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    Thank you. I should've used the word "troubling" instead.
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    Three nights ago: My mother and I are trying to get away from massive flames being directed our way by a willful agent. We escape. However, a photo of us (20 years younger) is posted online with our names, in hopes that we'll be targeted for further trouble.


    Last night: A snow and frost storm descends on El Paso, Texas, where my sister-in-law resides. She phones, telling me she's going to try and drive home (a roughly 7 mile drive). She is very unused to driving in such weather, as are most El Pasoans. I warn her to try and hole up for the night in an employee lounge, or check into a nearby hotel (literally the next building over). She insists on driving home. Dream ends.

    Snow (ice).
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  3. garabandal

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    This was a semi-dream or image as I was praying the Rosary falling asleep last night.

    I was clinging to the hem of the garment of the Blessed Mother - holding on like a child holds his mum's dress -- as an act of love that I never want to be separated from her.

    I was on earth and the hem of her garment came down from heaven to earth for me to hold - and then the hem of her garment whilst remaining a garment became like steps to heaven - I began to ascend walking towards our Lady looking down on me. On the way up I was so much in love with her that I placed my hands into my chest and removed my heart (in a spiritual way) and gave it as a gift to our lady as a sign that I totally belong to her - Totus Tuus - she has conquered and won my heart with her love -- then to my absolute shock she placed her hands into her chest and removed her Immaculate Heart as a gift for me - like an exchange of hearts -

    And then I fell into a deep sleep at that point lol
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    Her dress was quite like our Lady of Fatima although more gold in it - her dress was more yellow than white - but a soft golden yellow (like the sun) with encrusted jewels or sparkly trim on the edge that shone brightly - it felt like I was walking the royal road.
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    What a powerful blessed dream! How wonderful. Thank you for telling us.
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  6. Michael Pio

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    I had a dream about three days ago. I was back in my hometown in Europe, walking a mainstreet near my parent's place. I was walking towards East, towards the city border. I saw a huge black cloud coming from the East. At first I thought it is a rain cloud, a big thunderstorm. Then I realised the cloud is thick and black, reaching all the way from the sky down to ground and kilometers wide, no end visible. The black is so thick, one cannot see through it, nor probably breathe in it. The cloud was moving westward, towards me. I started running towards my parent's place...

    I had another strange dream this morning, more like a slumber thought than a dream. Half in slumber, I dreamed or thought about the St. Malachias prophecy about the line of Popes, which was actually written by St. Philip Neri. I had long forgotten about it, having taken a deep interest in it years ago. All Popes have mystical titles, for example (writing off the cuff) Pius XII is Pastor Angelicus, JP II is De Labore Solis and B XVI is Gloria Olivae. The current incumbent has no title but a statement is dedicated to him, which concludes the prophecy. The statement is: In persecutione extrema Sacrae Romanae Ecclessiae sedebit...
    I woke up realising time is running out.
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  7. Luiflower

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    I had a dream this week. I am standing somewhere within a community. I look left and right and across, I see it’s an established community, there are many house. There is a road running thought. I noticed a small hole further to the left, which is partially on the road, there is also a small group of people working hard to fill in the hole. I look closer and I think ….that looks like a sink-hole. The empty hole is then full of water from below, it expands and gets bigger and bigger, The people are still trying to fill it with rocks and boulders .

    I looked to the right, not to far away from where I was standing, I see the corners of one for the houses has developed a crack at the foundation level, a man rans into it. I am outside but I can see inside the house, he was taking thing from the drawers and putting in a bags. There is now water in the house, it rising and nearing knee level. I notice the the house slowly sink on itself. I looked around and the same thing was happen to the other homes. I speak to the man.. get out and move to safety, the things are not important. He rans out of the house with his bags.
    The hole is now massive, large amounts of water are flowing fast, flooding the place. Suddenly, it is raining heavily the air is thick and clouds heavy. The people filling the hole abandon and run. I retreat further back higher, I look on and see the entire place sinking. It was something like soil liquefaction taking place. I hear a voice, they had all the time but they did nothing; there was already a warning.

    I retreat further, the dream scene changes. I am in a different place, walking calmly, and have a feeling I am going home. There are houses, it is like houses inside a very large air hanger. I see the man who escaped from the house with bags coming towards my direction, when he gets close enough he stops and ask, how did you people know, and I repeat the words I heard, you heard already been warned. I turn back and walk to wards the direct the man is heading, I look ahead, I see without seeing that the men were filling the hole to safeguard the houses and acquired materiel things, the warning was ignored for the same reasons.

    “ For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age. Titus 2:11-12
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  8. thomas21

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    A month ago or so I had a dream that I was in a circus like building and suddenly the popes were in it. Benedict was accused of a crime and to prove he could have really done it some guy jumped from ropes and did acrobatics which obviously Benedict was too old to do. Then the crowds were angry, crying out that Benedict was a criminal and should never have stayed at the Vatican. The dream ended with me realizing that now Benedict was gone, Francis finally had full control of the Church.

    In another dream, in my waking moment, I remember the phrase “NWO Pope” in front of a photo of Francis.
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    Yet another dream an hour ago. I was in a distant cousin's house. I was trying to convince them to grow a potted vegetable pant. We had a family spat. Then I was wondering if what I was worried about was indeed coming soon. I was thinking of August 16. Then I was told not to set any dates but just trust that it would come eventually.
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  10. Donna259

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    what is August 16?
  11. thomas21

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    No clue. Just a day dream me was expecting something. But I'm not supposed to expect dates anyway. Probably related to economy/famine.
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    Hmm… the saint feast day for august 16 is St. Rocco- who is invoked as protection from plagues.
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    Early this morning. Vivid.

    (Backnote: I'd hoped to become a successful author. I'm certain that dream is permanently crushed. I have a very famous friend who's interested in my efforts, and reads my poetry)

    First dream: My friend is singing, beautifully, a strong tenor voice, like an angel. He is an author and filmmaker, and if he can sing we've never heard it. Then he begins recounting a cherished memory with a Christian friend. My heart is INFLAMED with the sweetness of this (he is NOT a Christian btw). I do regularly pray for him, so maybe...? :)

    Second dream: A cousin and his mother (deceased aunt) own a super-expensive ritzy boutique (not true). They want to dress me for a celebrity party despite my still NOT being famous. I know this will be very expensive. I say "yes." I'm outfitted twice and mix with a party of glamorous, finely-attired celebs (this is NOT a cherished fantasy played out in a dream). Then champagne is introduced. Would I like a glass? Yes. Then would I like a glass of yet a more expensive champagne? Yes. (In real life I'd have said NO). After the party I'm scared to ask cousin and aunt the price. Find out -- :eek:.

    Caitlyn Jenner (not my friend) was one of the celebs present btw.
  14. AED

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    Hmmmm. Maybe pray and consecrate your dreams to the Sacred Heart before you fall asleep. I've had to do that. The key take away in this dream i think is you afraid of the cost. Glamor and those it attracts and those with the power to bestow do exact a terrible price.
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    "Satan goes about like a roaring lion."

    Two dreams this morning:

    1. I'm in my parents' home, on the basement stairwell. Above in the house is a fully grown lion. :confused: I manage to lock the basement door, but now I'm stuck in the basement with no way out. Safe from the lion, but there's only one way out and the lion's above and behind it.

    2. I go into a large room off a wide pathway. It's not a house, it's a large room. I'm about to close its gate (not a door) when two young lions appear from the left. Shoulder-to-shoulder, trotting along. :confused: I'm startled. They're staring straight ahead (don't see me), and disappear to the right. :X3: I'm frightened. Lions here?? Later I must go out of this room, but I'm afraid the lions are nearby or there's more in the area.
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  16. RosaryWielder

    RosaryWielder Hoping to get into the Illuminative stage soon.

    Sounds a lot like where we all are, or are headed; especially the first one.
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  17. Katfalls

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    It sounds to me like the church or parts of it are getting ready to go underground.

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  18. AED

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    I've had versions of this dream 3 times in my life." The roaring lion seeking whom he may devour". I always took it as a warning to step up my prayers and my Holy Water .
  19. fallen saint

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    Here’s a strange one...

    i was skating indoors and the ice was breaking underneath, parts of the ice were dirt and it was breaking while i was skating.

    not a good dream in my opinion.

  20. Ananchal

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    Hmm I guess when I think (or see) a lion - I am reminded of Jesus - the Lion of Judah, but then I guess it’s the tone of the dream that assists interpretation
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