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  1. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Hi Cletus,

    You know many, many years ago when I saw Our Lady back in 1981 I wondered what people would say when if told them I had seen her and talked to her. My general assumption was that people would think I was nuts and so for many years I kept it to myself. After all anything she has said to me was for myself personally and not messages for the world. I was surprised that the first person I told about it, my Spiritual Director believed me at once and totally. After quite a few years later when I did start to share a little I was very surprised that people did believe and believe me at once, including clergy.

    The only person I ever met who expressed total scepticism was my father . I told him I was delighted with this as scripture says,

    Luke 4:24

    The Rejection at Nazareth
    …23Jesus said to them, “Surely you will quote this proverb to Me: ‘Physician, heal yourself! Do here in Your hometown what we have heard that You did in Capernaum.’” 24Then He added, “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown. 25But I tell you truthfully that there were many widows in Israel in the time of Elijah, when the sky was shut for three and a half years and great famine swept over all the land.…

    So that my father's refusal to believe was actually a confirmation. I also remember my mother turning round to my father and asking him, 'have you ever heard Padraig tell a lie?'

    To which my father went quiet.

    I have had many supernatural experiences down the years. Generally they have been very well received when I share them, now and again they are not or are contradicted.

    But one thing I always do is not to argue about them. Either they are accepted or they are not. In this I follow the advise of Jesus.

    Matthew 10:14

    The Ministry of the Twelve
    …13If the home is worthy, let your peace rest on it; but if it is not, let your peace return to you. 14And if anyone will not welcome you or heed your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town. 15Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.…

    I would advise you to do the same. If God calls you give messages simply give them and leave it at that.

    God calls you to give the message, but does He call to defend them? The two things are different callings.

    I think defending such things may cause you to loose peace. Simply give them and leave it at that is my advice.

    But of course it is up to yourself. Leave it to God to defend you. They're His messages, let Him defend them.
  2. in various revelations of Jesus to his saints it was said that at the end times most of the revelations would be false and when we read the opinion of mystics, they say that these long locutions that speak even of politics or other curiosities do not come from God.

    there is a sect being deceived by the devil who say that most of these locutions are true. I say more. they believe them all. vassula. cristina galagher. enoch pastor. Luz de maria. julia whedbee etc. etc. does anyone realize that this sect are being led by demons? where is the discernment of spirits?

    in fact thank GOD I realize this is a type of occultism too. All of these locutions are not from GOD and time will show to everyone. There are clear erros in them.
  3. Hey ought to be the first then to make sure you have all the facts before you go about forming your own "sects" (your word) out of individuals here on this Forum. You have been corrected (maybe even more than once) that Luz de Maria is approved and that stamp of approval was presented on the thread. You had and have every opportunity to check that out. I also just reminded you of that in a comment above here and yet here you are again repeating your personally devised but inaccurate accusation.

    If you want to make an impression as some expert on Private Revelations it's not really a good idea to repeat your own errors within this particular spiritual category. I don't really understand your motivations here but all you are doing is advertising your own unreliable opinions. But then I guess we also have "fake news" here on the forum as well.
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  4. Timothius722

    Timothius722 Archangels

    No one has to believe in private revelation...this is what the Catholic Church teaches. If one who does not believe in Garabandal , Medjugore or even are still a faithful Catholic. No one has the moral high ground to denigrate any faithful believer who does not believe in private revelation...period. "Where charity and love prevail...there God is ever found".
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  5. Yes, so true.....people should not be blatantly labeling good and faithful Catholics as a "sect", "deceived by the devil", "led by demons" and joining in with "occultism" IF they choose to follow what is actually permitted by the Church in private revelations....esp. when the accuser won't include that last part.
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  6. Arby

    Arby Guest

    Yes, I am sure we all thank God for all of your various pronouncements.
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  7. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    "past consecration"? Is that what you think a person has done who lived outside of sanctifying grace for a period of their life did, was "consecrate" themselves to? "Let he who has not sinned throw the fist stone". God has forgiven and forgotten Verne's sin, my sins and I would hope your own sins that have gone through the sacrament of confession. But your lack of mercy and judgmentalism is very telling. Thank God He is merciful, even though those who claim to serve him may not be.
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  8. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    And thanks be to God, he gave a means of confirming truth in prophecy by scripture and church teachings. Verne's messages have been vetted by holy priests, theologians and monks, whom Cletus had read Verne's messages, all of whom are much much more astute then any of us, including you, in faith and prophetic discernment. All confirmed to Cletus that nothing in them was contrary to scripture or church teaching. Then he had all the books blessed by a faithful priest. It is unfortunate for you that you cannot accept this, but Jesus did say there would be those who are hard hearted and His apostles were treated the same..... shaking the dust from their feet and moving on the those who will hear the message of the kingdom.
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  9. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    And does the "moral highground" speak to those who come on a thread to disrupt what they reject, which is not contrary to our Catholic faith and morals? Verne never promoted his messages and still does not!! Cletus did and I do, but Verne was merely God's messenger, who like those before him and after him have done.
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  10. Frodo

    Frodo Archangels

    No, Fatima. I just stated what Verne himself stated:

    “I rejected God and took an oath to Luna a Goddess. At the time I did not know it was a demon I took an oath to. So at several of the sites
    Where I consecrated myself to a demon, after I became a Christian, God spoke directly to me at the same site. He told me he had more power than hell and was speaking to me to let me know the truth about these matters. Also, my gf was 33rd mason and Satan appeared to my gm and mother when I was a kid.

    These facts would be enough to bar him from being considered a candidate to the priesthood without an investigation from the proper Church authority.

    And yet you are saying we don’t need the Church authority in this case, contrary to the Church’s own criteria of discernment.

    Forget the bishop, right?
  11. So who is promoting the messages, as yet, as Church approved? No movement has gone forth in order to begin that part. Meanwhile those who have the background to judge whether the messages have in them anything that goes against Church teachings have approved them. Such approvals can go forward at some future time as a foundation for any authority who may look for such judgements. So the messages are taken by those who may be interested in reading them with those judgements from Catholic Church religious clerics of good standing. If you object to those representatives' judgements on the writings, based on what higher personal expertise of your own as yet to be explained here, you might let those Priests/Monks know where they are wrong. There is then the good judgements of those who have given their approvals and no objections to having them read by others so they simply can continue to be helpful to those who enjoy their clarity in regard to fuller understanding of these times.

    As to such "characters" in history who themselves not only led well known lives of "ill repute", shall we say, and were themselves members of a religious "sect" contrary to their later beliefs we have none other than Augustine who himself enjoyed a religion, prior to his conversion, founded by an Iranian prophet who taught a thinking of an elaborate cosmology of dualism.

    Thus the grace of God is there for all who choose to see the light and seek Him, even if without knowing it in the beginning. And we who would be judged by how we judge unevenly anyone from whom we have no right to withhold the same benefits of God should leave that solemn place to Him alone.
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  12. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    There are many prophets in our days because Our Blessed Mother is trying to get us all back to Her Son. If it weren’t for Her, I would still be lost. So thanks be to God for His prophets! I will continue to follow what Our Lord and Blessed Mother are teaching us so that I may one day live with them in Heaven. Persevere always and strive to live in the Heart of Jesus, which is none other than His Divine Will.
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  13. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Yes, Verne had a sinful period of his life, that is not in question. Yes, Verne became Catholic and found God's mercy and forgiveness and chose to use in his mercy the empty vessel, Verne, and planted flowers within him shortly after. Verne never chose or asked God to speak to him. Much of what he was told to write down had never been known to him before. Most of what he was told by God and wrote down was contrary to his protestant upbringing. As Lynne and EtA spoke to in the two posts above, he is not the only sinful person God has chosen to speak to His people. I am more concerned for the merciless, self righteous, like those who were about to stone Mary Magdalene and Jesus brought her up and out of her grave sin of adultery. Yes, the same Mary Magdalene, the former grave sinner, who was at the foot of the cross with John and Blessed Mother Mary was shown God's mercy and great love in her conversion, yet you cannot do as much. You cannot accept that God showed Verne the same mercy that he did Mary Magdalene. I rejoice in God's saving grace and mercy to Verne, whom I call my good friend and have spent countless hours on the phone with him, often times with God interjecting within our conversations. I will pray for you Fordo and Prince of "Peace" that you two can one day find the mercy that God himself does for sinners, no matter how sinful they may have been before their conversion. The greater the sinner the greater mercy our God has for the person. If you do not understand this, I fear you will not be shown mercy.
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  14. sunburst

    sunburst Powers

    When we receive the Holy Eucharist we are receiving the body blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ the second person of the Holy Trinity. The statement you receive the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sounds heretical.
    Jesus is consubstantial with the Father and the Holy Ghost.
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  15. Frodo

    Frodo Archangels

    I’m not sure why it is so hard to understand what I’m posting. It reminds me of a political tactic where one candidate twists the words of another in order to sound more convincing. Again, I am not attacking Verne or doubting that he responded to God’s mercy.

    However that behavior is a red flag using Catholic norms of discernment. Is the Church being unmerciful by having rules in place that would need to be followed in order for him to be deemed possible to approach Holy Orders? Of course not. The Church does so to protect her people. The same then goes for the Church protecting her people against the possibility of false messages in the discernment of private revelation. He should submit to the proper authority. It’s really that simple.

    Also, there are many, many other concerns here that are still even being found out as we ask more questions in this thread. Why has he been told to discard some messages? God really interjects while you are talking to him on the phone? Often times? God spoke approvingly of Christina Gallagher despite what is documented about her?

    It is rather disingenuous of you to ignore the concerns in the context they are brought up and portray them in a way that is not what is intended at all.
  16. One's thinking in that way is wrong on that notion. There is no separation of the Persons of the Trinity ever....They are constantly in "communion" with each other. When you receive Jesus (in His body blood soul and divinity because that is how His Person is now constituted) you receive the entire Trinity.

    Just over a century ago, Pope Leo XIII emphasized invoking the Trinity into each of the Sacraments in his encyclical Divinum Illud Munus, when he wrote:

    The Church is accustomed most fittingly to attribute to the Father those works of the Divinity in which power excels, to the Son those in which wisdom excels, and those in which love excels to the Holy Ghost [Spirit]. Not that all perfections and external operations are not common to the Divine Persons; for “the operations of the Trinity are indivisible, even as the essence of the Trinity is indivisible” (St. Aug., De Trin., I. 1, cc. 4-5); because as the three Divine Persons “are inseparable, so do they act inseparably” (St. Aug., i6.).

    St. Catherine of Siena, the noted Doctor of the Church, in her infused wisdom was also given this truth:

    "the unity of the Trinity within the Sacrament of the Eucharist".
    Her journey of enlightenment empowered her to pray, write, and preach that when receiving the Eucharist, not only are the recipients sitting at that sacred dining table eating and drinking the Body and Blood of Christ, they are also being filled with grace received from each person of the Trinity — God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit — and, in turn, share the graces received from that sacred meal with others. One should marvel at Catherine’s advanced theology, even though in the middle ages the Trinitarian relationship was not fully developed to the extent envisioned and understood by St. Catherine.

    And in fact the "Soul and Divinity" part of the Eucharist wasn't defined until the Council of Trent....prior to that the Eucharist was thought of in only the terms of "Body and Blood"!

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  17. Frodo: I’m not sure why it is so hard to understand what I’m posting.

    Because, Frodo, you yourself refuse to accept the protocol of the Church and what the Church "permits" when it comes to Private Revelations. You, for some reason, have a determined blockage to that portion and have demonstrated that behavior over and over again in those messages (in addition to these) that you obviously cannot grasp or are afraid to tread upon. So you redefine, out of context, or "spin"/weave your own misunderstandings into what is not even there. And this is most noticeable when you have to stoop to attacking what has already been taken care of through the Sacraments of the Church in their efficacy. That part of the personal history here is then over so you too should get over it. When you "re-attack" using that chosen whip of Satan's you do his work for him. And yet you won't use the same for such as an Augustine, referencing, again, his own history of same that was also overcome as well through the auspices of the Church....and who afterwards ventured to an even higher place within the Church's structure. God's Mercy ought not be besmirched by anyone no matter how he/she may think of themselves and their "duties" personally.

    In fact in your demanded following of the exact protocol of the Church, there is as yet an officially appointed authority over the Our Lady of America messages and history, and yet they are fully received and continue to be promoted within the Church. There have been opinions given, as in the GSWYL messages, some by noted prelates who themselves have had to omit that this excellent opinion of "nothing against Church teachings", is still not within the prerogative of THE individual Bishop who would be appointed to offer the appropriate commission and judgement. But yet the Church "permits" this gift of heaven for America to go out among the Faithful while waiting for the completion of the usually demanded protocol for PRs.
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  18. yes, it is heretical. the Trinity is a mystery, as they are one and three at the same time. You will never see Our Lady telling you to visit the Father in the tabernacle. she always says it's Jesus. the church has never taught the Eucharisty is the Holy Spirit, because it is not.

    Another thing is their presence in the mistery of the Trinity. this is as mistery, but the three persons have different modes to communicate to a soul. in the Eucharisty is Jesus, and “indirectly” the Trinity are with him in a way that we will never understand, but we are receiving in the Eucharist only the body and blood of Christ.
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  19. Sorry, the Church teaches otherwise. It is then yourself who is heretical and attempting to limit Church thinking to your own, as underdeveloped thinking.

    In fact the Eucharist itself is a "Mystery" or else the entire world would "see" and accept what would be "obvious" to all. Thus using "mystery" is a failed attempt to try to prove a falsehood within what is totally held to be existing within the Eucharist in Truth.

    And, BTW, just because you don't realize that you are actually visiting the Father in the tabernacle as well when you come to visit the Son, doesn't mean that the Father isn't also receiving you since Jesus was given in order to directly open that return to the Father by defective humans. And when you call upon the Holy Spirit for those helps you have also the presence of all Persons. That's a beautiful Truth and enhances one's own limited understanding of just how the Holy Trinity operates in its "family" of love that is always One and united. The due attention given to each is then given to all for it's a great sharing.

    It is by coming to us in Holy Communion that He continually puts us in more direct contact with the Blessed Trinity; for He then comes in the integrity of His Person as God and Man, humanity and divinity; and as God, as the Word, He is always indissolubly united to the Father and to the Holy Spirit. Jesus can repeat from the consecrated Host what He once said while He was on earth: “He that sent Me is with Me, and He hath not left Me alone,” and more explicitly: “I am in the Father and the Father [is] in Me” (cf John 8:29 – 14:11). Therefore, when He comes to us in Holy Communion, He does not come alone, but with Him come the Father and the Holy Spirit, because the three divine Persons, although distinct one from another, are inseparable.

    “In quo habitat omnis plenitudo divinitatis” (Litany of the Sacred Heart). Hence, it is certain that wherever Christ is—and therefore in our soul at the time of Communion (Eucharist)—there the Trinity is also present in a very special way.

    Divine Intimacy
    Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.
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  20. I realized a little about the hierarchy of the sect. These most ignorant people have a head that shows, which is mark mallet. this one has people of the same level along with him, like peter b, daniel connor, etc. proud men who are voice-over readers. addicted to false locutions, like the site after the warning. These people have a head who is father Ianuzzi and some friends priests and persons who are at the same level of deception. Father Ianuzzi has a head that is Vassula. The head of Vassula is the devil himself. Of course, things are not so exact, but in general this is how the hierarchy of this sect is staggered. They confuse the new Earth with the time of peace. They think the devil will return when the earthly paradise are reconstructed and people living in the divine will at that point. this is a joke of the devil. They found a way to make this sect more cute and put that Divine Will story in the middle. And they also got it wrong, Father Ianuzzi confused a lot of things in his work and will never be recognized by the Church. It is just an academic thesis, as many exist, even exponents of liberation theology have theses approved in Rome. in fact it is a sect of people deceived by the devil. It is the price they paid for ingesting so many false locutions. All of them without exception are being led by false Locutions. There is no way to get to a good place being guided by the devil. This is not true Catholicism, but a degenerate form that borders on the occult.
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