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    Glad you're still alive and kicking, TMC!:D God bless you whatever your circumstances be! We shop at Aldi's too!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    What next???

    'Biblical plague' of bats forces town into lockdown leaving locals afraid to leave homes


    The bat-tornado was so intense that the local hospital's air ambulance was grounded as they made it impossible to fly in Ingham, Australia

    Thousands of bats have taken over a town with residents afraid to leave home or take their children to school. The 'bat-tornado' was so intense that the local hospital's air ambulance was grounded as they made it impossible to fly. The flying animals have t… [+1550 chars]

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    They talked about Harrison on the most recent US Grace Force video. Here's the KofC video of Harrison and his team mate, Grant. who brought Harrison back to the faith. Grant joined the seminary. Nice story.

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    Thank you! Will watch and share with my son tomorrow.:coffee:
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    Australia....yet again.

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    They better release Cardinal Pell!
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    Thats what they should believe unfortunately their brainwashed little minds will think its climate change or what ever its called now.
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    Dolours, this was truly lovely and inspiring. Thank you so much for posting this. I loved it.
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    BREAKING: Washington Doctors SUCCESSFULLY Treat Coronavirus Patient with Experimental Anti-viral Medication — “Significantly” Improved in Hours (VIDEO)

    The first person in the US to catch the coronavirus was successfully treated in Washington state and returned home late last week.

    Dr. George Diaz, a section chief for infectious diseases at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett joined Arthel Neville on FOX News on Sunday morning to discuss the successful treatment of the center’s coronavirus patient.

    Dr. George Diaz: About a week into his course he got worse developed pneumonia. At that point given the reports we had gotten out of China… At that point we elected to give him… the experimentalRemdesivir, antiviral medication. And within 24 hours he improved significantly. This was quite encouraging and he improved and thereafter remained without fever and felt much better. Over the next few days he improved to where we thought he could be discharged at home under the care of the local health district.

    Arthel Neville: And you said you used, I believe an experimental anti-viral medication, that you gave this patient. Can you apply this treatment to ALL people infected with the coronavirus or does it depend on the stage of their infection?

    Dr. George Diaz: Yes, at this point the CDC has been working with the authorities in China and have recently opened a large clinical trial of Chinese patients looking at those with severe disease as well as those with mild to moderate disease. We are very much looking forward to the trials.
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    Thank God.
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    Sounds very promising! Finally some hopeful news.
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    Incredible moment cross appears above Holy Land in ‘message from God’

    Posted on : 02/10/2020

    The image by an uploader known only as The Rabbi and sent into YouTube conspiracy theorist MrMBB333.

    It shows what seems like a dark cross in the clouds with a number seven next to it.

    In his clip on February 8, MrMBB333 said: “They were out on a guided tour a few nights ago when someone on the tour noticed this cross up in the sky.

    “And the person spoke up and said ‘Hey look, there’s a cross up in the sky’.



    Mysterious glow appears above Jesus Christ's childhood home of Nazareth

    “I have not edited this photo in any way shape or form.

    “The Rabbi (the person who took the video) also pointed out that on the left-hand side of the cross there appears to be a number 7.

    “How about that? Great observation from the Holy Lands.

    “Talk about signs in the heavens.”

    The footage has been seen more than 46,000 times and has sparked a frenzy among viewers.

    Several said it was a sign that “Jesus is coming”.

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    I don't know.....that alleged number "7" in that figure in the sky looks more like a four or six or ten in Hebrew Numbers....and the meaning of the six is "interesting" for these times:

    [​IMG]Shesh [f.], sheeshah [m.] Image, man, beast, flesh, sacrifice, intimacy, finished work, knowledge, sacrificial love, number of man and beast, antichrist, idol, and judgment. Six usually refers to the works of man, but ideally represents sacrificial love and intimate knowledge with the Creator (Da’at). When the latter is forsaken, only idolatry and flesh remain. We are ALWAYS either projecting the image of God or the image of the beast (flesh) to the world, which is represented by the number six.

    • Sixth Hebrew letter: Vav Numerical value of six. Pictographic meaning of hook, nail, to connect, tent peg, add to, attach. As a conjunction prefix, it means “and.” The number six reveals whether we are connected to Adonai or the beast/flesh.
    • On day six of creation, beasts of the field (land creatures) and mankind (male and female) were created. Mankind is designed to rule over the beasts of the field.
    • Sixth Feast: Yom HaKippurim (Day of Atonements) Lev. 23
    • Sixth Spirit of God: Da’at (Knowledge; sacrificial love) Is. 11:2
    • Sixth Church of Revelation: Philadelphia (Meaning: brotherly love)
    • Negative side: A false witness that speaks lies, being a witness for the enemy or for the lusts of the flesh. (Pr. 6:16-19) See the number 24 for a giant that followed this image of the beast (6) that actually had six fingers on each hand and six toes each foot.
    [​IMG]Peter had a vision of a sheet with unclean beasts at the sixth hour. (Acts 10:9) The vision was a parable; the beasts represented people (men), not food. Peter saw the sheet three times and three Gentile men (3+3=6) came to see him. (Acts 10:28-29) This story is a great example of how to discern between the Spirit of Adonai and the desires of the flesh, or the number six. How do you view Peter’s vision? A flesh ruled person (6) can and usually will twist this encounter to condone the appetites of the flesh; that is, eating unclean animals that YHWH calls an abomination [Lev. 11]. To their credit, most have been taught by misinformed and/or ignorant teachers to view Peter’s encounter as a license to indulge in the desires of the flesh. In other words, they’ve been deceived and are not in outright rebellion.

    On the other hand, one that knows God’s Word and commandments will not be looking for a loophole to disobey what is written and will immediately discern the context of Acts chapter 10. Peter clearly interprets his own vision in the text; it’s better to take his word for it. The unclean animals symbolize men, and have nothing to do with food or eating what God has forbidden. We must have the mind of Messiah, not a mind set on appeasing the wants, desires, and appetites of the flesh. The beauty and depth of Peter’s vision has been tainted by the desire to consume swine’s flesh for far too long. Peter’s vision is about God’s love and acceptance of people from all races, tribes, and tongues. You must decide which interpretation is spiritual and which one is from the appetite of a beast. This decision is made in the sixth hour (noon) when the sunlight is at its peak in the sky. In other words, there should be no ambiguity or darkness to blind one to truth. See also Dr. Robin Gould’s book, Peter’s Vision: Beacon or Bacon.

    And the number 7 (which does't look so much like this one) and the other Hebrew numbers here:
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    Thought I'd just share a positive sign. In one week, the altar railing in the rectory basement of my parish will be resurrected and re-installed. Fr. Schultz will begin celebrating the TLM at the Monday daily Holy Mass. He personally sought out the advice and permission of our newly installed bishop, His Excellency Douglas Lucia; the bishop is young, only 56-yrs-old, and said "Yes." I assume the plan is to eventually work it into the Lord's Day schedule.

    Soli Deo gloria!! :D
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    That is some seriously wonderful news Mario! Thank you.
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    I am so very happy for this!
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    Actually, that symbol on the right doesn't look like a Christian cross to me.

    At the time of the prophet Ezekiel, the Hebrew alphabet was shaped differently than today. In Ez 9:4 G_D commands the scribe to mark the foreheads of the innocent with His Mark. In Hebrew, the word for "mark" is "taw", which is the same as the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. At the time of Ezekiel, "taw" was written to look like an "X" or a cross. So that sign in the sky could be read as "tav vav". Sidenote: in Revelation 22:13, John writes Jesus as saying, "I am the Alpha and the Omega..." That's in the Greek translation of John. In the original Aramaic, Jesus says, "I am the Aleph and the Tav" The aleph was remarkably like the ICHTHYS, the fish-symbol used by early Christians
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    It really looks like a cross to me, though.

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