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    Classical music is now under attack.

    "Too white, too old, the classical music sector is accused of being out of step with the country’s changing demographics...These accusations are based on the following logic: if an institution has too small a proportion of people of non-European descent, it is suspected of masking a discriminatory recruitment process, or even a form of “structural racism”

    Me thinks it's time to buy CDs, classical books and artwork and bury them in the garden for future generations.
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  3. Pole shift anyone? Or just another extreme shift for this region?

    The Arctic is on fire: Siberian heat wave alarms scientists

    MOSCOW – The Arctic is feverish and on fire — at least parts of it are. And that has scientists worried about what it means for the rest of the world.

    The thermometer hit a likely record of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in the Russian Arctic town of Verkhoyansk on Saturday, a temperature that would be a fever for a person — but this is Siberia, known for being frozen. The World Meteorological Organization said Tuesday that it’s looking to verify the temperaturereading, which would be unprecedented for the region north of the Arctic Circle.

    “The Arctic is figuratively and literally on fire — it’s warming much faster than we thought it would in response to rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this warming is leading to a rapid meltdown and increase in wildfires,” University of Michigan environmental school dean Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist, said in an email.


    and from the latest translated message to Luz de Maria:

    JUNE 13, 2020

    Pray, My children, pray. The Earth’s magnetic pole of the Earth is moving towards Russia: this is not a coincidence, but a sign for man to wake up ... (1)

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    This is reminiscent of the Chinese cultural revolution where the CCP attempted to destroy classical western music, by jailing and/or murdering music teachers, destroying instruments, and making western music an evil.
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    Exactly, these are demonic attacks. For atheists don't believe in Satan, so why would they care if St. Michael was attacking the devil? This is demonic.

    Next we will hear statues of our Lady being demolished for the same reason.
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    I have been thinking of doing this, but I truly have a gut-wrenching feeling about it. And angry, too. Why would a sick 68 year old woman need to get a gun, and at my age? This is a demonic age, where it forces you to do the unthinkable.

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  7. Calling All Catholic and Christian Men and Their Allies — Please Join Us Saturday in Public Prayer to Save Our Historic St. Louis Statue in Forest Park

    This is a call out to all Catholic and Christian men in the St. Louis, Missouri area to join us in public prayer to save the iconic St. Louis statue in Forest Park.

    It’s time the good God-fearing men in this country stand up.
    We cannot allow the continued assault on our country, our history and our culture.

    Please meet with us on Saturday at noon in Forest Park at the St. Louis Statue on Art Hill.

    We will recite a rosary — the prayer used by St. Louis of France.
    If you are Catholic, Christian or an ally we urge you to join us.

    There is currently a petition by local leftist and radical Umar Lee to remove this beautiful landmark in St. Louis City.

    We must make a stand. This can’t go on.

    As reported by KMOX:

    The statue of Louis IX, which now sits on top of Art Hill in front of the St. Louis Art Museum, was unveiled in 1906. It served as the symbol of St. Louis until the Gateway Arch was completed in 1965.

    Louis IX is the only King of France to be canonized in the Catholic Church. He became king when he was 12-years-old and is credited with changing the judicial process in France, with trials no longer being settled by combat, but instead by evidence and Roman law.

    MORE: on St. Louis

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    Giant dust cloud heading US.
    Well. At least probabley there´ll be a real reason to wear a mask when walking outdoors...

    To get weirder.... Locust cloud in South America, from Argentina, heading to Uruguai / Southern Brazil, which is quite unusual with this strenght and location.

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  9. Joan J

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    Today is the 39th Anniversary of Our Lady appearing in Medjugorje. Is it any wonder everything is turning upside down. 40 is very significant!
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    Joan, I am not well versed on Medjugorje, may I ask, why is the 40th anniversary of Our Lady's appearance there very significant?
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    Yes. exactly. My thoughts exactly. But...I may do it.
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    This is truly biblical.
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    Be careful about what you post online about this. Seriously!
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    It is significant because the number 40 is often mentioned in the bible. Lent is 40 days, Jesus spent 40 days in the desert prior to beginning His ministry, etc. For her to be bringing similar urgent messages to the same people for close to 40 years, and now we have prophesied circumstances going on around us as well. Seems a big deal, surely worth noting & watching.
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    I see, thank you for explaining. Yes it does seem significant. There are so many signs now that it is overwhelming. May Our Lady keep us all under her mantle.
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    I'm 55.
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