Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by KyleHancock, May 18, 2021.

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    I notice from the saints that they describe demons in different forms. But one, describing them as warriors in medieval armour is quite common. I've never really heard them described anywhere as being like Aliens.

    The scariest illustrations of devils I have ever seen comes in the

    'Dictionnaire Infernal”

    Notice the demons are often shown portraying differing aspects.. so three headed, if they have a Crown they are a Prince of Hell, a leading demon:

    There are nine specific demonic animal forms of demons, the Rat, the fly, the spider, the cat, the dog, the goat and so on and these have often been described by the saints...


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  2. ellen

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    I also think that these UFO manifestations are demonic. There are many other ethereal happenings popping up around the world like the Yeti, Moth Man and Jason mentioned .... leprechauns, dwarfs, ghosts, poltergeist demons. To what end are they imposing themselves on us here on earth ..I don't know? I suppose sooner or later their purpose will be revealed.

    Having said that ...I also don't know if there are other life forms in the universe. There may be!

    Just because there may be life elsewhere in the great unknown... doesn't necessarily prove that UFOs are coming from these life forms!

    I'm becoming concerned because such sensible stalwarts of reason and common sense ( like Tucker Carlson) are now actively "promoting" the UFO phenomena as reality.
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  3. AED

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    :eek: yes that is concerning. "The Great Delusion" scripture speaks of?
  4. Jo M

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    Makes sense that an alien threat could be used as a cover up. The public is very interested in anything alien related, and many would swallow such an excuse. I totally agree that increased UFO sightings may indeed be connected to the rise in demonic activity. Exorcists are also reporting that demons have become very resistant.
  5. Jo M

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    Yes I'm disappointed with Tucker's UFO coverage. Guess it's a topic that will bring in the ratings. :(
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  6. andree

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    Totally agree with you. The news on this makes me think it's prepping populations for another alien invasion story like what happened in 1938. They said it was Orson Wells reading the War of the Worlds, but that's not what it sounded like. The broadcast made it sound like a real event and it set off panic reactions. Just imagine with the control of technology and the media what they could accomplish today!

    From years of following various science topics, I've concluded that a lot of the flying things being called UFOs are actually human crafts built by either the military or other secret institutions. I've heard over and over again that there are two sciences, the one taught and used in the public sphere and the one that is secret and used in the upper echelons where they know and use principles of science not disclosed to the public.

    There is a book called The Airship Mysteries that documents flights of crafts in the 19th century. Apparently there were loads witness stories in the papers of people who said they saw these crafts and passengers disembarking. And this was years before the Wright brothers supposedly did their first flight.

    They'll want to conceal their dirty work til the end.

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  7. ellen

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    Well AED... I dont know if I would call the UFO thing "great"... but a delusion it truly is. Maybe part of a bigger more encompassing delusion yet to come??

    Its a delusion, however, that affects not one iota of my daily life ....YET!!
  8. padraig

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    I was surprised at Tucker Carlson myself. He has nothing to gain by backing UFO research and a lot to loose. So I suppose he sincerely believes it. I never really studied much up on the phenomena myself. But I suppose of the Pentagon put so much work into studying it they must have thought that there might have been something there to find.
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  9. Don_D

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    Personally from all the reading and studying I have done on Freemasonry and other cults such as the theosophy society, Crowley, etc I believe that there will be a couple of things pushed on the public very hard by the MSM and Govt regarding this. One is that there indeed exist these alien cultures, the Govt has proof which will be revealed and that they are only concerned with our species well being and helping us to not destroy ourselves because we have entered into a period of great technological advancement which could easily destroy humanity as we know it. AKA The benevolent ones who will help reorder the world gone astray and introduce mankind to the galactic UN.

    The other message is that they are hostile, have abducted many people, created hybrids using human DNA spliced into their own genes as well as done things like cattle mutilations etc. This would help to justify huge arms build ups and uniting humanity around a common cause of defending ourselves and each other from an other worldly invader bent on conquering the planet.

    I find it all very interesting as well that this all comes right on the heels of the Corona shut downs, experimental vaccines pushed world wide, and attempts to "reset" the globe and "build back better" which we all have heard repeatedly like a dogma from our political leaders all over the world. It is like War of the Worlds on steroids.

    Some people such as Dr Steven Greer adamantly suggest that people try to contact these beings during meditation if you can believe that. Of course he is of the camp of the benevolent space guardian and he is very popular with recent movies on Amazon and YT videos pushing this agenda relentlessly.

    I also find it a bit odd the time frame of all these events when looking back at the last century. WWI (Demise of the old world order), Fatima, Rise of communism, Spanish Flu, War of the Worlds broadcast and mass hysteria, Nazi's and WWII, Israel being recast by England with the UN etc.

    A few things are very consistent with all of these; there is a lot of fear being spread around. There is also a real push to distance people from their faith and from each other yet at the same time bring them all together toward a reordering of things which is not going very well.
  10. AED

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    On my opinion a excellent analysis.
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  13. DesertStar7

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    Nanoo-Nanoo! ShaaaaazBAHT!

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  14. thomas21

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    Like most conspiracy theories UFOs are just another thing people will accept, not apologizing for calling people crazy for talking about them.
  15. HeavenlyHosts

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    Good analysis. Thank you.
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  16. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

    I do take these reports seriously (only joking with the Mork from Ork post).

    Frankly, if this IS an advanced intelligent organic species, they'd be wise to turn Pluto-ward and punch the accelerator.
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  17. KyleHancock

    KyleHancock Principalities

    I tend to agree with the majority consensus that spiritual deception is the most likely option, but I also think that God has continued to surprise humanity from the beginning so I wouldn't reject it outright unless in conflicted with the Catholic faith
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  18. It could be that whoever is bringing all this information out into the open wants to preempt the illumination of conscience. So that if and when it happens the media can say no that wasn't jesus it was something else.Anything but jesus would be their answer.
  19. HeavenlyHosts

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    I can see this.
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  20. thomas21

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    Another reason I think it might be deception I think there are higher dimensions in reality, like Flatland. We can only measure dimensions like space and time. We can't perceive higher dimensions, but nevertheless they are real. Angels and demons can just be higher dimensional beings. They can be warring all around us but we just can't perceive them.

    Now you'll notice that New Age weirdos channel extra-terrestrials who are said to be higher dimensional beings. These beings could be just demons spewing nonsense to keep from accepting the gospel. Because of naturalism and materialism we don't think that when the bible speaks of spiritual realities that it is real. Rather we just assume it is mumbo jumbo and assume higher dimensional beings cannot be angels and demons.

    I think of people who hold seances and speak to lying spirits, who they don't think are demons.
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