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    Haven't heard of injuries from the apt. But there have been two deaths in the county. One by a falling tree. Power is still out, been out since Tues. But did have a contractor here today who fixed the roof! Will see how things are at church tomorrow . . .
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    Electric is back today! Here is a picture of a neighbor's tree, it is upside down! Three houses up the road . . . image.jpeg
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    I'm sorry. We just don't see things like that!o_O

    Very glad your power is back!!
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    So glad the electricity is back. More comfortable.
    That was a really bad storm. Glad it is over.
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    Yay!!! Wow that tree! :eek:
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    Part of me is sad, not so much for the loss of the trees, but that the trees, which COULD be turned into firewood, will most likely be disposed of in a landfill instead of being cut into fireplace-sized pieces.
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    So glad power is back.
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    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    We have all heard stories about the dark side of Hollywood, but is particularly disturbing to have these stories validated by someone who walked through this evil. By the grace of God Nicole was saved. She is a brave woman for putting her story out there, hopefully it will awaken some before they become victims themselves. People do not take satanism seriously, leaving their souls unprotected.
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  11. Exclusive: Jim Caviezel Says Mel Gibson Sent Him Third Draft of ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

    Actor Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, told Breitbart News on Thursday that he had received the third draft of a sequel to the biblical film from Mel Gibson, the films’ producer. He joined Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow to discuss his forthcoming film, Infidel.

    Marlow asked if a sequel to The Passion of the Christ was in production.

    Caviezel replied, “Mel Gibson just sent me the third picture, the third draft. It’s coming. It’s called The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. It’s going to be the biggest film in world history.”

    The Passion of the Christ yielded $612 million worldwide against its $30 million production budget.

    Marlow asked about politically-driven blacklisting following Caviezel’s portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. “You’re a man of obviously outspoken faith. How has that affected your career, particularly [after] The Passion of the Christ?”

    Caviezel responded, “I had no choice. I had to defend it. I had to fight to survive. The film exploded. It was off the charts. You’d think, ‘Oh, you’re going to work a lot.’ No, I didn’t. I was no longer on the studio list. That was gone. … Because of what I do as an actor — that’s my skill — it was given to me from God. I didn’t give it to myself, but it’s something in which I have a great range. … I really felt that faith was much bigger than the industry and Hollywood, and bigger than the Republican or Democratic Party or any of that.”

    Caviezel told Fox News in March of growing hostility towards biblical films in Hollywood. He said, “It’s so imperative in this time. These films can’t be made now. The films they make are Marvel Comics movies. You’ll see Superman. You won’t see Jesus. I got to play the greatest superhero there ever was.”
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    •Sep 20, 2020

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  14. Crucifix At Catholic Seminary Desecrated, Property Vandalized



    “That’s the most important crucifix on the ground,” Jacobs said. “They smashed Jesus’s feet so his feet are broken. His head was covered with a black Spurs jersey they draped over his head.”

    The vandalism occurred a night before Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks called on the Department of Justice to investigate “increases in Catholic hate crimes and vandalism” in the United States.

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    You know, for not being Catholic, Trump sure gets a LOT of anti-Catholic hate.

    Guess he's doing something right.
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    Once he showed up at the Right to Life March......well, that sealed that deal
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  18. Why Are So Many Asteroids Having Close-Calls With Earth In 2020?

    Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

    Have you noticed that it seems like stories about asteroids that are approaching the Earth are constantly in the news this year? It wasn’t always this way. In the old days, maybe there would be a story about an asteroid every once in a while, and those stories were never a big deal. But now asteroids are zipping by our planet with frightening regularity, and several more very notable passes will happen over the next few weeks.

    For example, an asteroid that was just discovered on September 18th will come very, very close to the Earth on Thursday. According to NASA, it will actually come closer to our planet than many of our weather satellites

    An asteroid about the size of an RV or small school bus will zoom past the Earth on Thursday, NASA announced, passing within 13,000 miles of the Earth’s surface.

    That’s much closer than the moon and is actually closer than some of our weather satellites.

    This asteroid will speed by at more than 17,000 mph, but the good news is that it is so small that it would not be a serious threat even if it hit us.

    But two other very large asteroids are also going to pass the Earth by the end of this month, and both of them are large enough to do an enormous amount of damage…

    Two large asteroids will pass Earth in the next two weeks, with one measuring up to 426 feet in diameter and the other 656 feet—comparable in size to ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, which is 455 feet tall.

    The first, smaller asteroid will pass by Earth on September 25 at a distance of 3.6 million miles, according to NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, which tracks and predicts asteroids and comets that will come close to Earth. The second larger asteroid will fly by on September 29 at a closer distance of 1.78 million miles.

    The good news is that neither of them have a chance of hitting us this time around, but the fact that the Earth’s neighborhood has so much “traffic” these days is a major concern.

    Any soldier will tell you that if enough bullets get fired at you there is a very good chance that eventually you will get hit.

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  20. The Supply Chain Is Broken And Food Shortages Are Here


    Now, here we are, with winter fast approaching and the food supply decimated. The world’s population is walking around masked and terrified of getting within six feet of another human, and the cities all across America are on fire with violent riots.

    Communists and the inevitable response are clashing in the streets and threatening to turn in to a possible American Civil War 2.0. What role will hunger play in this scenario?

    At the moment, we can’t say for sure.

    But what we can say with certainty is that this will be a very long, very trying winter.

    Food shortages are coming, and they aren’t too far away.
    You do not have much time left before the items you can grab now are gone and gone for good. Here are some tips for shopping when there aren’t many supplies left on the shelves, and here’s a list of things that are usually imported from China that we haven’t been receiving in the same quantities (if at all) since the crisis began.

    Many of the readers of this website will be prepared, no doubt, but others won’t. Not only do we advise you to prepare – but we also advise you to be ready for the unprepared.


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