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    Winnipeg man accused of murdering toddler after failing to abort her | Blogs | Lifesitenews


    His daughter did not magically become a person when she passed through the birth canal, as Canadian law ludicrously holds. She was a person then, and he tried to kill her. When she made it out of the womb alive, he tried again — and is now being tried for murder. Same girl — different location. If she’d been dismembered in the womb, it would have been a wonderful “choice” celebrated by Justin Trudeau and his colleagues, even if she was aborted just because she was a girl. But because her father killed her later, he will likely go to prison.


    Netflix star dons latest LGBT fashion trend to promote gender confusion in young girls | Blogs | Lifesitenews
    The 2nd story is why among many other stories, I think it's best to not get netflix, But look who is talking? I joined a subscription about two years ago, cheap, they have an occasional good movie. I like and virtually plug that tubitv; though, among a number of decent movies, they have problematic ones too.
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    Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is head of the USCCB pro-life committee:

    Population Research Institute is wanting to thank him for doing a good job: Welcome to PRI - PRI (

    Unbelievably, progressives wanted him to step down.

    Petition calls for Archbishop Naumann's removal as bishops' pro-life chair | National Catholic Reporter (

    The article from the progressive National Catholic Reporter says:

    The letter was published on March 18 by the advocacy groups Faith in Public Life and Faithful America. Signatories call for Naumann to be replaced by a bishop who will give attention to a range of pro-life concerns, stating that "Pope Francis reminds us that 'the lives of the poor' and 'those already born' are 'equally sacred.' " Among its signers are 400 priests and men and women religious.​

    "Those already born", this is a misnomer though, barf alert, basically the Democrats are backing in part at least, infanticide. They can't use that garbage argument anymore. Some people have no decency or they are ignorant of the facts. There are plenty now, who again, are basically supporting post-birth abortion or infanticide, check Massachusetts law.

    To other news,

    Catholic Answers has a book, written mainly by Trent Horn back in 2014, I note Live Action has some sort of free course on what to say in a debate on the topic.

    This came out today:

    How to respond to the pro-abortion ‘It’s just a clump of cells’ argument
    By Liana Joy | July 19, 2021 , 06:43am

    Most pro-lifers won’t go more than a month or two without hearing this stubborn phrase. Pro-choicers often chant it as a one-liner to shoot down a pro-lifer’s honest argument or just to express their unyielding abortion support. In cases where they actually believe it and are willing to discuss with you, it’s important to have a few handy points up your sleeve to get them really listening.

    Despite this phrase being both inaccurate and usually thrown about only to deceive or provoke anger, in a culture where ‘”repeating something enough makes it true,” it has become a widely-held “fact” among the public. However, there is much to rebut against this argument, and that’s why it gets so tough. Where do we even start?

    Well, to begin with, I often like to point out that every human alive right now, including both the pro-choicer and the pro-lifer, are also clumps of cells (or clusters of cells, blobs of tissue, etc.). This can prompt the opposition to get more specific as to the differences they are trying to highlight between the born and the unborn that they believe justify abortion. Two different paths can be taken from there, depending on their argument. The first is more scientific, and the second more philosophical. Ordinarily, they will both be touched upon at some point, in the respective order.

    How to respond to the pro-abortion 'It's just a clump of cells' argument (

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