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Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by lynnfiat, Sep 18, 2020.

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    It is so revealing that those who suffered under the Communists reject all Modernist practice.
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    :eek::eek::eek:. I hope you are just speaking for yourself when you describe the uses the tongue is put to on a daily basis. Not recommended for anyone who receives Holy Eucharist, and even a weekly confession would be a waste of time if the habit is ongoing.
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    'I"m assuming the Apostles received communion in their hands directly from Jesus hands'.


    Why do you assume this? (Hollywood films perhaps?)

    I don't assume but believe with Scriptural backing that Jesus administered the Eucharist on the tongue as the Church Traditionally has until very, very recently always done.


    "No one may carry the ark of God except the Levites, for the Lord chose them to carry the ark of the Lord and to minister to him forever." (1 Chronicles 15: 2)

    "he [Uzzah] died there in God's presence, because he had laid his hand on the ark" (1 Chronicles 13: 10).

    "Accordingly, the priests and the Levites sanctified themselves to bring up the ark of the Lord, the God of Israel. The Levites bore the ark of God on their shoulders with poles, as MOSES HAD ORDAINED ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF THE LORD".
    1 Chronicles 15: 14-15




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    St Padre Pio
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    What do you think of Pope Francis giving communion on the tongue?

    Has he not caught up with your advanced modern thinking yet? He does it again and again and again. Why?

    Maybe not as , 'Advanced', 'Progressive', 'Modern', swinging with the times as yourself?

    Behind the times hmmmm?

    Maybe send him an email and set him straight?

    I hope you are not attacking the Holy Father?;);););)



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    The OT reading you gave is good... but Mary is the New Ark. She is very much human as me and you. Her Son Jesus is also very much Human as well as Divine. Remember the prostitute who washed Jesus's feet with her tears. Did the Man/God spurn her or rebuke her. "Jesus broke the bread and giving it to his disciples.
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    'Jesus broke the bread and giving it to his disciples.'

    He did indeed.

    But how did he give it?

    By the way you totally avoided everything I said. What do you make of the All Popes pics? Pope Francis included ..all giving communion on the tongue?

    Maybe you missed them?

    err somehow?
    Wanna set him straight?

    Why does he keep doing this? He's just like all the other fuddy duddy Popes of the last 2,000 years!!

    Give us a break!!

    Complaints to:

    Pope Francis / Apostolic Palace / 00120 Vatican City.

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    Not nearly as many deaths this time round, probably because the elderly and infirm are protecting themselves. Younger people having parties seem to be the problem this time.

    Yes, it stands to reason that it is easier for the priest to give Communion on the tongue to a person kneeling at an altar rail rather than having to adapt to a succession of people of all shapes and sizes lining up in a queue, some holding out their hands and others opening their mouths.
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    Brother, do you feel worthy of touching Christs body?
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  11. Mario

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    No I don't, even as a Deacon. The Church currently allows unconsecrated hands, those of deacons and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, to distribute Holy Communion. Prior to Vatican II, deacons were the only ones besides priests who could handle sacred vessels such as chalices and ciboria, but were then not allowed to to handle the sacred species.

    Are you saying that the privilege I currently exercise is illicit and that I should cease?

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    Padraig, it IS true that the Popes have allowed Communion in the hand. It has been in practice at least since the 1970’s. I am not condoning it but it has not been abolished. It would be a great grace if it were.
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    It would but as in so many bad things in the Church these thing like roaches crawl in from under the door.

    It is very instructive when in the City of Rome to observe the Liturgical practices in the Churches there ( I mean the actual City of Rome, not Italy itself, most Italian Bishops appear to have entered the Twilight Zone).

    Liturgical practices in Rome tend to be very traditional and conservative indeed. It is eye opening.
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  14. HeavenlyHosts

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    I have heard that.
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  15. Mario

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    I would like to add one note. If everyone on the Forum showed up to Holy Mass at my parish when I was assisting Fr. Schultz that would be special... and if you all chose to receive on the tongue kneeling down from Fr. Schultz while I awkwardly stood by holding my ciborium, that would be even more special!:love::D

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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  16. Sam

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    I am a little confused about the status of deacons now. I thought they went through some sort of consecration? I know they are not ordained as priests and can't consecrate, but I thought, well I guess I am just confused as to the status of a deacon. I though they had a right to hold the consecrated host?
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  17. HeavenlyHosts

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    Deacons are Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.
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    The following are the steps in the process of ordination:

    1) Promise of Obedience of the priest and deacon candidates:
    Each of the candidates goes to the Bishop and, kneeling before him, places his joined hands between those of the Bishop. [For deacons, a book of Gospels is instead held simultaneously by Bishop and candidate]
    Bishop: Do you promise respect and obedience to me and my successors?
    Elect: I do.
    Bishop: May God, who has begun this good work in you bring it to fulfillment.

    2) Invitation to Prayer Litany of the Saints [For both priests and deacons]

    Laying on of Hands: The Bishop first lays hands on the head of each candidate [for both priests and deacons],

    3) Prayer of Consecration [for both priests and deacons, but slightly different for each ]

    4) Investiture with the Stole and Chasuble [for deacon it is stole and dalmatic]

    5) Anointing of Hands: The Bishop receives the linen gremial and anoints with Sacred Chrism the palms of each new priest as he kneels before him. [No anointing of hands for deacons]

    6) Procession of the Gifts of Bread and Wine by the relatives of the ordained and Offertory Hymn

    For deacons, the joining of hands in step 1 and the anointing in step 5 do not take place. This highlights the fact that the priest alone is consecrated to act in persona Christi
    [His hands are set apart]; not the deacon. Under certain conditions a Deacon could distribute the Precious Blood [Minister of the Cup] before Vatican II.

    It was not until after Vatican II that deacons and laity were allowed to distribute the Sacred Host under certain conditions.
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    In my parish, Fr. Schultz will distribute Holy Communion all by himself if the numbers warrant it. If he feels he needs assistance he will only go to me when I'm present. If I'm not present, he may choose an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist for help. There are never more than two distributing Holy Communion and only on very rare occasions may he distribute the Precious Blood.

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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  20. AidanK

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    Forgive me brother, I didn't know you are an ordained deacon, your orders absolutely give you the right to touch the blessed sacrament
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