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    Praying that your news will be good, Joan.
  2. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    I've been offering my rosary daily for it. I have a lot of peace as a result. I truly feel wrapped in Mother's arms. I don't feel dread for it. It should be far easier than my experience 13 yrs ago.

    Worse case scenario, if the lab shows similar to last time, my resolution will also be very similar. The radiologist suggested, if it is something, it would likely be another DCIS. For those who don't know. A DCIS is quite minor. You can resolve & wash your hands of it!

    BUT, I yearn for a clean lab!!

    So far I feel very pragmatic about it. Resolve & move on!!
    Last time I was in the middle of deciding on a divorce. Now I need different employment & condo plus we've got big events around the corner....
    Why now? Who the heck knows. My Travel Director suggests I'm being attacked ahead of our April trip. It also shows huge many graces & blessings to come during & from that trip.
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    Praying, Joan!
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  4. Beth B

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    Dear Joan,

    It sounds like you are under a awful lot of stress. You’re dealing with a lot. I know because I’m am too.
    All we can do is trust that it is Gods permissive will. Suffering has great eternal value...please keep that in mind as it makes it tolerable. I’ll remember your intentions in my prayers. You’re a woman of faith....that is a significant advantage over those who don’t understand the spiritual value of suffering. God bless and protect you.
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  5. DesertStar7

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    Continued prayers.
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