Jerusalem violence

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    “Various nations will be annihilated”
    Our Lady of Fatima
    She said that, if her requests were not heeded.
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    I don't know if it is "a lot" of the Palestinians but apparently, there is a significant Christian element among them. Someone told me, a number are Greek Orthodox and I think others are Maronites... but yes, apparently Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran(?) are behind this... OTOH, on the other hand, Israel has conducted airstrikes into Syria many times over the past several years, often going after Iranian and Hezbollah resources, weapons caches and so on.

    Personally, I tend to support Israel but we or at least, I, do want to see as peaceful of a resolution to this as soon as possible. On youtube I've found a lot of Palestinian Christian (Catholic) videos, they celebrate Christmas much like we do... so it is a complicated matter. Radicals are over there like Hezbollah or Hamas; yet, again, many Palestinians are our Christian brothers and sisters (all just my opinion).

    Naharnet is a news source from Lebanon I've often found to be credible yet, a lot of their news stories are AFP, from a French source, AFP is pretty good probably with some drawbacks as most news agencies have. Naharnet — Lebanon's leading news destination

    This is all bad news currently but I think ISIS were much worse when that was going we will see.
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    I must check Catholic Prophecy on war in the Middle East.
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    I am talking about civil uprisings, simultaneous terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists across Europe.
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    I do not believe that Biden disagrees with his predecessors in this, just yesterday he said that he does not consider Israel's reaction excessive.
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  7. I’ve been there and personally met with quite a few Palestinian Catholic Christians in Jerusalem, in Jericho and in Bethlehem, just to name a few places. A most memorable instance was speaking with the gardener in the Garden of Gethsemane and I still have his photo and his name. He was so kind to take my phone around the fence that was between us and take a few photos for me. They have been living under oppression for a very long time. They need our prayers. They are a beautiful people. ~AN

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    Hi Padraig, The one that comes to mind right away is Our Lady of Revelation.
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    It's one thing to say that now; it's quite another to say that when full declared war breaks out. That's also assuming that, in his current mental state, he'll remember what he said when, or that his handlers won't take advantage of the situation to lose documents or forget to get his signature on certain documents.
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    Awesome post
  11. Thanks!
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    What does it say? How interesting, this is one of the true ones, Pope Pius xii was all for it.
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    Yes. Truly.
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    We have to pray for the Palestinians they are clearly the victims here.
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    I found this old post of mine which answers your question #97
    Miracles have occurred at the site of Our Lady of Revelation's appearance in Italy involving the sun, somewhat recently too. +
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    Wow! Mind blowing.

    I will relisten to this tonight. Some things turn your blood to ice.

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    Be careful with Bruno Cornnachiola. The original appearance of Our Lady of Revelation was favorably received by the Church and most likely genuine, but just like what happened later to Melanie (La Salette), years later Bruno began claiming all kinds of new prophecies, some of which were proved false, and making statements that contradicted Church teaching. So I'd take any of his later "prophecies" with a grain of salt.
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    I never knew this. I knew Pope Pius xii, who was no dummy and something of a theological genius (another Ratzinger) and saint, was very,very supportive and I have never, ever read anything at all negative.

    Can you give links?

    The more I know the less I know, isn't that the path of life. :D:D


    Pope Pius XII was called the most Marian pope in Church history. He placed his pontificate under the protection of the Virgin. In the 1943 encyclical Mystici corporis, Pius XII speaks to the 1854 dogma of the Immaculate Conception promulgated by Pius IX.


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    Reminds me of a comment I read regarding one of my favorite web comics, "Schlock Mercenary" (which storyline recently came to an end after 20 years of never-missed-a-day daily updates). The author, Howard Tayler (note the last name spelling), was described as the "master of the comeback line" - the joke that comes after the punchline. In one strip, an alien is commenting on how the humans keep launching themselves into the air in a low-gravity environment like they were trying to fly. The PUNCHLINE: "All your flights are doomed, yet you launch repeatedly." The COMEBACK LINE: "Well, that's how most everything in life goes, isn't it?"
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    Was reading some commentary today from E Michael Jones and the possibility of the rebuilding of the Jewish temple. Some amazing history with the attempt made to rebuild in the 4th century under Julain the apostate. Well worth a read.
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