Ivermectin for Covid

Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by Beth B, May 4, 2021.

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    I am truly sorry you are sick, Beth. I will be praying for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. You have been such a help to everyone.
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    I am so sorry and will be praying you will be all better.
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    Yes, doing well, thanks Beth. I took the ivermectin every two days for a total of four doses. That and taking 10,000iu of Vitamin D daily since the pandemic started are probably what kept me from anything more than mild cold symptoms.

    I was able to cut up a wild cherry tree that fell down in a storm last week with the chainsaw and I’m otherwise getting back to normal now already.
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    Good to know.
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    I know of a doctor that conducts telemed appointments and prescribes Ivermectin for patients all across the country. He has expressed extreme frustration because many pharmacies are refusing to fill the prescriptions for his sick patients. How have we sunk so low that the tail now wags the dog?

    I think desperate times require desperate measures. Taking the ivermectin paste has proven helpful for so many people. I’m glad you started it early, Beth. I think this might be a good product to stock up on, because I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it pulled off the shelves. The “powers that be” love to keep us under their control.
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  6. Beth B

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    P4P....you have expressed my thoughts exactly. I’m so grateful to have the ivermectin paste for now. It is as effective as the pill form, I just fret a bit about correct dosage. Although I’ve read that it’s pretty benign if your getting it approximately “ right”. Having it from the start is the key to keep the virus from really taking hold of you. I was cautioned a few times that things can worsen between day five and day ten, so although it feels a lot like a cold now, that could change....and had I not had the ivermectin, maybe for the worse.
    And your caution to store more from the feed store is well taken. Please, anyone who is at risk or has a family member at risk, please consider buying it now just in case it is removed from the store shelves.
    This effort to surpress ivermectin is political. This medicine is safe, time tested, effective and most problematic for big pharma, CHEAP. I understand that Pfizer is going to release a “NEW” therapy pill as a treatment for Covid.....how much do you want to bet it’s active ingredient is the same as ivermectin.....at a much higher price.
    My doctor was going to prescribe ivermectin for me until the medical corporation she works for refused to let her. It was a corporate decision. They will not prescribe any unless I’m so sick I have to be admitted to the hospital. Sadly, many people have needlessly died because they were not given anything to treat Covid and by the time they were hospitalized, it was sometimes too late and the hospital still would not treat it with ivermectin.
    There are cases that families had to get a court order to force hospitals to treat a patient with ivermectin because the hospital refused. When they did, the patient recovered. This is insane....and criminal.
    It’s corporate greed.

    Below is a video of the NY law office that has had to get court orders to force hospitals to administer the ivermectin:

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  7. Beth B

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    Dear Brian! I’m glad your doing better! I’ve been taking all the recommended supplements as well, especially the vitD3, zinc, vit C, and I ordered this one that was highly recommended:

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  8. Beth B

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    Thank you so much HH. I’ve been blessed and have benefited so much from the members here at MOG daily!
  9. Beth B

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  10. Beth B

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    I ordered this too and take one during the day and a basic quercetin at night.

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    Pineapple is extremely high in bromelain. I think it’s an enzyme. Can’t hurt to eat some fresh pineapple if you like it.
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    True. Pineapple juice is good for coughs too!
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  15. Too much can keep you awake and disrupt your sleep. Drops can allow you to start really low in milligrams to test out its effects on you. I, myself, cannot use it as even the smallest amounts actually stimulate my brain. Go figure.
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    I believe that is possible! I’ve never used it, but some say it can make you dream a lot. They say it will help you fall asleep, but like you AN, it obviously can have the opposite effect!
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    Good to know! Thanks AN.
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  19. Beth B

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    The NIH has now lifted its position against ivermectin. They now agree that if your doctor agrees to provide it, they no longer object.
    They should never have objected to begin with! This drug is time proven and safe. Too many people have died needlessly because they have not promoted this ...it is saving lives!

    Oh, did I forget to mention that ivermectin is CHEAP! Big pharma won’t make money on this one...unlesss the new Pfizer “ pill” soon to be available is nothing more than ivermectin prepackaged as a Covid remedy, but will be very expensive......?
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