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    Been watching these two beauties all summer and fall, as they get closer and closer!

    Significantly, also occurring on December 21st will be the winter solstice. In the church on that day in the Divine Office will be chanted the O Antiphon, O Oriens. How appropriate on several levels!

    O Oriens or O Rising Dawn or Morning Star (December 21)
    O Rising Dawn, (Jer 23:5; Zechariah 3:8; 6:12),
    Radiance of the Light eternal (Habakkuk 3:4; Wisdom 7:26; Hebrews 1:3)
    and Sun of Justice (Malachi 3:20):
    * come, and enlighten those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death (Ps 107:10; Lk 1:78).

    In a strange contrast, Mars has looked like some seething sister keeping her distance across the heavens with her increasing reddish glow this last month.

    Depending on the moon’s phase, she has joined this group as she moves across the sky and completing the magnificent scene which has been especially prominent when viewed over the sea.~AN
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    Thanks Don. Just told my daughter about this celestial event on her birthday, December 21. We will be watching!
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    During Mass this morning I was suddenly struck forcefully by the pachamama horror. At the time I thought "here is the abomination of desolation in the Holy place" and now even more do i sense the line in the sand that was drawn. Everything that followed it to my mind is proving it daily.
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    There are still moments of grace occurring. I pointed out on another thread that I'm reading Father Malachi Martin and he was saying thirty years ago that the use of the words 'for all' instead of 'for many' in the English translation of the Novus Ordo words of consecration invalidated the Mass, because these words were directly of Christ Himself. It's theologically debateable whether it did or not, but thankfully Pope Benedict changed the words back to the originals. Today, I've read in Father Hunwicke's blog that the Congregation for Divine Worship has made another reversion to the original Latin, in the English translation of Collects, reverting the translation of 'Deus' back to the original 'God' from the current 'one God', which could be insinuated as His only being one god among many. It is heartwarming to see such returns to tradition happening even among the modernist chaos.
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    That keeps haunting me too. I cannot get over the shocking evil of it.
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    I saw this almost a week ago and I was stunned..her daughter was for it because she said she didn't want her to suffer as she was a free spirit and loved going for walks and wouldn't be able to handle another Lord how low has humanity fallen!!! Lord have mercy.
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    Volcano in Indonesia just popped spewing poison gas. I never heard of a volcano doing poision gas before.

    Look at the demonic face in the plume to the right.

    Poor people , there are thousands fleeing from it.


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    I doubt she's a 'free spirit', now. God, have mercy on her soul.

    Then again, we must take the demonic effects of depression into account. Only God knows how humanly resistable this demonic oppression is in each individual case. This oppression might well be sourced in the medical team or in the family itself. Is there an inheritance involved? Was looking after this lady costing the family a lot of money?
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    Her daughter said it was her mother who wanted it and she supported her..go figure!!
    Our niece committed suicide 8 years ago. She had has many issues and even suffering from bipolar and schizophrenia. The whole family was devasted and it caused so much more suffering. She thought that it was an act of mercy for her parents. After her suicide I was desperate to know whether a person possessed is forgiven at the time of the suicide. I spoke to a priest who told me the Church now believes that people who do that and are ill no longer go straight to hell but that God recognizes their illness, that they did not know what they were doing. That have me so much comfort.
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    It's not uncommon. It's one of the dangers of being a volcanologist, that and pyroclastic flows.
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    So sorry Fede, what a terrible tragedy for your family. :cry:
    God is merciful, He knows that these poor souls who took their own lives were suffering emotionally.
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  17. sparrow

    sparrow The ultimate limit to evil is Divine Mercy

    There is HOPE! Check this -
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    FWIW , I've read that the Divine Mercy Chaplet is efficacious in praying for the souls of suicides. Also, perhaps people in your family can pitch in to get 30 Days of Gregorian Masses said for her.

    EDIT: was just a minute too late in pressing the Post button!
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    Volcano's and Earthquakes are a constant in Catholic Prophesy. I always pay attention.

    This my favorite guy on utube.:)

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  20. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    There is a vast difference between a person suffering mental illness and a woman and her family who 'want out' because they can't have a good time for themselves anymore.

    Your niece can not be compared to this woman who planned her death party with her family. Your niece was a young girl with serious problems which the medical profession were not able to find a solution for. We hear from some healing Priests; sometimes patients with mental illness need spiritual healing, and the medical professionals do not recognise the spiritual aspect of our being. This means there are many patients left untreated because of the ignorance of the medical profession. Sorry if that sounds harsh

    Deliberate pre-planned termination of life with a family party is diabolical, and what an insult to Almighty God for this family to brag about their attitude to their mothers life/death. It did not even seem like the woman needed hands on care and assistance. She could go walking, shopping and other entertainments. But her family left her in someone else's care. She was not a burden to anyone.

    I did not see anything about a Faith, so that woman if she is not damned will do the time in purgatory destined for her here on earth. We all have a Cross to carry, and throwing in the towel because we don't like the way things are, will not go well when we meet our Maker.

    God Who created us to Know, Love and Serve Him in this life to be able to enjoy eternity with Him in the next. This woman and her family seem to expect to know, love and serve themselves. Doesn't sound like a soul on her way to Heaven to me. God have mercy on her, and God have mercy on her family.
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