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    I don't believe any of this has to do with a possible war.

    It's just that North Korea is up the creek without a paddle and is crashing and burning due to the virus.
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    I would avoid that site it's run by Ron Conte a self styled theologian who is extremely arrogant.
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    I had two friends who visited the visionary at her home years ago. She was then married with I think eight children. She was cooking a steak for her husband and never ate a pick. She never ever did, only the Eucharist. The wonderful smell of the steak never threw her or tempted her in the least. They were very,very favourably impressed, a woman of high Sanctity.

    I have been using the Blue Book for many , many years and with very great graces. It is my comfort blanket for bad times.:):)

    All Marian Apparitions sites come under very fierce attacks.

    It is par for the course.
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    I am so glad North Korea is not going to go mad and go to war. Poor people they need our prayers they are a total, total basket case.
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    I'm not a fan of him either. I've seen much of the info he shared from other sources, as well, though. Regardless, I discerned for myself already before I found the further info, based on the messages themselves and what Olive said in her videos. With pure hearts and good intentions, we can come closer to God even through means that may turn out to be false, unbeknownst to us. I do always try to search out the truth, though, because I know Satan is a great deceiver and often will copy truths in order to tell one lie.
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  6. As an aside, I do not rely on Mr.Conte’s conclusions on many things and I will leave it at that. (It has nothing to do with the seer at hand.)
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    She says in her interview that she can eat if she wants to, and has on some occasions. It's certainly interesting.
  8. Yes.
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    I certainly agree. I am not a fan of him, his arrogance and many failed prophecies. Perhaps I shouldn't have shared the info he provided, though I found it lined up with the info I found in other places.
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  10. I was much more critical when I was younger, and flaws were so, so easy to beacons. But, as I said early on, unless it’s out and out preposterous (which I would say this is not), I’m willing to give the seer and the messages an open space in which to test the Spirit and, if positive, then taste of the fruits.
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    I understand. We all can only follow our conscience, intuition, and pray for God's guidance. It's a shame there's so much falsehood to weed through on our search for the truth, but, such is the world. Thanks be to God, we can put all our trust in Him, that He will hold our hand and never let go, if we only ask and trust Him like a child. :)
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  12. I’m glad you understand what I was trying to say. Thank you for your response.
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    wait till one of the warships accidentally blows up and NATO blames Russia for it
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    Just wanted to say that the woman interviewed around 5:51 in this video is the Danish Christian theologian Iben Thranholm who writes a lot about Russia and its faith. I read the article below a few years ago where she said that Russia and the west had swapped spiritual roles and it got me wondering if an eventual invasion by Russian troops could be a good thing?

    The whole interview with her is here:
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    Such a different perspective. Even when we talk here on the Forum concerning Russia invading Europe (think Garabandal), Russia has still been seen as a tool of Satan. The seers of Garabandal also saw churches closed and the difficulty of attending Holy Mass. In much of Europe that is the case, but it is not Russia per se, but the covid-19 fallout that has caused it all. It is a mutated form of Communism driving the agenda in the West now, not a Russian/Soviet model.

    The Lord's ways are not our ways! Jesus is still on the Throne!
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    Didn't one of the seers in Garabandal say that Russia would invade suddenly but Our Lady did not want it to happen so soon? Or something like this, if someone can help me with the exact quote. I have wondered for a while what this means? What is the right time for an invasion according to God's plan? I was in a prayer group years ago where several of us wondered if we in the west would not some day pray for and welcome a Russian invasion, like the Syrian Christians are so thankful to Russia today.
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