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Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Andy3, Jul 2, 2014.

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    I will ask my parish priest. Thank you.
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    I discussed this at length with a traditionally minded priest I know. All is well so long as cremains are treated as the corpse they are. That being said, I told my sisters, I will not be cremated. Further, I greatly prefer not being embalmed. That one is tougher by state law & I think health code wherever buried.

    There are a number of reasons I have Masses offered for my aunt & uncle in addition to the rest of my family. Their son is married to an atheist. The daughter is truly struggling w depression. Told me she hasn't been to church in over 20 years.

    Another "uncle" was very Jewish, maybe Messianic. You bet I included him in my family list!
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    Had a very interesting experience and then dream yesterday. At lunch I took a walk through downtown Cincinnati. During the walk, I was going down a street that reminded me of all the times as a child, I would go meet my grandmother who worked downtown and we would have a great time going to lunch, then the churches to light candles, and finally get an ice cream sundae from Graeter's before she would put me back on the bus and send me home. My grandmother was always the most holy of the family and the one who got me very into the church when I was younger, but when I came back to the church back in 2013, it was I that brought her back to the church leading up to her death. I talked about those amazing times with her leading up to her death and what had occurred in the weeks leading to her death on the board in the past. Anyway, I was really happy with those memories yesterday and missing her so much. I was talking to her during that walk and thanked her for those wonderful memories.

    Last night, I had a dream where I was having a party. In this dream, I knew she was going to be able to come down from heaven to see me and attend this party. I was eagerly awaiting her to show up and then all of a sudden there she was standing before me with a huge smile on her face. I ran to her and just hugged her and cried so many tears of joys. She was only visible to myself and my aunt in this dream. When others would come along in the dream, instead of grandma to them, she looked like a cat in my arms (she was a huge lover of cats and a cat lady), every time she looked like a cat, she would just love on me like cats do. After a few moments of this, I was able to ask her some questions about heaven. This is where it gets very interesting and then also where I begin to forget some things now, but I am sure my soul does not forget some of the things she revealed to me. First I asked about Jesus. She said right now Jesus is very much visible to all in heaven as the mightiest General if you will standing behind the alter. His armies stand before HIM and she says He is just waiting and ready to send them to here to punish the devil and end his hold on the earth. She then pointed to what looked like to me all this new world he will bring to us here once the evil has been punished and bound (right out of Revelation). She said to not fear this, for he will repair the world after this. She then warned me to no matter what, do not take what they will want to put into my hand. I am getting a little foggy now on this part but it seemed to be a mark of some sort she was warning against and also that this mark would begin first in the US in New York City (don't know if this is the mark of the beast but could be a percussor or about to not get the vaccine). There was much more she told me and questions I asked but they are lost to me now. After this, I wanted her to meet my girlfriend at the party because she was not alive when I started dating again. At this point I woke up.

    This morning, while talking to my girlfriend, she told me she had the coolest dream last night. She was in a store with my mother and my grandmother, and my mother introduced her to my grandmother. My grandmother gave her a big hug and a kiss and talked to her quite a bit and then she woke up.
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    This is magnificent! Thank you. What a great blessing!
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    I am just seeing these exchanges ab0ut cremation etc. A columbarium is a place where ashes are put on display in a wall behind a plaque or even in stacked up "lockers" with glass panes where there are also personal items, photos etc of loved ones. I have loved ones placed here and I feel sad when I visit these places - but maybe that's just me. I prefer a cemetery - ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

    The term columbarium can also mean "nesting boxes of pigeons"! See wiki definition here which says columbariums were a practice in ancient Rome for the deceased - so it sounds like we're going backwards to non-Christian ways.

    I realize that many Christians choose cremation and columbariums for financial reasons, but it is a sad thing regardless to not be able to have proper burial for such reasons.
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    Indeed! If you ever get any clarity on that thing in the hand she warned you about, I would love to hear more about it.
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    Ditto. Please keep us posted, Andy.
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    Wow Andy, an amazing gift from God!! So incredible that your girlfriend met your grandmother in her dream! The mark in the hand sounds like a microchip of some sort, and it would make sense that it would begin in NYC. I believe your dream came straight from heaven. :)Perhaps in time, you will recall more details.
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    I hope I do to. It just reminds me of the mark of the beast. The dream really did touch into 2 areas of Revelation in that regard. The new city that Jesus will bring at the end of it all and the mark in the hand. Very fascinating. I wish I remembered more of it. I know there was more. I vaguely remember me asking her what happened right at death. I was curious because I was present when she died. I lead the family in prayer holding her hand and when I finished, she smiled at me and had tears stream down her face but was happy and died shortly after finishing the prayer. In the week leading up to her death she had been unconscious most of the time, but on 2 occasions after reciting to her a consecration at death to Jesus and Mary someone on this board shared with me, she opened her eyes each time and looked at me and talked about a beautiful woman in the room with her. I asked on one occasion if it was the blessed mother and she shook her head yes smiling with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen on her face.
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    The Blessed Mother! “Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen”
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    Sweden is talking about this right now! To hold medical data including vax info.:eek:
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    Oh Andy how wonderful. How absutely wonderful. Your grandma was blessed to have you with her at her death to pray the consecration. Our Blessed Lady never forgets us. She hears every prayer! Just so moved by this.
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    I'd like to know if the store she was in when she met your grandmother was Graeter's.
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    I think that implanting of a chip was started in Sweden.
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    What an amazing dream Andy!
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    No. It was an HH Gregg appliance store that closed many years ago.
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    "I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams."
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    To me it seems a reference to what they want to put into our arms now, in line with Archbishop Viganos interpretation given in his public letter of 28 August.
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    I would say it's one step further than that, the subcutaneous chip.

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