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    Very provocative dream DS. Somehow comforting. Driving the car means piloting the Church forward. Devotion to Our Lady seems to figure very powerfully. She is the one to fix the "Francis problem" no doubt. Prayers prayers prayers!!
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    How sad! Why would anyone refuse a gift from their Mom? This reveals that many, or perhaps most Catholics, no longer nurture a relationship with the Two Hearts. I must resist the temptation to become mechanical in my prayers, and more regularly express my joys and concerns conversationally. Thank you, Lynne, for sharing.

    Speak from the Heart!
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    My Dream from January:

    The Dream Friday Jan 22, 2021

    Dream last night . . .I had the most astonishing, surprising, most awesome dream I have ever had in my life. God was talking to me, teaching me, showing me. I am still in shock and awe. I must share this. God is REAL! He is the ultimate creator, living Father, amazing essence, He IS! He created us, designed us, infused us with our souls. It's really hard for me to put this in words. He has shared so much with me, I am still awestruck in shock. He designed and created our DNA. He does NOT want me to take the new vaccine, it alters our RNA, has something to do with our DNA. I saw a picture of it, kind of like revolving in a black background that looked like eternal space. I am not a chemist, or biology person. But it is very complex and He created it. He does not want it disturbed, that was very clear. He said there are natural alternatives to the vaccine that He has provided for us. They have already been discussed. He has provided the earth for us in abundance. We are to help each other, feed each other, nurture each other. We would not need borders if countries had good leaders who take care of their people. We are given great gifts until new ones are developed, such as the oil in the ground. When we find new gifts that replace it we will not need it anymore. Those gifts are to help people in their lives. We are to love each other because He made us and we all have a part of Him in us. If someone is unkind to you it is because they don't understand how they were created, but if you understand it the unkindness will not harm you. I got the feeling but was not told in specific words that President Trump lost his position because of the vaccination and how it changes our RNA, and Trump will have to learn from that. We must read the psalms for learning . . .God gives us what we need as we need it, He provides for us. Like the manna in the desert was there until it was no longer needed. Jesus came to earth to teach us but we don't really listen, but it's all there if we want to really learn. I am still meditating, contemplating on my dream. I will go from tears in my eyes to joy, to total humility. I just had to share this, I am compelled to share this. Please talk to Him, He is always listening. God Loves All of You.

    God will separate the wheat from the chaff. There are those who have learned from Him and those who will refuse Him. That is why we have the gift of choice. In Purgatory some us will need to be re-programmed to extinguish that which is not of God. Will it be painful? I don’t know, but it is something to experience. Is childbirth painful, but do we remember the pain? That would be my analogy.

    I don’t understand evil, but that is something that we choose. Evil is how we destroy our souls. Every little sin destroys a part of the soul and that has to be refreshed (replaced? Refinished?) Doing good things expands the goodness in your soul. Hail Mary Full of Grace. We want our souls to be filling with Grace in order to see the Face of God. Joy and Happiness are a part of goodness.
    We can have Tears of Joy, tears of sadness. They are expressions of the condition of the soul.
    The soul that is in grief will be consoled by God, and needs more consolation. Because we have God in us when we console the grieving it is a sign of God working through us.
    God works through us because we have Him in us. It is the connection. To sin is to reject God and that will make the goodness in our souls shrivel.
    Have you ever seen anyone who exudes goodness? They work hard to create goodness in their souls. We have to work at it and not be lazy.
    Our bodies are a temple of God. We need to keep them clean and pure, just as we work at keeping our souls clean.
    People are given certain ailments to purify them. It makes them stronger and makes people around them stronger.

    There is ONE God, the creator. I believe in the Holy Trinity, while I have no learning about it, I can believe it because Jesus came to earth from God and He instructed us. We must believe in Jesus.
    He is our teacher, we should study him and listen to his words, they are a part of God.
    If we understand love and the components of it we will have learned who God is.
    If we are filled with love, there will be no room for hate.
    By having God in us, we are to live in His Will.

    Just as the earth is in constant motion, so will people be in constant motion.
    We do not live forever. Only God is eternal. By nurturing our souls we are offered a place in eternity with God, our Father.
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    Thank you for sharing this again. I know with every fiber of my soul, like I know my name, that the “vaccines” are a continuation of their diabolical plans and we must stay away from them. Rejecting them will lead to our persecution but there will be great Graces we receive to persevere.
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    You know there was much much more to the dream than just the virus. God told me that we must keep our bodies pure like our soul and work on it! And not be lazy. And you know I have been very lazy about keeping my body in shape. I am about 50 lbs. overweight! yes, I have health issues, a thyroid disease etc. But I have been lazy!!! So I bought an elliptical to start working out to lose weight. When I first got on it I could only do one minute!!!! how pathetic is that???? But now I can do 1 1/2 to two miles on it. And I have lost about 15 lbs. And I have been 'hit' with health issues to sidetrack me . . .such as I have pulled an achilles tendon and hobbling around on my right foot. Before that I had a horrible sore throat for a few days . . .I went to the Dr. for a check up in March . . .a new Dr., and she misdiagnosed me and I ended up in the hospital TWICE! long story, I won't go into it. But am back at my previous Dr. now even though I have to drive three times as far . . .so old satan is trying to get me to give up but I am NOT going to give up. I will not be lazy again. Hopefully, I will get the next 35 lbs off. I am not in a hurry, just working at it. And being lazy in my spiritual world, too. Not seeing opportunities to do good works . . .well, that dream was really something. I guess God is not done with me yet, I will be 72 in July but keep learning :).
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    yep. I was prompted the same and since October 2019 I lost 60lbs doing Atkins and intermittent fasting and am back to the weight I was when I entered college. Working out several days a week (had a nice run on the beach this morning). Crazy thing is, the less I eat the more energy I have

    Keeping our immune systems and bodies naturally strong is going to be very important. The fasting helps as well as it’s spiritually very good but also trains your body to go for a while without food
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    Gonna have to try that, with diabetes am not sure how the fasting will work, but will look into it. Great job!
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    Yes, God is real! He once said this to me, "I would speak to everyone - if only they would listen!"
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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes!

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    Michael, so my best advice is to start by starving your body of carbs/sugar. None of it for 6-8 weeks or so. It’s hard, very hard those 1st 2 months. That kicks your body into its (what I believe) natural God given Hunter/gatherer cycle where your body burns what you acquire/feed it each day and then gets ready to acquire again the next day.

    You eat nothing the next morning when you awaken, water only, until a light lunch at 1pm to 2pm with a low carb/no sugar lunch, then eat whatever you want (gathered) at 7pm and then your body won’t store it, rather it holds it at the ready to use for energy and burns that food off until you feed your body again at 1pm the next day. Every day then is 6 hours of food and 18 hours of fast. You’ll be amazed how your body and mind respond positively.
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    wow, so specific. thank you much!!

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