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    Its so true that we can hardly catch our breath between cataclysms.
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  3. WOW! Actor Jim Caviezel GOES OFF on Milquetoast Christian Leaders and Cancel Culture — Then Rolls His Eyes when FOX News Host Downplays his Stand of Faith (VIDEO)



    During the interview Caviezel went off on the milk toast Christian leaders who are silent in this age of Cancel Culture and who say nothing as politicians shut down churches but open liquor stores and abortion clinics.

    Jim Caviezel says the Gospels are “very much alive today.”

    He went on to say “it’s a bloody shame” that you cannot tell the difference between priests, bishops and politicians.

    Then when he was through talking he appeared to roll his eyes as Shannon Bream seemingly downplayed his Stand of Faith.

    This was a powerful segment.
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  4. Sure wish President Trump could issue some similar order that he's done for toppling Federal statues for Catholic or religious statues/signs.....10 years in jail! They've stopped with the toppling of former after he did that. You watch this video, right out in the open with people passing by and wonder why no one yelled or reported it. But then I guess they're too frightened.....or nowadays, just don't care.

    VIDEO: Another Mary Statue Toppled and Destroyed — This Time in Brooklyn, New York

    Police are looking for a vandal who toppled a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn this week.

    CBS Local reported — The statue stood outside Shrine Church of Our Lady of Solace on West 17th Street and Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island. It was worth $4,000, and now the church has to raise funds to buy a new one.

    Paishioners say this is part of the increasing disrespect for their faith in their own neighborhood.

    The man is seen talking to another man and then climbing into the fenced off area and toppling the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    The vandal then throws the statue in the street after he knocks it over.
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    Incredibly disturbing that these creeps are getting away with this.
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    Wonder why no one is screaming hate crime? Because if it were Mohammed or Buddha or another faith's statues the media would be screaming hate crime.

    But I guess we all know the answer.
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    So many "negative" proofs out there of the truth of the Catholic Church--this being one of them. If its all hogwash why bother? They KNOW the power of the true Church of Christ. How sad prelates in high places do not seem to know or recognize it.
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    She did go for break immediately, stating being out of time. In spite of being Fox News, known as a conservative station, perhaps not being prepared to respond to his strong comments on aire. Perhaps he left her speechless.

    Good for him for being a voice (in more ways than on screen)!!
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    Are they going with "turn the other cheek?"
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    Ya know, as I was watching news tonight (crazy US wildfires, constant hurricanes (They've already gone through the alphabet and shifted to the Greek in mid Sept. Sept used to be the start of the season 20 yrs ago!), virus/vaccine insanity, 5 week early voting lines for this election, etc), I said a little prayer, asking God 'when will people wake up and realize and turn to Him and acknowledge Him?' I instantly got the response, "When I come again."

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    My sons apt. Complex. That hurricane Sally was really something. Still no power but linemen have arrived from Minnesota . . . image.jpeg
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    I hope your son is ok, Katfalls. My goodness, I hope that apartment was empty. :eek:
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    I pray you get power soon. Was anyone injured in your son's apartment? What damage wind can do!
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    :eek:Just awful Katfalls! Hopefully you will have power back soon.
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    Hope all is well
    Praying for your power to come back on
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    Mary's child, We're in the same boat. We've had a very, very dry summer. Our dug well is 20' deep in spring, but water table is so low. The three of us have taken steps the last 6 weeks to limit water use such as short showers and less frequent toilet flushing. It is frustrating to look at the extended forecast, see predicted rain, and then it never comes to pass!:rolleyes: One of the best decisions we made 10 years ago was to buy a front-loading washing machine. It uses half the water a top-loader does. Always trust in God.

    We had our first killing frost this morning, heavier than the forecast predicted. The lettuce survived, but the tomato plants didn't survive. But then, we've been swamped with tomatoes prior. What a year we've had: raspberries, blackberries, apples, Niagara grapes, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and rhubarb. We might have to go out and get more jars for canning, plenty of lids.:)

    Safe in the Providence of God.
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    I just dug up 2 of our 3 tomato plants. Last night dipped into the 30s.
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    We've had a marvelous garden too. But we too are being careful with water. And yes clouds appear and rain is predicted but nothing happens.
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