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    Yes, the Tridentine Mass should have a special resonance for anyone interested in Garabandal as it preserves a great reverence for the Blessed Eucharist sadly often lacking in the new Mass, it is also more God centred & the priest is facing ad orientem.
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    The Tridentine Mass of course goes back to the Council of Trent.

    I am not sure if we could call any liturical form of the mass more , 'God centred', than another. But I would say the Tridentine Form , for me kind of encourages Caontemplative prayer. Sadly is may also encourage in some people day dreaming and dozing. :D

    I don't think there is any kind of abosolute right and wrong between the two forms. The Church offers us both so it is our own choice.

    I am old enough to remembr when I was young during the Tridentine Mass , people saying the rosary, right through.

    As to the Novus Ordo , I think many priests put themselves forward too much, insert their own personalities rather like a private performance of some kind.

    But there are no absolutes between these two liturgies.

    The Carthusians still perform their own liturgical rite at mass, which is very old , far older than the Tridentine.

    If I had a choice and the time I would prefer an Eastern Rite Catholic Mass . But who has the time? The Novus Ordo is quick . That doesn't sound nice I know , but when you're going to work....;)

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