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    I know your question was addressed to Beth, but to save her the trouble, I can answer. Yes it is.

    It may go to the US Supreme Court because there are procedures for changing the State's constitution which were not followed when universal mail-in voting was introduced. Whether or not the US Supreme Court will take the case is another matter.
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    Thanks Dolorus....I’m just seeing this now.
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    Actor Jon Voight calling for prayers for America to remove the lefties from Government

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    He's right, our country is in very grave danger. Only God can intervene to rescue us from those who who want to destroy our freedom.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I notice this fired director keeps using Georgia as an example for why he is convinced there was no interference or fraud in the election.

    We have been told that in Georgia, the actual ballots need to be audited. It was pointless counting the same ballots a second time without checking to establish there were no fake ballots in the count. If democrats got enough additional fake ballots in, that is all they need to take Georgia.

    That interview did not show me anything more than a man with a grievance. He probably did a good job, but he could well have been outsmarted.

    How come he and the interviewer never addressed the tens of thousands of ballots cast, over and above the actual number of voters in some areas.

    How come he and the interviewer never addressed the threats, even death threats to citizens and lawyers who are trying to seek transparency because of the misconduct during the election process, when the poll watchers were denied the chance to inspect votes as they were counted.

    How come he and the interviewer never addressed 6/700,000 votes all for Biden appearing in the early hours of the morning long after the poll watchers were told to go home because all the votes were counted in one place, and to a lesser extent in other places.

    I don't buy into this interview. It is a very poor attempt at discrediting those who are trying to expose corruption and fraud which it appears is well known in the voting system. I think both parties will be found to be involved at some level. But transparency is crucial for long term peace of mind. IMHO
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    Did you know that the Head Quarters of the Dominion voters machines mysterious CO was deserted several days ago and that their VP has done a disappearing act?

    Just saying.:)

    It's kinda like driving a car and a wheel has fallen of for the driver , Mr Devout Catholic Biden.

    I know the media is not telling you any of this, but if it comes to any kind f fair Juridical judgement , I suspect it will be flung to SCOTUS>
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    General Michael Flynn speaks out in blockbuster interview after presidential pardon
    Flynn said America is ‘going through a crucible of history’ that will determine whether it survives as a free nation or becomes something ‘unrecognizable.’
    Mon Nov 30, 2020 - 4:47 pm EST

    General Flynn ended on a positive note. “I’m really not frustrated. I’m determined … We’re going to straighten this out, it’s going to be done legally, it’s going to be done correctly, and it’s going to be done with American patriots who love this country, and who are fighting like warriors.”

    “I think we’re going to find out in the end that President Trump won in a landslide.”

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    Even William Barr, one of Trump's staunched allies over the last few years, said that there is no proof of fraud that changes the election results! What say you to Barr?
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    I don’t know that any Trump supporter has ever called Barr a staunch ally of the president. According to the statement from the Trump team, and from what we have seen (or not seen) in the news, is that an investigation has not been done by the DOJ. No interviews of witnesses and no audit of the voting machines.

    74+ million people saw through four years of the media’s lies about Trump. They can certainly see through what’s happening now.

    ETA Notice the changing narrative. Initially it was that “there was no fraud”. Then “no widespread fraud”. Now it’s “there was fraud but wouldn’t change the result”. It will be interesting to see what’s next.
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    So are you clearly saying that Barr is lying or that he is a Trump enemy? What proof do you have of this?
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    What proof does Barr have? It’s not over until the Fat Lady sings.
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    I said in my last post that Barr hasn’t investigated. That is backed up by what he has put out into the media and the statement by the Trump team. He does admit that there was fraud and that’s the first step. However he has not provided any proof that it’s not enough to change the results. Whether Barr is an enemy of Trump remains to be seen.
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    I say things are just beginning to simmer but you know how that goes. A nice rolling simmer can turn into a mess all over the stove if you aren't paying close attention to the heat. As far as Barr goes this is the man who pushed for blanket immunity of all agents involved in the Ruby Ridge affair in the early 90's and personally defended pro bono the sniper that murdered Weavers wife with her baby daughter in her arms. I've never understood why anyone would think he is anything but a friend of the NWO hierarchy.


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