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Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Andy3, Jul 2, 2014.

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    The Communion of Saints :)
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    Using false names.

    Scott and Byron have known each other since "grammar school."

    Both are famous, thanks to Scott.

    Years ago, Scott connected with me on social media. What a thrill! I'm a creative, and he took an interest.

    Byron and I are not connected.

    Both are extreme Leftists. I wasn't politically astute until mid-2016, so wasn't aware of HOW Leftist.

    Very recent turns of events have decided me on whittling down on interactions. I dislike presuming, but ... can't help BUT presume!

    In last night's dream, I see Scott, on a bicycle, riding away from me. I turn and start walking away, in the opposite direction.

    Byron suddenly appears at my side. :( I have an aversion to this man, so this is unwelcomed. He walks stride-for-stride with me (I'm at his right), escorting me. :( But he's also ignoring me while chatting with a shadowy male figure at his left. I cannot SPEAK in the dream, to tell him I don't need an escort and please go away. The dream soon ends.
  3. fallen saint

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    I don’t know your spiritual life but dreams are actually closet thing to our spiritual life and soul.

    i don’t want to insinuate anything but right now you are cruising in your spiritual life not pushing for gold medal. But moving forward.

    Either you are doing good and the shadow is starting to pay attention or you are cruising and there is fork in the road.

    you are not in bad spot but something is up.

    Br. al
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    Poor people, perhap a call from God for you to pray for them both? They seem to be in a Dark Place, poor people...
  5. Clare A

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    Oh DS7, how very sad, how very lost some people are.

    There is a belief that you are the best interpreter of your dreams (barring someone who can read souls, I suppose). However, to me it seems as if you and Scott are parting ways. The gulf between you is now too strong. Dropping a friendship is always a little sad, memories of what was, but we sometimes need to let go and move on. Byron sounds like a darker character. Perhaps he has been the malign influence in Scott's life which has caused the rift with you. Either way, he undermines you and consorts either knowingly or not with evil. The devil has his ear.

    My mother used to say that left wing people had 'something wrong with them'. When you see all the hate, cancelling, name-calling and hysterical rage, it's more likely that the devil is at work in them. Some of them look and sound possessed, whether they are screaming at pro-lifers or vilifying their personal hate figures like JK Rowling. I had a small scale experience of this once. I was at a party and the hostess introduced me to one of her friends, telling her that I'd written a book about Pope John Paul II. To be honest, I don't talk about my spiritual activities to random strangers and I wouldn't have brought it up. Oh dear. The sweet, smiling little old lady stopped smiling and became extremely intimidating and hostile. I walked away as soon as I politely could but her hatred still gives me the shudders. I did not enjoy that party at all. I mentioned this to a friend who is a Catholic journalist and has had a lot of horrible experiences and she said "What was it she didn't like about him? I bet it was connected with sex. It always is."

    It is a sobering thought that some people are lost and seem to have chosen hell, and they like it that way. There are so many of them and so few of us.
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    Yes. :( And her situation has become truly dangerous; home address doxxed, with resultant murder and rape threats.

    Link to publisher? :) I'm curious. Or you can send me that info privately.

    :( In July 2019, husband invited me to join him at a "community improvement" meeting and potluck. Everyone came off as friendly. But it didn't take me long to notice little signs around the room with Leftist slogans. I never went back. It could be the person one least expects who shows up screaming and throwing rocks at your house at 3 o'clock in the morning. :unsure:

    There are issues within issues of "sex" which I do not understand. And actually, I'm glad I don't!
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    I had a strange and upsetting dream last night. I was living in an old house that had a stable attached and I was told that I would need to look after the horses. A period of time went by, maybe a week or two, when I realised I hadn't even looked in on the horses let alone fed or watered them. In a guilty panic I went and opened the stable door, expecting to find dead horses inside. I looked in and there was a mare lying on the ground asleep with a little foal next to her, which looked up at me when I opened the door. I closed the door again and went quickly to get water for the mare, feeling very sad and guilty. Then I woke up.
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  8. Shae

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    My father-in-law passed away a couple of months ago. He was raised Catholic, but hadn't practiced in many years. He had no burial service, didn't want anything. I tried to get his wife to let me arrange for a Priest to annoint him before he died, but to no avail. So anyway, I recently had a dream that my father-in-law phoned me. I could clearly see his face holding a house phone to his ear and we were talking about Covid. When we hung up, in my dream I was trying to tell a care-aide that I talked to my father-in-law, and I was asking how can this be when he is dead! But I couldn't get her to listen to me or take me seriously and it was so frustrating. Don't know if it means anything or not. Maybe just that November is the month of souls and he needs prayer, so I do pray for him.
  9. DesertStar7

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    This morning I dreamed of being in a city filled with cold gray buildings. A young woman -- a member of a party -- was trying to persuade me to accept and join "this" (reality). Other party members also nearby, but they left me alone. I began walking away (or trying to again) when I noticed my left hand's nails were polished with clear nail polish ... while my right hand's nails were polished a yellow color.
  10. Joan J

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    Sounds to me like he now knows & understands. He has MUCH DIFFERENT CLARITY. He needs Masses offered for him!
    I have my aunt & uncle included in 1st Friday Memorial Mass for the whole year. Neither cremains are buried as yet.
  11. Jo M

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    Agree Joan, God must have allowed this, Shae's father in law needs Masses. These poor souls always know who will come to their aid. Sorry about your aunt & uncle, always very sad to hear that cremains have not been buried. :(
    I have a dear friend who passed in 2019, and it's the same situation. :cry:
  12. RoryRory

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    When creaminess are not buried does that affect the State of the soul?
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  13. RoryRory

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    Sorry. Cremains
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  14. Jo M

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    Cremation itself would not affect the soul. However, according to Catholic instruction for cremations, ashes must be kept in a sacred place, such as a cemetery or church. It must be carried out with "relevant liturgical and pastoral directives, and taking care to avoid every form of scandal or the appearance of religious indifferentism." It is sad when relatives of the deceased are not educated about the proper burial of cremains. There is also the expense of the actual burial, and of course there are those who in their grief cannot part with cremains of their loved ones. :(
  15. RoryRory

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    I know of a family who kept cremains for 18 months before a funeral was held. I guess because of travel and Covid etc. But it was never ending mourning for the mother especially.
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  16. RoryRory

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    Also I know the church encourages the body to be in church for the funeral and cremation after is ok. I am in a delegation as my husband wants cremation fIrst and encourages me to do tHe same.
    Any expertise here. Would it affect my soul if I had cremation only and then a funeral.
  17. Agnes McAllister

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    With the price of funerals and sometimes lack of insurance, cremation seems the only way to go for some of us. The prices involved even if you have a plot to be buried are so high. My brother and nephew are cremated and in jars at their family home mainly because the family would not let them go. Very sad.
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  18. RoryRory

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    Meant discussion
    Thanks Agnes
  19. Muzhik

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    No, if that were the case, anyone who died in a fire would be at great spiritual risk. However, given the rules of the Church I believe it would be best if the funeral were held, followed by cremation and then internment of the ashes.

    As an FYI: The church associated with my university recently installed a columbarium -- an outdoor space next to the church where a loved one's ashes can be interred.
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    I think you should talk to your pastor. It’s an important decision. Personally, I will not be cremated. But a priest can guide you and your husband.
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