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    Yes so do I Kat. Prayers going up. This is very bad.
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  2. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Thanks, not sure I am the main influence, both come from even more devout homes than I do. I guess I have prayed a lot for them but in our circles there are not too many from our generation going to mass. I am sure the devil will do his best to hold onto them even still. In Ireland it has been very hard get a lapsed Catholic back to the faith, society makes it looks like they have lost the plot. Thanks for your prayers.
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    I will pray that the Lord will put the right
    People around them to help them
    (Looks as though one of them might be you:))
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    Sadly Indy, it’s just as bad in the US. We are losing the youth...and even some older Catholics. The priest scandal was cause for a lot of this, but the young live in a very secular, godless society. We can only pray that God intervenes....soon.
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    You can almost smell their feet burning.
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    If someone steals a chalice, one can imagine there might be secular motives (a chalice can be worth quite a bit of money), but desecration of Hosts...

    May the Lord God have mercy on us all.
  7. Mario

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    Lord have Mercy on Your Church, blinded by loss of faith and indifferentism!:barefoot::cry::cry::cry:
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  8. Carol55

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    Prayers for this community...

    Mississippi Church Targeted In Arson Attack After Defying Stay-At-Home Order

    By Khaleda Rahman On 5/21/20 at 9:27 AM EDT
    A church in Mississippi that burned down in what authorities say was an arson attack had previously defied the city's stay-at-home order and was suing officials over lockdown measures.

    The First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs on Highway 178 was destroyed in a fire in the early hours on Wednesday, WMC reported.

    According to the station, investigators found evidence that the fire was intentionally set, including graffiti in the church parking lot that said "Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic)."

    Jerry Waldrop, who has been the church's pastor for more than 30 years, told the WMC that the church has "no enemies that we know of."

    He said: "We don't know anyone that we even think could be capable of doing something like this."

    Last month, the church filed a federal lawsuit against Holly Springs challenging the city's stay-at-home order.

    The Daily Journal reported that police ordered church members to disperse during Easter Sunday services on April 12 and then again during a Bible study session on April 22.

    WMC reported the lawsuit argued Waldrop was holding outdoor services where possible, but would move them indoors and practice social distancing when the weather was bad.

    The church sought a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction so the city couldn't prevent services from taking place.

    [To read the whole article, please click on the link above.]

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    I don't know if this video has been posted yet or not. It is on FB but anyone can watch it, I don't have a FB account and it plays fine.
    In it is supposedly Bill Gates explaining how a vaccine can be used to change the brain chemistry of religious extremists using a vaccine as part of a CIA program in Iraq or Afghanistan. You can't make this stuff up.
    I wish I had some way to capture video before this gets taken down.

    A higher Rez version of the same video is out there and it doesn't look to be Mr Gates. That said, it is still alarming that this has actually been considered as a way to alter the brain chemistry of an unwilling population.

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  11. DesertStar7

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    The last thing they need. :(
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  12. Katfalls

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    Now is Michigan they have a raging wild fire near Greyling . . . fires, floods!
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  13. DesertStar7

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    Good grief. :(

    An online acquaintance (start 2003) from Michigan identified as an anarchist (I didn't take him seriously; later found out he was serious). He would often say things like he was prepared for "chaos" and "Let it all come down, shake out...see what remains standing." Young (11 years my junior), brash, tough.

    Haven't heard from him since 2017.

    I sometimes wonder, Well Matt? Are you enjoying this?? I really would like to ask him.

    It's easy to be flippant or "brave" when times are good or okay or better than now. :whistle:
  14. AED

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    At the risk of sounding tin foil hat/ conspiracist it seems Q predicted "false flags" to create chaos as the election draws nearer.
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  16. Jason Fernando

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    I just saw this video, by coincidence (;)) in my newsfeed on YouTube.

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    Just listened to this last night. Interesting. Even St Jean Vianney spoke of this.
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  20. Evenstar

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    I was watching it last night too. Very interesting. I hope he does some more on this .
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