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    Finally possible anti-trust cases against Google....

    Trump Announces Action AGAINST Social Media Radical Left Bias As Feds Target Google With Anti Trust. WSJ has announced that the DOJ may be about to launch an anti trust probe into Google over unfair advertising practices Shortly after this news broke Donald Trump tweeted that they would be going after the radical left bias at big tech companies.
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    Tedros was bought off by Xi to act like this virus was a nothing. Tedros complied and is responsible for the murder of everyone outside of China that died. China locked it's own cities but allowed it's citizens to travel freely abroad.

    We all know this virus was created in Wuhan lab....a lab that was initially started by the French in 2017 and was under their strict supervision and in 2019 they were essentially kicked out of China and then in October, the lab was locked down knowing this virus that still had no vaccine had accidentally leaked. Roads were blocked all around the lab. This plays out like a Mission Impossible movie. China and the WHO must be held to account.

    I call people who have tested positive in public health all week and many, have died. Their relatives cry to me on the phone after my 7 day wellness check from their positive results...."they died".

    What will be the worlds response to an evil dictatorship and a liberal so called health organization that killed many?
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    We are about to find out aren't we? Sec of State Pompeo recently went to Israel to speak with Netanyahu about limiting their investment in China. I know Australia has been very critical as well and China is hitting back at them through exports to Australia. The battle lines are being drawn it seems.

    Prayers for you Donna, that must be an incredibly hard job.
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    Without Trump as our President, America and thus the rest of the world, would already be communistic, lead by Hillary. Trump stands for freedom and has done everything to unmask and fight against the globalist agenda that Obama nearly had his utopia of leading the one world government, working with China and Russia and Iran. He may not get re-elected, but if he doesn't the free world is done. Done!
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    Exactly! And it surprises me still the need people have to "like" someone. I will put Trumps "dementia" up against Biden's dementia any day. Trump is quite healthy. No one could have taken the constant beat down from literally everyone that Trump has been put under. No one. If Biden wins the world can kiss freedom gone. I truly believe that. This is good vs evil. It is not about Trump. Trump is a tool and he has listened well.
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    What a terrible thing you have to do Donna. These calls must be so hard. This virus is evil! And deadly.
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    True that.
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    You are right. This is a reckoning g.
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    Trump had been weighing running for President for many years prior to finally agreeing to do so. He saw what the Obama regime had planned and then made his decision since he knew he would have the aid of the highest U.S. intelligence now run by the white hats.....Patriots. It was after all the real hero of this Obama regime challenge, Admiral Mike Rogers, who was head of NSA, who is assisting this effort to drain the swamp. It was Gen. Flynn who knew where all the bodies were buried and was then going to be able to advise Trump about "everything"......why the only other person Trump was advised by Obama to fear was Flynn. And so Flynn had to be eliminated by the DS. The plan was to have him in solitary, like the others, silenced and meeting his demise in that confinement. The President is in cooperation with this group of Patriots. He was trusted and he has the genius to keep it all together. That's why he insinuates things that eventually come to pass. This is all being done with military precision. The public must be shown what has taken place. The bad actors have to be exposed prior to any arrests so the public isn't shocked when this occurs. Nothing has leaked during this Durham, full press, investigation that won't end with a "report" but with evidence for arrests. More than likely the grand jury has been acting for these many cases to come down.....soon. And those involved knowingly in this coup may likely be tried in Military tribunals.
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    Against all odds Donald Trump was elected in 2016. God's plan for President Trump will be revealed to us in November. In the mean time we should beg Our Lord to have mercy on the United States of America. Yes, Trump is a tool, and I pray that God will allow him to keep hammering away at the evil forces that want to crush our freedom, and destroy the world.
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    Have faith. Every impediment that the Democrats have attempted has failed, badly. This too will fail.
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    Im no fan of Trump. He made fool out of himself re his lies. He sounded like as if he has dementia?

    His clash with two women reporters doesn't bode well. Trump can be nasty or rude at times. Trump has a very deep aversion to China and Obama. Its fun watching Trump from afar here cos its bit comical or funny to watch his hands moving around, better than watch our prime minister back here.

    Comical ones were disinfect, UV light etc.

    Biden a wrong choice for Democrats as it should be someone stronger and cleaner record as well. I dont trust Hilary either.

    Personally think that Biden would pull out in coming months. Had a feeling that Democrats would submit another prospecting candidate but not Michelle Obama. She gives me creeps which I couldn't put a finger on her.
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    You do understand, that any Democratic contender to the U.S. presidency is pro abortion, right?

    We are lucky to have Trump.
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    Biden is a pro-abortion politician and no Catholic should ever vote for him or anyone else who is pro-abortion. It is the primary criterion to stay away from this person or we may end up in Hell.
    This pro-abortion stance permeates the Democratic Party now.
    Edit: Booklady, I just now saw your post.
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    I understand people's aversion to Trump. He is very boastful and often says the snippy thing. However, He is usually correct. I think the UV comment he fumbled up. UV therapy has and is being used to treat medical conditions.

    "Earlier this week, the bio-tech firm Aytu BioScience announced they are partnering with the FDA and Cedars-Sinai on a UV light treatment to kill the coronavirus in intubated patients."

    It is a real thing and should be studied for treatment not only for corona virus but also other diseases.

    The media went cookoo when he suggested Hydroxychloraquine for treatment of covid early on. Calling him a liar and saying he wasn't a medical doctor. Well, he isn't a doctor but I bet he is being advised by a few doctors. And what is funny is the doctors on the front lines say the malaria drug works, it works within hours. There was such a visceral response to him suggesting this drug as a possibility for treatment we now have pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions from licensed physicians that are prescribing it. We have the media now practicing medicine and cost peoples lives. All because of the hate of Trump. Talk about stupid and more importantly, evil.

    I don't believe he lies. The media accuses him of lying. We always have to remember, positions of power, presidents, prime ministers, etc. have more information than we have. Good or bad they know more. So sometimes something they say is tagged as a "lie" when it is actually not a lie. We do not always have a "need to know" everything.

    One thing I am sure of, Trump likes America. He believes in America. You can see this all the way back to his younger days. He is a patriot. He has been a public figure for many years.....long, long time. He has never bashed America like so many of our current politicians and more recent presidents.
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    James Woods: Donald Trump ‘Loves America More than Any President in My Lifetime’

    Actor James Woods gave his brutally honest assessment of President Donald Trump on Sunday and it turns out the commander in chief approves.

    “Let’s face it. Donald Trump is a rough individual. He is vain, insensitive, and raw,” the Hollywood actor tweeted. “But he loves America more than any President in my liftetime. He is the last firewall between us and this cesspool called Washington. I’ll take him any day over any of these bums.”

    President Trump re-tweeted his approval of Woods’ assessment: “I think that is a great compliment. Thank you James!”

    Woods replied it was intended as a compliment. “Rough men stay the course. Treachery, however, is the most dangerous enemy a leader can face. Even Caesar succumbed to it. Be wary. Stay strong. God bless.” The actor also added the #ObamaGate hashtag.

    Along with Jon Voight, James Woods is one of the few entertainment industry figures to openly support President Trump. The Oscar-nominated star has recently used Twitter to hit out against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and California Gov. Gavin Newsom for their handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

    He has used the hashtag #KillerCuomo to draw attention to the New York governor’s ill-fated decision to require elder-care facilities to accept COVID-19 patients, which is believed to have resulted in hundreds of senior citizen deaths.

    Woods has also repeatedly hammered ObamaGate, and Joe Biden’s ties to the growing scandal.

    “A Democratic administration using a secret court to investigate the opposing political campaign does not matter to many in Congress or in the media anyway.” // And why? Because they are all hogs gorging themselves from the same trough. #Trump is alone. …
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    James Woods the actor has a comment on his twitter feed today that says exactly what you are saying. (Paraphrasing)"Trump is vain and caustic and rough but he loves America." And woods goes on to say" I'd rather have him as president now than anyone else in the world."
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