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    I so agree with this. I can't look at these people either. I feel a kind of dread when I see any of them which I suspect is the Spirit warning of the dangers that surround them. One of the BBC anchors, a woman, was on tonight. She has dark, dead eyes and she hates Trump with a visceral loathing. It occurred to me that there is a demonic presence about her. It's chilling. Honestly, I don't get this way about everyone! I had a friend who saw the devil behind everything that annoyed her in daily life, the slightest thing. However that was back in the 80s, and we are now... where we are. I am so grateful to have this forum. I couldn't talk like this to many people. I have a problem with saying Soros' name out loud. I can hardly mention him without feeling a darkness, an instinct not to go there. They say 'speak of the devil and he'll come'. Maybe with an entirely possessed person one might summon demons without meaning to.

    Remember those messages that went public between Hillary and one of her society friends, about 'Spirit Cooking'? Daubing walls with pigs' blood. Demonic.

    We can and should pray for all these lost people, but I fear they are so drunk on power they think a Faustian pact a small price to pay. Maybe at the moment of death they will repent. I am praying for Biden and Harris to convert. God can work miracles even in the blackest of souls.

    I have no idea how the future will play out but I do know that this isn't a political battle: will they/won't they impeach? will they ban Trump rallies? etc etc... On the surface this is what the media chatter will be but it's not the real 'news'. This is a spiritual war against the powers of darkness. The victory of righteousness depends on the Will of God and our willingness to pray and do penance.
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    A wonderful inspiring Homily
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    Today I was looking for a Catholic prayer book on Etsy and one of the search results was a satanic prayer book. It was in more than 20 people's carts (no telling how many more; thats the highest number mentioned). :(

    We need to pray, pray, pray, more than we ever have! So many souls being lost, and dragging many more down with them through their demonic prayers. We MUST counter this evil.
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    I think Walmart sells satanic stuff, too.o_O:(
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