opinion of a lot of academia.

    But they went after the Wall Street Journal for printing it and Epstein himself, trying to shut down that opinion, calling him “misogynist.” The point? To teach the lesson that if you say anything critical or questioning, you will face a mob going after you or your job.

    So, given they are so insistent on addressing her as “Dr.”, let’s take a look at what an “executive position paper” looks like to receive that doctorate. The point of the paper was basically to look at problems of student retention in community college.

    So, here are a few samples. Matt Bramanti first pointed out many of them on Twitter.

    First, there was this gem in the second sentence: “The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third.” Were their needs “undeserved” or did she mean “underserved,” as I suspect?

    Then there were some other fun ones: “Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.” How many quarters is that, Dr. Biden?

    You can read it all here and you can form your own opinion on it. Now, understand she wasn’t a 26 year old writing this; this is writing from a 55 year old, in 2006.

    Not trying to be nasty or partisan, but the writing is awful. She could have used a copy-editor to deal with a lot of the sentences and problems...
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    It’s funny because I doubt the article would’ve gained much traction if people didn’t go crazy over defending Jill Biden. All the uproar does is make sure everyone knows she doesn’t have a medical background and is pompous enough to insist on the Dr title.
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    Here’s another interesting article on the use of the “Dr” title and the AP Stylebook used by journalists and NYT’s in-house guidebook.

    The author concludes the article with this...

    “Finally, I would like to add two other factors that I think likely have some explanatory power here:

    1. Many Times writers, knowing only that Jill Biden is somehow involved in breast-cancer issues, likely have the mistaken belief that she really is a medical doctor, and have just never bothered to investigate the matter.
    2. Many Times editors are just, quite frankly, pretty crappy about remembering and enforcing their own house rules.”
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