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  1. Is it any wonder that the police hat has the black and white checkerboard incorporated in it? [​IMG]
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    Prayers of protection needed:

    Muslim Black Lives Matter Activist Umar Lee Organizing Mob to Target Home of St. Louis Archbishop — Is Leading Efforts to Rename St. Louis City


    A radical Muslim Black Lives Matter activist in St. Louis is calling for a mob to target the home of Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski in the middle of the night.

    In an event page for the “home visit,” organizer Umar Lee is urging people to go to the Archbishop’s home at 1 a.m. on Wednesday.


    Lee was also responsible for the violent mob that showed up and assaulted Christians who were praying the rosary at the statue of King Louis IX which was organized by the Gateway Pundit. He had falsely claimed that it was a “KKK rally” in order to get people to show up and scream in the faces of clergy and assault innocent people who showed up to pray.
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  3. If you think that your ancestors were freemasons, there are solemn prayers that should be prayed to break the ties and attachments from those oaths that have an effect on you and children.
    The opening prayer is this:

    Father God, Creator of heaven and earth,I come to Thee in the name of Jesus Christ Thy Son. I come as a sinner seeking forgiveness and cleansing from all sins committed against Thee, and others made in Thy image. I honor my earthly father and mother and all of my ancestors of flesh and blood, and of the spirit by adoption and godparents, but I utterly turn away from and renounce all their sins.I forgive all my ancestors for the effects of their sins on me and my children. I confess and renounce all of my own sins. I renounce and rebuke Satan and every spiritual power of his affecting me and my family. I renounce and forsake all involvement in Freemasonry or any other lodge or craft by my ancestors and myself. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I renounce and cut off Witchcraft, the principal spirit behind Freemasonry, and I renounce and cut off Baphomet, the Spirit of Antichrist and the spirits of Death, and Deception. I renounce the insecurity, the love of position and power, the love of money, avarice or greed, and the pride which would have led my ancestors into Masonry. I renounce all the fears which held them in Masonry, especially the fears of death, fears of men, and fears of trusting, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I renounce every position held in the lodge by any of my ancestors or myself, including "Master," "Worshipful Master," or any other. I renounce the calling of any man"Master," for Jesus Christ is my only Lord and master, and He forbids anyone else having that title. I renounce the entrapping of others into Masonry, and observing the helplessness of others during the rituals. I renounce the effects of Masonry passed on to me through any female ancestor who may or may not have felt distrusted and rejected by her husband as he entered and attended any lodge and refused to tell her of his secret activities. I also renounce all obligations, oaths and curses enacted by every female member of my family through any direct membership of all Women's Orders of Freemasonry, the Order of the Eastern Star,or any other Masonic or occultic organization.

    then specific prayers are given to break the oaths from different rites of freemasonry which are given in
    then we are asked: if it be opportune, all participants should now be invited to sincerely carry out in faith the following actions:
    (1) Symbolically remove the blindfold (hoodwink) and give it to the Lord for disposal;
    (2) in the same way, symbolically remove the veil of mourning;
    (3) Symbolically cut and remove the noose from around the neck, gather it up with the cabletow running down the body and give it all to the Lord for His disposal;
    (4) Renounce the false Freemasonry marriage covenant, removing from the 4th finger of the right hand the ring of this false marriage covenant, giving it to the Lord to dispose of it;
    (5) Symbolically remove the chains and bondages of Freemasonry from your body;
    (6) symbolically remove all Freemasonry regalia and armour, especially the Apron;
    (7) Invite participants to repent of and seek forgiveness for having walked on all unholy ground,including Freemasonry lodges and temples, including any Mormon or any other occultic/Masonic organizations.
    (8) Symbolically remove the ball and chain from the ankles.
    (9) Proclaim that Satan and his demons no longer have any legal rights to mislead and manipulate the person seeking help.

    Lastly, a final prayer is offered (shown in )
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    Once again the allegedly compromised Chief Justice claims that what actually is in the Declaration of Independence, is NOT somehow assumed in the Constitution. The only thing that he violates here are the rights of the child and backing the lie that the child while in the womb, is not a person.

    Section 1 of the 14th Amendment says a state can’t “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Clearly, people do have a Constitutional right to life, and they don’t have to be 18 to enjoy it. And if a fetus is a person, then that right should protect her or him as well. Who said that? Justice Harry Blackmun–the guy who gave us Roe v. Wade.


    Blackmun got around this by deciding a fetus simply isn’t a person.

    TURNCOAT: Roberts Joins Liberal Justices As Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions

    Chief Justice John Roberts joined liberal justices on the Supreme Court on Monday in a 5-4 ruling that struck down Louisiana’s tough restriction on abortion, saying it violates the Constitution.

    The ruling invalidates a state law passed by Louisiana’s legislature in 2014 that required doctors that provide abortion services to have “admitting privileges” at a hospital within 30 mile from their offices. The court ruled that the law placed an undue burden on women seeking abortions.

    Two doctors and a medical clinic in the state sued to overturn the law, which has been in limbo for nearly six years.

    In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote, “Today a majority of the Court perpetuates its ill-founded abortion jurisprudence by enjoining a perfectly legitimate state law and doing so without jurisdiction.”
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    Thank you for asking about me. My journey with the non malignant brain tumor (epidermoid brain cyst). I haven't made any formal statements yet because I am not due for another MRI until next December. BUT . . .I think I might have had a 'miraculous healing'. And one of the forum members, I won't name names, had a special Mass said for me with the Capuchins. I immediately started asking for the intervention of Father Solanus Casey, who was from Detroit. I have visited his memorial and grave in Detroit when I lived in Michigan. BUT, I went to visit my neurologist in March, just before the covid hit. My headaches had gone away, but was having hearing problems. She pulled up my MRI and was looking at it again, and said "I don't see anything, just an empty space". Well, before there WAS a tumor visible on the MRI, about the size of a sardine. I didn't say anything . . .I didn't know what to say actually. Except when I left, I was thanking God and Father Casey that I have been feeling so much better. Ear issues I think are caused by allergies. Started taking Claritin and feel better. Soooo, for now I am just taking one day at a time. I will tell you last fall I was in horrific pain, and now I haven't needed a tylenol only maybe one a month for quite a few months. I am keeping a journal of all of this and will see what the neurosurgeon says after my next MRI. And I know all the prayers from the MOG forum members have been a huge help, too. I am so grateful to all of you. God is Good, God Bless You!
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    One of the reasons that I am not worried about freemasonry in my immediate family. My great grandfather and grandfather on my mother's side were Masons, and my mother belonged to the women's group before she married my Dad. My father, Irish Catholic, was raised in a Catholic orphanage in upper NY State. Five months before my Dad was born, his father was accidentally shot in a deer hunting accident by his best friend. In the woods, in the winter, he asked for a Priest. His friend was able to go through the deep woods and travel five miles to a neighbors farm. They got back several hours later with the Dr. and the Priest and my grandfather was still alive. Shortly within hours after that he died. Five months later, when my father was born (he had five older sisters), at the Baptism the Priest gave a special blessing to my father. That no harm should come to him, his children, and their children. He blessed us down to three generations. My Dad always told me about that special blessing and I believe it to be true. I don't think Priests do that anymore, it was kind of an old custom. I do know my father was a marine in WWll, in the battle of Iwo Jima, wounded in action and survived it. So, I really don't think the influence of the Masons would have affected us or had any kind of curse on our family. But that is good information to have . . .
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  7. I am happy for you, Katfalls, for your healing and good outlook. Praise God!
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    Powerful Katfalls. Amazing miraculous family history. Thanks for telling us.
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    Thank God!
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    The battle at Iwo Jima was very deadly. He was truly blessed to survive.
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    Bishop ‘sidelines’ pro-life, pro-family priest

    Father Joseph Klee of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, has been “sidelined” for an indefinite period of time by his bishop, Robert J. Brennan.

    I’ve featured the staunchly pro-life, pro-family priest-activist in four of my past columns: here, here, here and here. In 2017, Klee was hit by a car driven by an angry abortion supporter during a pro-life demonstration. Klee has also contributed articles to Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

    The following statement was released by the diocese on June 22, 2020:

    • [​IMG]The Catholic Church proposes a beautiful, life-giving and liberating vision to the world based on the truths about the human person, human sexuality, marriage and the family. We proclaim with one breath the Splendor of Truth and the Joy of the Gospel. The fundamental truth is that every human person is created in the image and likeness of God and as such, must be treated with dignity and respect. While not everyone shares the Church’s vision, I hope we can all show that respect.

      While Father Klee has been permitted to live in the rectory at St. John the Baptist, he is not assigned to the Parish of St. John the Baptist nor to the Parish of the Sacred Heart. He does not represent either of these parishes nor the diocese. Father Klee has shown a pattern of making communications to a broad audience on a variety of contemporary issues which are frankly divisive. While these communications seemingly present Catholic moral teaching, they are often offensive and disrespectful to the human dignity of persons.

      Father Klee has been repeatedly warned about making these divisive communications and ordered to cease doing so. Further steps are being considered at this time.
    I contacted Klee for comment, and he provided me with the following statement (lightly edited):

    • I write you in these closing days of the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for the grace to truly respond to His lament so evident in our world today, namely, that the greatest outpouring of love on Good Friday goes largely ignored if not repudiated. Hence, let us make our lives an Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart even after June!

      I really shouldn’t disclose details [of my current situation], although a wise and holy pastor counseled me shortly after my priestly ordination, ‘If you don’t fill in the blanks, the people will.’ Suffice it to say, please pray and make sacrifices for the following two intentions in addition to praying that I will be a truly holy priest – that’s all I want.

      1) For a tremendous outpouring of graces upon the spiritual leadership of the Church, specifically upon bishops and priests, that they be empowered with the cardinal virtue of fortitude. That they implore the intercession of the martyrs lest they go from being potential victims of satan’s attacks to being actual instigators and accomplices like the Pharisees in Our Lord’s day. Please pray that they be freed from a subtle resignation to despair – specifically of falling into discouragement by believing the authentic Gospel of Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Faith are not the answer, but atheistic socialism is.

      2) For men and women – and, increasingly, boys and girls as well – deluded by the false promises of the homosexualist agenda, and especially those in the active homosexual lifestyle, that they be given the grace to break free from the devil’s grasp. We pray they acquire the theological virtue of hope, becoming inspired to believe they can be freed from the sinful enslavement the practice of sodomy entails. We pray that many come to understand that the sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession are indispensable for receiving the necessary graces to resist grave sin.

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    ‘The Next Thing I Know I Was Coming to. They Actually Knocked Me Out” – Catholic Victim Speaks Out After Brutal Beating by Leftist with Brass Knuckles at St. Louis Statue


    At one point a 61-year-old Catholic man from St. Louis was jumped by the violent leftists and Black Lives Matter activists.


    On Monday night we spoke with that man named “Paul” and he described his horrific ordeal.

    We agreed with Paul that we would not use his last name in our article.

    Paul is a devout Catholic and a devotee of Saint Louis. He has attended several prayer rallies at the monument in Forest Park the last two weeks. There are several local Catholics who recite a rosary nightly at the statue.

    Paul was participating in some of the chanting at the statue when he was told by the leftist activists, “You’re not welcome here.” Paul added, “That’s when the radical Muslims said, ‘That’s the KKK!'” So Paul and several other Catholic men moved over to the other side of the statue.

    Paul says the entire Black Lives Matter and leftist counter-protest was highly organized.

    That is when Paul said the far left activists and members of the Regional Muslim Activist Network attacked him. “I was trying to stay away from the guy who hit me because he was hitting anybody he could. There were about four white people and we were huddled together and they came over. They said no you don’t get it. You’re not welcome here!”

    That’s when the violence started. The leftists pushed Paul and then grabbed one of the Catholic men by the throat and held him up against the statue. Another man said to me, “When he hits him. I’m hitting you.” Paul said then some white guy was pouring pink liquid on his head so Paul went after the white guy and knocked the liquid out of his hand. Then Paul says that’s when they jumped on him, “The next thing I know there were people on my back and I got hit. And the next thing I know I was coming to. They actually knocked me out. Yeah, it knocked me out.” Paul says they got photos of everything else except him on the ground by the St. Louis statue unconscious.

    They beat him with brass knuckles.

    The thugs broke his glasses. He went to the ER to get a brain scan and to get his jaw looked at.

    Paul then described how when he came to there were protester “medics” there to help him. These so-called “medics” are a typical addition to many far left rallies. Their purpose on this occasion was to attend to Catholic victims after they are beaten unconscious by leftist protesters. Two “escorts” then offered to walk him back to his vehicle. These are also far left activists who pretend to be there to care for people who are beaten unconscious or hurt in the violence. This is common today at numerous rallies across the country. The rallies are highly organized and well funded.

    When Paul showed the “medics” his busted lip they offered him a Band-Aid. They were expecting violence. They always do. Paul says, “They were bullshit medics.”

    Paul also said the organized left had walkie-talkies and were communicating with each other.

    Paul said his escort was a Teamster.

    Paul said, “They get their heavy to create an incident and beat somebody’s head in. Then they get that person to leave by giving them their “medical attention.” The left only had the medics there because they knew they were going to be beating heads in. This is really sick.”


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    Thank you ETA for posting this.
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    This is appalling AND sick.
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    As HH stated "Powerful." I can only ask...How long oh Lord?
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    Yes. We enter the age of the brownshirts.
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    Too many are willing to compromise with the world. Has it ever been more obvious that one cannot?

    This priest was hit by a car for his convictions, his bishop seems unable to be considered not 'nice' by the baby-murderers.
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