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    Winnipeg man accused of murdering toddler after failing to abort her | Blogs | Lifesitenews


    His daughter did not magically become a person when she passed through the birth canal, as Canadian law ludicrously holds. She was a person then, and he tried to kill her. When she made it out of the womb alive, he tried again — and is now being tried for murder. Same girl — different location. If she’d been dismembered in the womb, it would have been a wonderful “choice” celebrated by Justin Trudeau and his colleagues, even if she was aborted just because she was a girl. But because her father killed her later, he will likely go to prison.


    Netflix star dons latest LGBT fashion trend to promote gender confusion in young girls | Blogs | Lifesitenews
    The 2nd story is why among many other stories, I think it's best to not get netflix, But look who is talking? I joined a subscription about two years ago, cheap, they have an occasional good movie. I like and virtually plug that tubitv; though, among a number of decent movies, they have problematic ones too.
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    Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is head of the USCCB pro-life committee:

    Population Research Institute is wanting to thank him for doing a good job: Welcome to PRI - PRI (

    Unbelievably, progressives wanted him to step down.

    Petition calls for Archbishop Naumann's removal as bishops' pro-life chair | National Catholic Reporter (

    The article from the progressive National Catholic Reporter says:

    The letter was published on March 18 by the advocacy groups Faith in Public Life and Faithful America. Signatories call for Naumann to be replaced by a bishop who will give attention to a range of pro-life concerns, stating that "Pope Francis reminds us that 'the lives of the poor' and 'those already born' are 'equally sacred.' " Among its signers are 400 priests and men and women religious.​

    "Those already born", this is a misnomer though, barf alert, basically the Democrats are backing in part at least, infanticide. They can't use that garbage argument anymore. Some people have no decency or they are ignorant of the facts. There are plenty now, who again, are basically supporting post-birth abortion or infanticide, check Massachusetts law.

    To other news,

    Catholic Answers has a book, written mainly by Trent Horn back in 2014, I note Live Action has some sort of free course on what to say in a debate on the topic.

    This came out today:

    How to respond to the pro-abortion ‘It’s just a clump of cells’ argument
    By Liana Joy | July 19, 2021 , 06:43am

    Most pro-lifers won’t go more than a month or two without hearing this stubborn phrase. Pro-choicers often chant it as a one-liner to shoot down a pro-lifer’s honest argument or just to express their unyielding abortion support. In cases where they actually believe it and are willing to discuss with you, it’s important to have a few handy points up your sleeve to get them really listening.

    Despite this phrase being both inaccurate and usually thrown about only to deceive or provoke anger, in a culture where ‘”repeating something enough makes it true,” it has become a widely-held “fact” among the public. However, there is much to rebut against this argument, and that’s why it gets so tough. Where do we even start?

    Well, to begin with, I often like to point out that every human alive right now, including both the pro-choicer and the pro-lifer, are also clumps of cells (or clusters of cells, blobs of tissue, etc.). This can prompt the opposition to get more specific as to the differences they are trying to highlight between the born and the unborn that they believe justify abortion. Two different paths can be taken from there, depending on their argument. The first is more scientific, and the second more philosophical. Ordinarily, they will both be touched upon at some point, in the respective order.

    How to respond to the pro-abortion 'It's just a clump of cells' argument (

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    I largely feel like the Olympics should be tossed, too many negatives.

    A new article for Verily examines multiple heartbreaking stories of elite female athletes, pressured or coerced to have abortions so they could continue succeeding in their sport. Many of them felt they had no choice — that if they became mothers, their athletic careers would be over.

    One athlete, Sanya Richards-Ross, wrote a book about her life and athletic career, which included the grief surrounding an abortion she sought before she competed in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. “I knew I was at a crossroads,” she wrote in her book “Chasing Grace: What the Quarter Mile Has Taught Me About God and Life.”

    Elite athletes pressured to abort their children: 'I made a decision that broke me' (
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    I believe CA, Catholic Answers has a series of "20 answers" books and I got one on abortion (and fairly inexpensive, kindle might be really cheap, I forget or an online version from CA themselves).


    It's not a bad place to start, just speaking for myself, on how to debate or explore the issue, even if one is never going to actually debate I would say. It's just I don't want to be caught flatfooted and speaking of CA, if one acts to rashly, one risks a suspension anyway. The above is written by Trent Horn who's a sharp apologist.

    All of this build up is that "Live Action" has an absolutely free course on debating abortion, it is online. (In return, yes, they will ask for donations).

    In abortion debate, the science of life reveals truth about abortionist's 'work' (

    If one follows the link, one sees the offer on the right side.

    I made a most humble donation to Live Action and like, the next day, even if it was a robot recorded call, they thanked me. I thought that was real nice of them.

    I think Live Action is pretty dedicated but if I am to donate, I will spread it around. One organization I donated to are "Pre Born", they have mobile ultrasound machines (meaning it's in a van more or less)... I think they are actually pretty good to. Lila Rose of Live Action has a bit of a salary from the organization she started but think about it, if she makes $130,000 out in California and I am sure there are plenty of expenses, that's like $100,000, maybe even a lot less if one is living in Alabama or Utah or some other states... imho. Plus, I'll bet those who run these organizations need some security, more expenses, so at this point, I think they are pretty good, probably about all of them are... including local of course. While I am here, yes, it's pretty good that Catholic Answers gives this issue quite a bit of attention.

    So yes, whether you ever discuss it with someone or not, for me, it's good to have some awareness of the subject. Many don't need it but I did.

    Another organization whose mailing list I am on are "Students for Life", yes, it is a stellar organization and I did help them a little.

    I read somewhere that if one forgives someone say, that's a form of charity so charity is NOT all about giving money, if I am able, I will try.

    They came out with this story today: Newborn Abandoned in a Shoebox Has New Chance at Life Through Adoption - Students for Life

    SFLA , Students for Life once sent me an email, "Why Tom your name is missing, there must be a mistake", this is just to sort of warn you, these people really have a way to try to get to you and in personal ways. And yes, these are probably just form letters...

    SBA, Susan B. Anthony is another good list, CWA, Concerned Women of America too, though the latter might be a trifle more political but I like them. These are all good charitable organizations as far as I can tell.
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    This is from a Secular News Source, secular so I'm not saying I back the whole article but I kind of like it. Excerpts:

    Supreme Court Brief Argues for End of Abortion by Warning Against the Rise of ‘Pagan’ Jurisprudence and by Citing Bob Dylan (


    Writing on behalf of the Magnolia State’s efforts to turn back time on women’s reproductive choice in favor of fetal rights and “God’s law,” the brief argues that the high court’s 1973 decision legalizing abortion and subsequent jurisprudence was “built on a pagan foundation.”

    Roe v. Wade begins its defense of abortion based on a survey of pagan nations,” the brief argues–citing the 130th page of the opinion.”The Court discussed ‘Ancient Attitudes,’ concluding that during Greek times and the Roman Era,'[a]ncient religion did not bar abortion’ and abortion ‘was resorted to without scruple.’”


    Not to be outdone, a footnote helpfully explains that a formerly fundamentalist Christian iteration of American bard Bob Dylan “penned a modern statement of this truth” by way of his 1979 song, “Gotta Serve Somebody.”

    “America is under bloodguilt, and we should not be surprised that God may bring — or may now be bringing — His judgment upon America and Americans for all this shedding of innocent blood,” the filing warns in ominous terms. “Amici Intercessors pray that this Court, as it recently did with Korematsu v. United States, would use the occasion of this important case to review and repudiate Roe, relegating it and its progeny to the dustbin of history.”

    I think it is an okay article. the song too is "okay", never a favorite but that's my taste. Maybe it's the message.

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    Thank you…these are organizations on the front lines fighting the demonic attack on human life. We need to put our money where our mouth is, Abortion is the sacrament of Satan….we need to end this. How God has tolerated this abomination until now is mercy, but it’s probably about over. And we wonder why the entire world is in chaos…..
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    I don't know about other places, I think it is worse in the USA and Canada and China/North Korea, those kinds of places.

    Thank goodness, I think this below is happening, the Satanic Democratic administration won't force nurses to take part in abortions.

    With Lifenews, Lifesitenews and Live Action , lots of sources of news on all of this.

    Other good organizations, Home – Concerned Women for America

    And with Father Pavone, Priests for Life: Priests for Life | Official Site - Pro Life - Anti Abortion Facts and Pro-Life Arguments

    Father Pavone is a good guy but, it's probably true, he got a bit out of hand and (honestly) once tweeted (or some other social media) some curses, that happens with many of us.

    The Democrats steal elections and one cause that suffers is the right to life, let alone the abortion creeps at the now defunct Catholic Answers forum, disgraceful members supporting abortion politicians. Enough to make one sick to their stomach and CA was so strict, one often could not post proper retorts.
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    Thanks, this makes my day!
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    No…thank you!
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    This is really bad if this story is happening:

    Records show University of Pittsburgh likely harvesting organs from abortion survivors, with quota for racial minorities

    Judicial Watch and The Center for Medical Progress shared public records obtained from the National Institutes of Health, showing how the University of Pittsburgh proposed procuring aborted body parts based on the preborn child’s race.

    Defenders of fetal experimentation often argue the use of aborted body parts for research purposes somehow benefits human beings, as the practice allegedly provides treatments for life-threatening diseases and other ailments. But the disturbing details revealed in the reports expose how fetal experimentation is inconsistent with basic human rights principles.

    Not only has such research been proven unnecessary by scientists such as Dr. Tara Sander Lee, Senior Fellow and Director of Life Sciences at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, but due to the availability of
    ethical alternatives, it is also problematic ethically, as it labels certain groups of humans as “unwanted” and targets them for experimentation.

    Records show University of Pittsburgh likely harvesting organs from abortion survivors, with quota for racial minorities (
    This is what I've believed, abortion in the USA is very racist, overwhelmingly children of color are the victims, out-of-proportion to their percentage of the population.

    Yes, abortion, be it happening to any group, white, black, brown, yellow and so on is wrong.
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    I was reading the other thread concerning Father Longenecker but in the mean time.

    They have some of these "waiting-periods" in Europe, at least, on the books, so Tennessee can enforce this 2-day waiting period.

    (Reuters) - The full 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, split largely along partisan lines, on Thursday revived a 2015 Tennessee law requiring a 48-hour waiting period for abortions, reversing a lower court decision blocking the law.

    Circuit Judge Amul Thapar wrote in the 9-7 majority opinion that the law was constitutional because it did not place a "substantial obstacle" in the way of a "large fraction" of women seeking abortions before fetal viability.

    Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery called the decision "gratifying" and "a reasoned analysis of the law."​
    So, actually, a bit of a victory, Praise to God.

    But the big news and I'm sure others have heard about it, there does seem to be some sort of "Roe-v.Wade" bill making it's way to the SCOTUS; that the SCOTUS will hear.
    Supreme Court told Roe v. Wade's viability standard 'outdated' | Politics News | The Christian Post


    As the U.S. Supreme Court is slated to hear a major challenge to Roe v. Wade, a lawyer writing on behalf of the Catholic Association Foundation and three medical doctors filed the brief in support of the state of Mississippi in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization last month.

    In this case, billed by pro-life advocates as a “landmark opportunity” to chip away at the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide, the state of Mississippi is asking the justices to reverse a lower court decision finding that its 15-week abortion ban is unconstitutional.

    So, this is actually a "big" deal, they are talking about it in religious outlets, notably Catholic radio.... I guess, I should pray over this.

    Will Amy Coney Barret and Brett Kavanaugh come through? I don't doubt Justice Thomas and some others will. I don't have all of their names memorized. I know one of the others is reliable.
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    See post #32 above...... this refers to that.

    If we have done that or the U of Pittsburgh have, however one wants to state it, then, this to me, seems the same as China harvesting organs (as they are reputed to do to some prisoners and some others). To be fair, I think all the evidence points towards China having done this and apologized as being something "in the past". But it's warped stuff and it's warped if it happens here. If it happens here, these people should be charged with crimes, it's unconscionable.
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    Once again:

    University May be Subject of Investigation After It’s Caught Using Body Parts of Babies Born Alive
    National | Micaiah Bilger | Aug 6, 2021 | 4:26PM | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Sean Parnell, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, urged state authorities to investigate allegations that aborted babies may be being born alive and left to die so that their organs may be used for scientific research through the University of Pittsburgh.

    “Allegations that officials at the University of Pittsburgh were harvesting kidneys of unborn babies while they still had a heartbeat is absolutely nauseating,” Parnell responded on Twitter. “This goes far beyond the scope of being pro-life and pro-choice. This is an issue of good vs. evil.”

    Parnell, a Republican, called for a full investigation into the university’s practices.

    University May be Subject of Investigation After It's Caught Using Body Parts of Babies Born Alive -
    And Democrat voters are responsible for this stuff, at the old Catholic Answers forums, the creep Democrat activists, pro-vobis, bill sherman (said the election was scary but what's scarier than being torn to pieces in a dismemberment abortion, well, he supports this and the Biden administration has not allowed Cubans in, he made a deal, probably a lie about knowing a Cuban in jail), jharek carnelian, and so on, people need to take responsibility for their vote, it's always been like this. Same guy kept on getting kicked out of that forum and he espoused strong anti-Trump views over and over, but Bearself who hardly knows anything tees off on me, since he covered up for the Satanic Democrat Party, lying, definitely about Biden's churchgoing, Bearself is Catholic? Yeah, right. Sorry, letting off steam. Right, no different than the CCP or Nazis.
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    'We will fight this battle:' Former Army doctor ("Dede" Byrne) turned nun issues a spiritual call to arms

    This is great stuff and the Church, pockets of it at least, not the whole Church, really is being weak if it allows pro-aborts to have communion.

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