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    We will need at least three months worth of supplies. Particularly if we live in cities that have defunded the police departments, as truckers have already said they are not entering cities which have diminished or no police presence.
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    From the latest but as yet not officially translated to English message from St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria: only a portion:

    The forces of nature are altered by the same convulsive forces found in the center of the Earth and those from the Universe, hence natural disasters and those from Space are more frequent and stronger.

    The coastal countries must be vigilant and prepared, the waters of the seas mysteriously rise up into them, keep in mind that water purifies and nature wishes to purify the evil that man spills on earth.

    The seasons are shortened and repeated one after another, taking the man by surprise.
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    I'm not "liking" the earthquakes but your question at the beginning is good.:)
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    to my understanding, its still not the end of the world, but it is the end of times
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    A teenager has been remanded in custody charged with making threats to kill two people.

    Barbie Kardashian (18), of no fixed abode, appeared before Limerick District Court charged with four counts of making threats to kill or cause serious harm.

    Ms Kardashian appeared before the court wearing a pink puffy jacket, purple top and a blonde wig.

    Gardaí informed the court the accused was "born a male but identifies as a female".

    Photo: Barbie Kardashian, Ireland’s “homicidal girl”
    Posted by John McGuirk | Sep 26, 2020 | Irish News

    The good news: S/he is behind bars, for the moment:

    A TEENAGER has been remanded in custody charged with making threats to kill two people.

    Barbie Kardashian (18), of no fixed abode, appeared before Limerick District Court charged with four counts of making threats to kill or cause serious harm.

    The bad news: S/he, legally a woman, is “very anxious” to go to a woman’s prison:

    Ms Finan asked that a “certificate of gender recognition”, belonging to the accused, be submitted to the court.

    Ms Kardashian was “very anxious she be detained in a prison facility for females, as she identifies as a female,” Ms Finan told the court.

    Presiding Judge Mary Larkin said she could not make the recommendation, as this is “a matter for the prison authorities”.

    The Judge will resist that as much as she can, of course, because she knows full well that Kardashian, born Alejandro Gentile in 2001, is eager to kill and rape women.
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    He is one mixed up kid.
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  10. the end of the world is not literal, since God's material creation will continue. what will end is this world corrupted by sin and satan. God will renew this world and man will live in the will of God and Satan will never return. it is the new earth or reconstructed paradise.

    you can say end of “this” corrupted world, but you can not say the end of the world, because in scripture is very clear that there will be another terrestrial world in place of this current world
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    brother thank you for clarifying, i like to talk with simplicity, like Jesus when He talked about the lost lamb
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    Absolutely. Multiple prophecies make it clear that it’s the end of times meaning the end of an era or historical period NOT the end of TIME or the world.

    After the purification a new era will follow: the era of the triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary.
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    This poor human being looks like a clown, something out of a horror movie. A killer clown by the sounds of it.
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    Who can not look at this person and just know that something is wrong. Wow. May the good Lord right the wrong in his brain so he can think clearly. Wow.
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    Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Casualties mount in Nagorno-Karabakh battle

    Armenia is a cradle nation of christianity, if turkey really gets involved against the country in a war, i think it would be symbolic of a conflict between islam and christianity
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    Demonic affliction?
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    Between 1914 and 1923, Turkey conducted the infamous Armenian Genocide wherein 1.5 million Armenians were killed or driven out of Turkey. Turkey did not exist as a country really until around 1920. Greeks and Armenians lived in what was known then as Asia Minor. My Greek ancestors fled before the takeover.
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    Crowds in Trafalgar Square, London chanting 'freedom'. Anti-lockdown protest.

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    I actually blinked.

    Began trying to search on this site to post dreams I had last night, when this pops up literally out of nowhere. :unsure:

    Have never seen this before. It's certainly NOT stored on my computer.

    Creepy. :(

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    Creepy is right.
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