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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Oct 17, 2017.

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    ...since the election, I have had to shut off all news, entirely. The only news I get is in bits and pieces, from what a few friends post on Facebook, and maybe Newsmax, and here, of course. What I read, today, in terms of a second impeachment, makes me so sick I could scream. I feel like I'm in some insane asylum, and it's sheer madness, everywhere you look. The "Warning", and "illumination of conscience" is always said to be this generation....very close, and yet, it's been speculated as being as far off as 2032. How I won't have a stroke before then, from the almost insurmountable stress, I don't know. This is a nightmare world we live in. It's an absolute nightmare, and it goes on, and on, and on, and on. I don't know how others are or aren't coping with it, as the feeling of helplessness is immeasurable. I've read and counted on so many red herrings, in terms of something big happening to expose the fraud by the left, and as red herrings go, nothing ever came to fruition. And, as usual, the left can riot, stage sit ins, boycott, march, loot and do whatever it wants, and the media paints them as victims. The right can do nothing but sit still silently or they are painted as nuts. "My Gog, My God....why have you forsaken Me?!" (us)
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    The Rosary is my only consolation in this valley of tears.
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    Yes, and it is indeed a consolation. Great consolation.
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    From Isaiah: Woe unto them who call evil good, and good evil.
    We are in that time.
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    Elisa, the two bishops with jurisdiction over Fr. Rodrigue disavowed his messages, and removed him from ministry. Fr. Rodrigue's claims to be an exorcist of the Church, and to have the permission of his bishop to spread his messages, were revealed as untrue.

    May I ask posters to avoid Mark Mallett and Fr. Rodrigue posts on the President Trump thread going forward?
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    I just got off a Zoom meeting with some forum members and the overall consensus was......I can't wait to see how God turns this into His Good Will.
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    Posted this evening on YouTube. Trump in new video asks for no violence. He asks supporters to ease tensions and promote peace. He mentions demonstrations and potential threats in the days leading to the Inauguration. He discusses threats against free speech.

    Edited to add: Fox apparently was the only network to carry this speech.

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    Yes. Me too. I am so grateful for it. I know Our Lady is holding us in the Ark of her Immaculate Heart. We ride atop the waves just as Noah's ark did.
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    Yes to everything you say. I had a Mass said for him today.
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    I can't imagine what his young son is going through, or how Melania can resume her life. It is a tragedy.
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    Father Michel said and implied many things in the hours of video and writings. Many of the things he said directly or indirectly have not come true. If I recall correctly there were no prophecies regarding a year of St Joseph so I’m not sure why they would say that Father Michel predicted it. His advice to be spiritually ready and have some food on hand is always good though.
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    These words touch my heart. They speak for me. I was sitting in front of the TV, I think we were watching an antiques show and I was tense and angry and fearful, and then I realised that there is nothing I can do other than pray (which I am doing). It is hard to remain calm, especially when the news is so frightful. The news media here in the UK is dreadful, they are sticking the knife in as far as it will go. My husband isn't as concerned as I am (though as a mathematician he has done the sums and says the steal must be true) but as images of soldiers pouring into DC in advance of the 'inauguration', he said, 'they know they aren't governing with the full will of the people or they wouldn't be doing this'.

    Well it's one thing to seize power, and another to hold onto it. A man with cognitive difficulties and a woman out of her depth can't force 300 million people to be docile and obedient without using a lot of force. Someone on another forum said that Obama is behind a lot of this. Sure he is, but all the gold in Soros' bank can't keep the people doped up on fake news forever.
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    Well said, Mr. President. God bless you!
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    I am actually heart-broken tonight. With Mitch McConnell rubbing shoulders with Democrats, the second impeachment taking place, and patriots looking for a red pill they won't find, it appears the Republic as we know it has come to an end. This particular humiliation of Trump was carefully crafted; how the Left must be rejoicing. I pray that President Trump will not seek any form of revenge. I pray that Patriots won't go berserk for that will only add fuel to the flames when Trump fails to pull an Ace out of his sleeve. Lord have Mercy!

    I am reminded again of the last time I shared a prophetic word/image at a prayer meeting almost 12 years ago: there is always hope!

    Back in 2009, I shared a vision that had been received at a prayer meeting on June 11th. Here's the text of the shared vision:

    Picture yourself at a windswept seashore. It is twilight and a ferocious storm is bearing down on the shore. The driving rain and pounding surf are sustained by wave after wave; like a wall of water each strikes the wearied beach. The Lord speaks:

    My precious children, you alone are the light of my countenance in a darkened world. Wave upon wave of polluted water pounds the shore of humanity, waves of deceit, of violence, of depravity, of greed, of oppression, of faithlessness, and even of persecution. The storm appears relentless and without end.

    But my Light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it…

    Most people on the shore seek to wait out the storm. They fail to perceive the fierce battle in their midst. They hope for a veneer of normalcy that will never return. Others are beginning to be frightened and despair. But you my children know the truth: I reign in the heavens and on the earth! You must share the Light of the Gospel, whether they listen or not. You will be whipped by the wind and drenched by the rain. Your joy will be mocked in the midst of such discouragement.

    My Light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it…

    You know my Love. You’ve experienced my Mercy. And for the sake of the lost I shall act. Even now the tsunami of my compassion is on the move. Far out beyond the painful deception of the storm it approaches, unseen below the surface. But it is real and it is Almighty. It comes! Through it I shall illumine each heart and reveal my Love.

    My Light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it…

    Many will resist and the evil one will fight on in the night, but my wave of compassion will cleanse the earth and the lowly will see and rejoice. For you and your companions, for my Bride, the morning will come with the Light of my Glory. Be brave, therefore, and courageous. I reign in the heavens and on the earth. I am the Lord and I am with you!
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    Just posted analysis from Red State blog

    The Actions of the Establishment Interests in Washington Reflect Fear of the Political Coalition Formed By Donald Trump
    By Shipwreckedcrew | Jan 13, 2021 8:00 PM ET

    President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, in Butler, Pa. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    What we are witnessing in Washington DC this week is a concerted effort — by the establishments of both parties — to remove Donald Trump from the map of politics in the United States, to delegitimize everything done by the Trump Administration for four years as justification for a rollback, to validate all the claims made against him by his opponents — in both parties — and to brand his supporters as undemocratic and anti-American in an effort to fracture the non-traditional coalition of interests he brought together between 2015 and today.

    This is an effort –by the establishments of both parties — to render Trump and his coalition ineffective going forward as a political movement by making it radioactive to any conservative politician who might try to harness it in the pursuit of a similar policy agenda in the future.

    Entering the Capitol by acts of violence was an existential threat to the established order. That cannot be tolerated or condoned. Not that it should be.

    The Members of Congress present in the Capitol on January 6 were assembled to perform a function they were obligated to perform by the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution. They were acting — on both sides — under legislation passed by Congress in 1887, the Electoral Count Act. The legitimate performance of obligations imposed by the Constitution, confirmed by the Oath of Office, cannot be obstructed without consequence. The identification and prosecution of those who did so — regardless of motives — is a non-ideological course to take, and the Department of Justice, headed by Donald Trump appointees, is doing just that.

    But what is happening now in Washington is a combined effort by the Establishment interests to stuff back into the bottle the Genie that Donald Trump let loose with his campaign and victory in 2016.

    With very little structural organization or outside funding, Donald Trump effortlessly destroyed a large field of GOP aspirants to the White House. In large part, he did so by hammering in a “take no prisoners” fashion the three prior winners of the Republicans’ contests to be the GOP leader — Pres. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. The message was clear – he didn’t want to inherit the GOP establishment as the party’s next candidate; he wanted to gut the GOP establishment and replace it with one he believed better reflected the coalition he was assembling with a non-traditional mix of political and economic issues. The message resonated as only he predicted it would, to the frustration of the Establishment and the consternation of the press.

    He next defenestrated the quasi-monarchical head of the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the first female President of the United States had been planned for years — although Barack Obama forced a delay of that inevitability and robbed it of some historical significance at the same time. But the nomination by the GOP of Donald Trump to be its candidate for President was seen by the Establishments and the media as a farcical final act of a moribund GOP sliding further into permanent minority status.

    Only that didn’t happen. A potential existential threat to the Establishments of both parties became a reality in January 2017. Donald Trump seized the GOP agenda, and the extreme left of the Democrat party seized the agenda of the Democrats in reaction to Donald Trump.

    The voters who elected Donald Trump and then increased their vocal support for his policies for the next two years, reflecting a new coalition of interests stitched together by Trump’s rhetoric and policy priorities. Probably more than any other single feature of his first two years in office, Trumps willingness to act in ways consistent with his rhetoric — long a shortcoming of GOP Presidents — won him the increasing adulation of GOP AND other conservative voters who had suffered for over 30 years at the hands of GOP politicians who talked a good game but shrank from the fight with the political opposition once it was joined.

    You did not need to agree with Pres. Trump, on every policy or statement to develop some amount of appreciation because he brought to the Office of President the kind of “make progress” demands common in corporate boardrooms but lacking in government conference rooms.

    The mid-term elections of 2018 derailed the Trump Administration’s ability to act through legislation by putting the Democrats in control of the House. But Trump’s coalition saw he was willing to compromise to make progress. His Presidency was “transactional,” not “ideological.” He would give ground to gain ground. When Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer fully realized that to be the case, their overriding concern became to not allow for any Trump Administration policy victories that it could champion in 2020. That meant gridlock for political ends was their only option. Beating Donald Trump in 2020 was the only item on the Democrat policy agenda.

    But it still took the combined effects of a more than three-year-long baseless investigation about collusion with Russia, a worldwide pandemic that shut down most of the US economy, an unrelenting willingness of the media to negatively characterize every issue regarding the Trump Administration and re-election efforts, a willingness by the media and “Big Tech” to actively suppress the distribution of information harmful to Joe Biden, a complete lack of interest in the media to Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness for office, and unprecedented changes in the way voting was conducted to improve Biden’s chances of winning.

    The final step is to label GOP and conservatives’ coalition that Trump assembled as illegitimate and un-American to fracture it as a political force going forward. This is necessary to prevent another Republican from making an effort to harness it once again in the months and years ahead.

    What the Democrats and their media enablers cannot know — and only time will reveal — is the degree to which their efforts over the past 24 months will drive the Trump coalition members to the polls in 2022.

    The issues that animated that coalition is not going away. Hence the need to stigmatize the coalition itself.
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    Looking from this side of the pond I don't see a last minute reprieve. We must prepare to walk to Calvery. Keep the faith and keep our eyes on Jesus.
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    I've posted the above word/vision (post 7716) twice before on MOG. The last time I did so, Quis ut Deus followed with a personal post which touched me to the heart concerning his Dad. We must now more than ever look to our heroes, saints or relatives, who have set an unimpeachable example for us. Stand firm in spite of the darkness!

    Isaiah 50:10 Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the voice of his servant, who walks in darkness and has no light, yet trusts in the name of the LORD and relies upon his God?11 Behold, all you who kindle a fire, who set brands alight! Walk by the light of your fire, and by the brands which you have kindled! This shall you have from my hand: you shall lie down in torment.
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    Christy, I like the article you posted but you don't say where it is from. A search on Google and Duckduckgo both bring up distressing and partisan results which bear no resemblance to any of the wording in the article.

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